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by Roar

Part 11


Last time: Evil Spirit Island! What manner of sorcery is this? This place looks like shit.

I can't even enter this guy's home.

Oh hey Clark. People are talking about you in Joel, you know. They all think you're dead as hell.

And so, with that done, we enter the castle to the north.

New sprites, thank God.

And we haven't seen these guys in a while. Too bad their experience hasn't raised since last time we met.

Up the next path, though, we meet an old friend.  Damn this guy is stupid.  I like how this video has like six views before I even update it onto the thread by the way.

Here's some new enemies. They give pretty decent experience, but they're kind of heard to hit and sometimes when you kill them, they release powder that paralyzes you. They aren't really worth the effort.

That black dot to Bowie's left is the next new enemy. I don't know what it's called. All I know is that in order to hurt it, you have to hit it with a level-3 chargeshot. It doesn't matter from which sword.

Case in point. When they're invisible, they cast paralyze, and to make them visable causes MP loss, which is prevented as much as possible. I'll need it for what's coing up. In short, grinding isn't really feasable in this place.

[] MESIA. OH GOD, THANK GOD I FOUND YOU. You have important shit to tell me, gurl.

[] Oh yeah, forgot about her. Okay, but stay still damn it. You get into trouble too easily.

[] ...wait, what? 2 Mesias?


This is no trouble for Bowie. After all, we've still got these little beauties!

[] I'm coming Mesia!

...damn it. :/

(that's it for now. More after I get a little rest.)