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Part 16

Note: Apparently my laptop "needed to cool down", so I lost most of the dialogue that I was saving from Shyron Fort in the first portion of this update. I unfortuantely don't have saves from that point, and I'm already well past that, so whatever. Let's pretend it wasn't terribly important and just work off of those damn save states!

So yeah.

Update #whatever

So last time we left Bowie, we were in Shyron fort.

Most of these people say shit like "Draygonia sucks" and "My family was killed by Draygonia and that sucks". Same old, same old.

Here's someone we haven't seen in a while, though. Hey, Akahana, what's swingin', hip cat?

: "Hi, do you remember me? I live here because the people from my home town of Goa have changed... I felt very uncomfortable there."

[] Well no shit. Goa is home of the Draygonian army or whatever. Figuring you're hanging out with the rebels, that says something about your political beliefs right there.

[] Well stop talking to me and go find them you asshole

And in this house, we find...

Yes'm. Anything you say.

First though, exploring of the other rebel houses.

Note: I remember one of the townspeople saying that Akina was being kept busy tending to the wounded. Is there anything she can't do?

[] I get it already dude what are you my dad shut up

[] Totally with you dude. Also how can you stand yourself? When I transform into you I just want to curl up and die. I think it's the hair thing. Look at my hair, it's poofy and purple. When I'm you, I feel like a pathetic, hairless rat.

I guess I should go see Zebu now.

Okay I'm totally not uploading all of this shit.

: "Great! You made it this far. Besides the three swords you now possess, the most powerful, the Sword of Thunder, is in the cave of Styx. Evil spirits keep us from invading there. Watch yourself. The gate to Styx is at the top of Mt.Hydra. Take this key and go."

"Be careful!"

[] So um wait why can't you just come with me? I think the five of us should be fine to take on this cave.

"Be careful!"

[] Fuck you, Xebu.

And so we venture into Mt. Hydra alone because the wisemen are all a bunch of fucking pussies. They can talk over great distances and and pretty skilled in magic apparently but they can't face a few enemies oh no that would be silly.

The guy on the screen is annoying. He twirls around his weapon and strikes at long range, causing pretty harsh damage. Furthurmore, he poisons on contact.

As a matter of fact, everything in this motherfucking cave poisons. Every single thing.

We mosey along for a while until we come along this unfortunate little thing. Could you imagine an existence where all you do is wonder around a mountain in hopes something comes up that you can attack?

Plus, you'd look like this. I guarentee this thing gets no ass.

Shyron forts sells magic rings, which replenish the entire magic bar. They sell 'em for a measly 800 gold a piece. Chump change for a wonderful item.

Necessary grinding...wait for it...



I could have probably grinded another level out here, but eh.

And so, we wander up this staircase...

Easily slide into the doorway...

...and end up in another cave. >:|

Oh well. Through the projectiles with Asina's barrier spell.

This enemy reminds me a lot of a very weak Sabera. He basicaly just shoots you over and over with those things but he doesn't really move or anything.

Here's something else that's new. Lizards! this picture was taken literally milliseconds before

it shot this white shit at me.
It slowly takes away MP, which is a bad thing. Recover is necessary for this one.

Found it!

err, nm. I actually thought that that chest was it. Damn it.

These enemies are only going to get stranger.

I thought this one was amusing...

After stoning me, it literally ran into my sword a couple of times and killed itself. It even freed me with enough time to grab the loot.

And see I was expecting this one to be a fruit of lime or something. My guesswork is really off today I guess.

[] The hell? Were you watching me or something? I haven't even put the damn thing down yet.

[] Azteca!? Okay. I'm so there. I want to know the truth about me.

[] Wait, how? Don't tell me you can warp me there.

[] OH COME ON. Why couldn't you at least warp me to the sword of thunder? That's just lazyness and I hate you guys. Except Asina. I just mispelled Asina. Apparently it's an anagram of Asian.

If it's okay with everyone else, I'm going to call this gay Davy Jones from now on.

: "I was waiting for you. A lot has happened the past 100yrs. You and Mesia went into sleep to watch for the end of world. You each had specific powers that could combat any future evil...

: "Bowie! Hurry to Mesia!"

[] What the hell shut up he's trying to talk here.

: We tried, through our powers, to lead the people towards a good direction. But Draygon used this power wrongly and build an invading nation. Draygon hid the fact of who he was, and lured our best four warriors into his realm of darkness."

: "Azteca is not sure of the extent of Mesia's power, but Emperor Draygon is trying to harness it to expend his realm of influence."

: "Your lives were mentioned to the people as legends to give them hope... If you don't destroy Draygonia, all will live in despair."

So now I have to find Mesia. How will I ever find her? Last iime I saw her, she was being dragged to Goa, so that's where I must go next time.