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Part 18

Update x

When we last left Bowie, we were quite busy enacting revenge on some steel wall faces.

Let me just get this out of the way now. I dislike Goa Fortress a little more every time I play through it. It's long, it's annoying and it feels like it takes nine million hours to play through. I usually quit the game around this point - I've only made it to the end one other time that I know of. I just really dislike this fortress, and it's a doozy, so this'll probably be a multipart update.

As for this dude, he seems to fight almost exactly like I do - what with sword attacks and long range attacks - except he's a lot worse than I am.

As for these crazy bat things, they're pretty good experience and fall to a couple hits of the Sword of .

Did I mention I hate this shit? Circles and catwalks and damn it this is only the first level.

And more and more. This is pretty much the majority of what I seem to do on this level - just walk back and forth until I find the right path.



With that guy out of the for a good, we enter the back room -

To find cheerful ol' Zebu waiting for us. He's incredibly helpful since he restores my hp/mp AFTER I used a magic ring to refresh myself. >:|

: "Well done, but the other wise men are still captive. I will recover your strength. Take care."

Then he disappears. Why the hell couldn't he have done that before I got here?

Oh well. Next level.

Oh god these guys again. I still hate them just like everything else that poisons me. Thus I hate everything.

Past a steel face door...

And I guess I deleted the opening screenshot, but we meet up with Sabera for the second time.

[] "Long time no see! Ha! I won't let you get by me! Be prepared!"

Oh I was. I was.

Now that she's dead, we meet up Tornel.

[] ..."sigh"? That's the best you can do? I want to take down the whole fucking world to avenge him, and you don't look like you even care. You two were practically lovers. Fuck it. Heal me and get the fuck out, you insensitive prick. You're off of my 'cool' list.

Cocksucker. Whatever. Next level.

These guys give 1280 exp. That's a fucking dream. Guess where I spent the next ten minutes?

Yeah. Maxed out levels. The only problem with maxing is that I don't really care about the enemies anymore. I'll still document them, but eh, it's like they don't bother me.

It's like they bring back the annoying things for a hodgepodge of suck.

For some reason, I haven't been taking screenshots before boss battles like I usually do...but eh. This one shows pretty clearly what is said.

[] oh you are so going to pay more then any of the rest of these fuckers. I hate you all, but you're special. You killed Akahana, one of the best people I've ever met. You also killed Stom who I kind of liked and we battled that one time. Plus, you wiped out a town full of people who weren't idiots. That's hard to come by.

[] In the other words fuck you and die

 The sacred shield sucks. 

[] Hi Asina!

[] Oh dear that sounds shitty

Onto the next level!

Here's a few enemies. Whatever. Same old shit.

Okay I think the level designer got bored at this point.

Hey this level is dull. Let's throw in all sorts of random enemies!
2 Yeah! Let's put in some of those wacky archers from in front of Goa!
Great idea. Wanna go at it?
2 Do I ever!

It would certainly explain the purple hair and original commercial.

Here's a new one. Web shooting skeletons. Cool, but like all enemies now, yawn.

And in closing, Bowie enters the boss room...