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by Roar

Part 13


Alright, let's take that idiot kid's advice and do this shit.

I can't even begin to explain how a gold-colored lamp can fix a statue. It doesn't make a damn lick of sense. Is it really better story-wise then giving him, say, a statue-rebuilding spell or something? A lamp makes light, that's it.

Before heading north, we go back to the turtles for some necessary grinding.

Here is an island. I think it has a name, but I can't be bothered to remember it. I'm just going to call it Shack Isle for now.

Shack Isle appeases the sea. Thank you, statue-fixing lamp!

So, this is what the sea looked like before the statue was returned...

This is the results of our efforts. Onward, dolphin!

Presents. Thanks, Asina, see you there.

[] Azteca? Who the fuck is Azteca? Wait - he knows my role? I don't care who he is, where the hell is he? TELL ME.

[] Christ.

Welcome to Swan, the coolest town in the game and the first town to have new armor since motherfucking Protoa. (well, not counting the Amazons, but they only had a shield that sucked and was really expensive.)

Here's the townsfolk's latest gossip:

[1] This is Swan. Draygonia astle and Goa are to the north. I hear Goa is beoming stronger from some new type of metal...
[2] I hear the people against Draygonia are killed... or forced to leave... There are many hiding with Azteca... ...
[Soldier ] You bug me! Go Away!
[] The people of Draygonia are wonderful. Ha ha ha.
[2] They say Draygonia's new metal armor can even withstand earth's magma... That means they can easily attack Shyron fort... Not good at all.

Draygonia sucks. We get it.

Inside a little shed, we found...

This bald fucker, who we haven't seen in a while. Sup, Stom?

[] Thanks for waiting for me in a shed, you idiot. That was really helpful of you. Also, Kensu? Fuck that. He's a jerk.

[] I see you care very much about this conversation, Stom. Asshole.

[] Any of you guys seen Kensu?


Fuck you guys. Hey Wisemen, any ideas?

As for Kensu, he kept spouting stupid shit about that thing he lost that HEY I STILL HAVE. I'M CARRYING AROUND THAT STUPID SHIT'S STUFF.

I'm going to paralyze everyone for this. I'm pissed off now. I'll find him if I have to paralyze fucking Mesia.

Nope, all asleep. Next!


A paralyze later...

And he disappears. He certainly isn't making this easy.

Back over here...

We find this new chick hanging out. Suspicious! Besides, what the shit is she talking about?


[] Wait, what? Aren't you all wisemen? Why did you need proof from a chick -... oh. Tang. I get it. Well, after this quest-shit I'm apparently on is over, I'm going to tag Asina so hard that when she won't be able to sit on that throne in Protoa for a week. That's right, pal. My fire ball is gonna be charged to level three, if you get what I'm saying.

[] Wait you're supposed to go to -

[] Ooh presents

...and he's gone again. Wisemen never stay still I swear to God.

Change is the coolest spell in the game.

It lets you change into Stom, a soldier, a random bitch or Akahana. Completely useless in battle, but loads of fun otherwise!

For example, here's the area to the left of Swan.

Then they attack me and I am forced to kill their faces in.

But with Change...

Booya. As a sidenote, after this you never see the guards again. The gate remains open from now on.

Here are the newest enemies. These green soldiers are fucking irritating. They shoot an arrow or two a second, and it makes grinding annoying. Besides, they aren't worth a truckload of experience. The bird is the same one I saw that one place. I can't remember where, but I've s- oh yeah it was the area before the ball of water. Silly me.

Next time: Goa!