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Part 10

#...7? I think?

When we last left our intrepid hero, we had just discovered a beached dolphin in the river behind the castle.

[] Hmm, let me check.

[] Well, what do you know. I actually do. That saves me a trip.

This whole dolphin scene reminds me of EcoQuest: The Search for Cetus. Anyone else remember that game? That game needs an LP for sure.

He then takes off for wherever it is that dolphins hang out.

After leaving the dolphin to his own business, I decided to go check out the hot young thang over by the docks to see if I could score.

Oh damn. Daddy's home. Well, I guess I'd better make a good first impression.

[] If I find this lamp of yours can I bang your daughter?

[] I am going to find the shit out of this lamp

This is the first rock wall I've seen since the first cave. This cave is full of 'em.

[] Hi red spider. What is that you are doing there?


Enemy Paralyze is different from my paralyze. Instead of making me fall asleep, it makes it so that I can't charge up my sword. Since the red spiders do this all the damn time and this cave is full of walls I need to destroy, this is annoying as shit.

Oh Christ not again.

There's quite a few of these things inside this cave too.

And here's a new one:

You know how I'm saying enemies are always getting dinged? Well, these bats are actually dinging on me. That's right, I'm too strong for them to hurt me.

Obligatory grind.

I accidently clicked too fast on this screen, but all you missed was You now have Fog Lamp.

[] ervert:

Before heading back to Protoa for some serious dock fucking, however, Bowie decided to take a side trip...

To the wonderful village of womenfolk. I'm really starting to get tired of taking screenshots of what people say and it's making these updates longer then needbe, so I've decided to transcribe instead. If there's an intense demand for visual proof of what these whores say, I'll bring it back, but from now on, transcribing when things are redundant or unnecessary.

Aack! I am insulted by your presence, man!
Stay away! I hate men!
Yow! A filty man is here! Leave!

As you can see, not much was missed. Whatever. Time to explain my case to the leader and have her shower me with gifts.

Oh. In that case, I will leave immediately. Sorry about the inconvenience.

[] Hello, leader of estrogen. Would you happen to know what is I'm supposed to be doing?

[] Oh shit.



And downstairs...

[] Hey, leader, look what I'm doing!

Anyways, with that out of the way, back to Portoa.

[] Not when it comes to that light-green haired vixen over there. ervert:

[] By "boat", do you mean "sexy daughter"?

[] I'll take that as a yes!


Apparently the boat stops working at exactly this point. Note, this is one of the warp points from the second-controller warp cheat.

Good job, you keep doing that inside a house where the only windows faces mountain edge.

Wait a minute, hey, I recognize that other dude!

Eesh. He's a jerk in real life.

And the dolphin takes us for a ride! For the most part, the sea is pretty unremarkable. You'll see partial screenshots later, but seriously. It's an NES sea. No real important reason to document it. I book it to our first little lovely stop, Joel!

[1] This is Joel Island. The next one to the west is Evil Spirit Island.
[2] Hey! You surprised me! I thought you were a monster.
[2] Since a woman sorcerer from Draygonia went to the next island, it's been weird...People have diappeared and strange monsters now live there.
[1] Clark, who is the elder's brother, has not returned from the next island yet.

So in summary, there's an evil island nearby that has monsters. Also, there's a woman sorcerer who abducts people and Clark is there too I guess.

[ELDER] ... ...huh... Oh, sorry, I zoned out for a minute... I'm Ralph the elder of Joel. Someone came from the next island and asked for a girl sacrifice if we wish safety to our island. One from Portoa volunteered though... She's monster prey by now.

[] You sure seem shaken up about it. Way to give in to the demands, big guy.

[2] I don't want to be a sacrifice. Where's my Uncle Clark?
[3] The girl substitute from Portoa is called MEsia. I pray for her safety.

[] ...what. The only person in this whole world who knows what my goal is and she decided to sacrifice herself!?

[] FUCK THAT. I'm going to go rescue her!

[] Wait how the hell am I back here? This sea thing is confusing.

On our way out, however, we come across this!

[] ...hmm, this reminds me of someone...could this be what Kensu was looking for?

Back to the watchtower!

[] Kensu I-

Oh for fucks sake.

[] Dude I found it just come back. >:| Tormel help me out here.

[] Xebu?

[] Akina, you hot thing you, help me find Kensu.

Anyways, onto the place that we're supposed to be headed.

Towards Evil Spirit Island!

Where I encounter these egg things. They're ugly as shit but they give pretty decent experience for the level.

Case in point.

This cave is really non-descript. For the most part, it's just ice bridge over water after ice bridge over water. A few new enemies, I'm pretty sure I screenshotted them, but if I didn't, well, they poison and paralyze. That's pretty much all there is to know about this boring ass cave.

I did find this though. It's okay I guess. I'll probably never wear it.

THIS is a worthwhile portion of the cave. First - but definitely not last - we see these moving platforms.


A few turns later, I end up in this place. Where am I? And furthurmore, who develops a town where you have to walk through a graveyard to get anywhere?

some Answers in the next update!