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by Roar

Part 22

Update #next to last

When we last left Bowie, we had finally arrived at the

Which, actually...

sports some of the better sprites in the game.

And here we're introduced to some new and very different enemies. The flying thing does the same as all of the other flying things in the game, and that little shithead walking around shoots stuff at us.

There are a fuck of a lot of them, fyi.

[] It sure is pretty up here. Wait what the this is the end of the road where the hell do I go


[] You know what, fuck this.

Oh. Apparently killing all of the enemies makes a staircase.


[] ...wait, what the fuck? I'm a scientist? And what the hell does the tower's operation have to do with my being awakened? This is - what? I'm a scientist? Since when? I don't know shit about science. I know how to stab things, that's pretty much it.

More enemies killed, another staircase.

[] AN ANDROID? WHAT THE HELL. I SAW HIM DIE. EVERYONE WAS REALLY SAD ABOUT IT TOO. Is he as old as the tower? Do the wisemen know about this? They should, they're wisemen after all. If they did, why the hell were they so sad? What the hell.

[] Also, didn't he say stuff about "evil in my heart"? He didn't have a heart, then? Either Atzeca is as stupid as a pile of bricks or he's a big fat android liar.

[] You built an enormous tower, armed with hundreds of little robots and flying sentries, and one android almost bankrupted you? I'm calling bullshit.

Yet more enemies.

And yet another staircase. I sense another pile waiting for me.

Oh. Nothing. I also cannot go back down these stairs. :{

And in through the first enterable door since the entrance...

[] WAY TO BE ON THE TOP FLOOR. You know what I've been through for you? I don't know why I even bother sometimes. Let's get going.

[] I'm going to call you Princess from now on because all you ever do is run off or get fucking kidnapped.

[] Tower's attack? Whose attacking whom? Is the tower sentient? The emperors dead, you know.

Oh well. I'll show you my swords. Just to humor you.

Sword display. Because videos are cool.

Oh hell yes.

Next time: The final battle between a critical link scientist and an unmanned tower in the sky!