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Part 10: Update Ten: The Graveyard Of Living Memories

Howdy, folks, and welcome back! Last time, on Cthulhu Saves The World, we kicked the shit out of the Ulthar who wanted to destroy the world, killed Pawz, Paws' evil, cyclopean twin, and then crashed the ship, which opened a way forward. Today, we're not exactly going forward, but in more of a lateral direction; we're doing a bonus dungeon, so let's get crazy.

Oh, hey, I'm using the Chat option!

Good to see you're not pissed about that anymore, Paws.

That's not the bonus dungeon; that's the shitty forest from a few updates ago.

And since the encounters are based on where you are in the story, we'll be meeting some new enemies while we're exploring.

I cannot help but hear that description in Austin Powers' voice.

And I could definitely see zombie cliques and social circles being a thing.

"Oh, you're a slow zombie? My family came from the fast zombie series of viruses and we were told not to associate with your kind."

How unimpressive.

But this can lead to bad times.

As can this, but I had a goddamned plan for making them all batshit at once.

While that's a bit of a risky strategy, since Umi and Paws both have the Dodge defend thingy, reducing their chances of being hit, it's quite effective.

That path down there will get us to the bonus dungeon, so it'll be a minute before we head over there.

The path to progress is on the other side of the mountains.

But it's not as easy as just heading over there.

I mean, it kind of is, but there's new stuff to show off along the way.

I bet a guy specializing in apes is in higher demand than you'd expect.

They have decent attack power; this is from a regular hit, not the Insanity boosted one.

EXP and money! Both things I like!

And deserts! Something I probably wouldn't like, as I'm not a fan of heat.

I'm not sure if I believe this, but would that text box lie to us?


This is how many, many encounters end for me. October is fuckin' awesome.

On the left is the bonus dungeon; we'll have to backtrack to get there, but I came this way first, so you get to see that.

Nesting Dolls are old news, but the Cocatrice is new.

I'm not sue if they have abilities beyond this; I'd reckon they could at least Stun you, but that damage output scares me, so I tend to put them down as quickly as possible.

And I'm trying to be better about showing all the Insane sprites. I forget sometimes, though, y'know?

Hey, that's a fun looking building.

Paws, you're sounding like a party pooper right now. Like Sharpe.

If you didn't have logic behind your statement, October, I'd be making fun of you, too.

A little ways away from that, we find another fight.

With upgraded Audrey plants!

Are you ready for an insane sprite that will probably haunt my dreams?


How can a plant be so strong!?

Or so easy to dispose of?

That's our next city, but it can wait. I have side adventures to attend to.

Doing a sidequest in this game is different than in most RPGs; in those games, you usually have some sort of more pressing matters to attend to, like investigating where the potential world-killer is, or chasing down the guy who killed your village, or whatever. In this game, we have the vague goal of saving the world, so why not take a while to explore over there yonder?

Did I just try to justify why I like sidequests in this game?

Since we're building a rough and tumble Cthulhu, he gets the HP and Vitality.

Umi snags some extra Will, as I felt like it.

Paws picks up a Tentacles attack himself; as you probably guessed, it was the three hit, random targets one.

Why does that look so ominous?

Hey, it's that swamp we went through earlier!

We could head back to Dunwitch from here, if we felt so inclined.

Oh, neato, I can get the Insane Gooey sprite.

And we can show off the Spiri-Knight's while we're here, too.

And then they were immediately burned to death.

While Sharpe's Multi-Hit gets an upgrade, increasing his ass kicking potential.

As does October! Focus is going--The other option? Do you really give a shit? I mean, c'mon, double spell power? Though, I could achieve the same effect by just casting the spell twice in a row.

But I could probably get more use out of Focus than some extra Strength. October isn't going to be throwing out too many regular attacks, and when she does, she'l have the others backing her up.

Anywho, into the dungeon.

Yeah, you're all now worried you're going to have to sit through a shitload of flavor text.

And there are a metric asston of tombstones in this place.

And let's get that started!

So, uh, yeah, I'm not going to be showing off each and every one. I'll do the highlights, but there is no way I'm showing off all of these fucking tombstones.

If you really want to see what they say, buy a copy of the game and come to this dungeon yourself.

Or, if you ask me really nicely, I'll probably get screenshots of all the tombstones and PM them to you.

Oh, God, a Twilight reference! Game, you're dating yourself!

And one I might do myself one of these days.

Although, this Halloween, someone suggested that me, my wife, and our new baby go as Mario, Toadstool and a little Toad. I'm totally down for that.

In fact, I plan on using a vacation day for Halloween just to make sure I can trick or treat with my little girl.

Sure, she'll be about two months old, but people will eat that up and give her candy anyways. Which I'll then eat up.

I'm not sure if that makes me some sort of a monster or not, and I'm not too worried about it. I like peanut butter cups.

Oh, zombie teammate. Never seen that before.

Though, we did find her in the zombie town...

Oh, well. I guess that's another theory out the window.

Just to give you an idea of how many tombstones are around this place, here's another small grouping.

Bullshit, game. Get me a shovel.

I can't help but feel this one was written for Yapping Eevee.

Scissorman's mother is wandering around in here, too.

They always start off with this move.

It can lead to some horrifying results. Which is why I don't have an Insane shot of them at the moment.

Let's continue on, see what we can find.

There are three bits of treasure in this dungeon that make it worth going through.

At least, three that I know of. I might have missed something.

Ten times? I can do that.

In fact, I tried it fifteen times, but to no avail.

North of that grouping of graves is this group, and the only worthy tombstone in the bunch.

And through the magic of selective screenshotting, it looks like I teleported through the wall!

I missed this in the update, but thanks to some eagle eyed readers, I went back and found this chest. With this, we're now sitting on about 68,000 Gold, which won't last long if I start buying fancy gear.

To the left is another encounter and some more graves.

Normally, I don't agree with bodyshaming, but if your guts are pouring out, you might have a couple of things to work on.

They're just incredibly jolly folk, too.

Oh, that's kind of disappointing.

Much like these graves.

I read them all, by the way. Every grave I passed, I read, and read them again when taking shots. I mean, they're not bad or anything, but that would add sooooo many screenshots to this update and I don't think you all want to read that many tombstones.

This one caught my attention just because that's kind of gross.

This one got thrown in just because of the name. May as well honor the guy.

To the north is a new weapon for October.

For battles I'm trying to blaze through, I'll just mash the attack button. October can contribute a little bit more in that situation. Not that it helps much.

To the right, we continue on.

And we continue to the right, as the left is a dead-end with that statue.

Heading right and down leads us to some new armor for ol' Sharpe.

That's a hell of a Vit boost, better than the last hilt, and with a little bit of a magic boost. Neato.

Well, that's not ominous at all.

For those of you wondering about a Gunclaw, you can now think about a Shotclaw.

Oh, no, who saw this coming!?

Ugh. You know the schtick here already.

Wouldn't that be super painful for the living granite in question? Or is it like plastic surgery for them and they're willing to deal with it?

As to be expected from a fucking living rock, this guy is very tough.

Magic rips into him pretty well, though.

Cthulhu's regular attacks would do this as well, but Pierce is a tad stronger than that.

And once again, as to be expected from a chunk of fuckin' rock, it hits pretty hard.

However, if you keep killing the Spiri-Knigts, they'll keep being revived, which locks the boss down. And Fireball is more than enough to reliably kill them. Despite that, you should remember that October is going last, so she won't be able to kill them off before they get their hits in, so you'll still be taking damage.

I did reverse his Insanity, however, just in case he did get a hit in; judging by the previous damage, he could probably kill somebody off fairly easily.

Eventually, we...Burn a rock to death? How hot does fire have to be to melt rocks?

While I let someone start typing up a post about that, let's cover the levels gained.

Now that is an assload of damage.

This is not, so Cthulhu doesn't learn Void.

Umi gets herself a round of stat boosts.

Sharpe gets a boost to his defenses.

While October is generally boosted.

I'm still not sure what kind of build I'm going for with Paws; a lot of his skills lend themselves to physicals quite nicely, but he also has a good bit of magically inclined skills. I think I'm going to try and keep him as Red Magey as possible, since it's a good fit for him and a nice niche for a character to fill.

Paws' claws function sort of like Lita's guns from Breath of Death, which I'm okay with. The major difference is that Paws has a shitload more Strength to back it up with.

And just like that, I teleport back to Providence and head back to our new city.

Ah, Kingsport. I couldn't remember the name of it before reading it in that screenshot. It's another Lovecraft reference, but I'll talk about that in the next update.

Or quote somebody who writes about it and throw that into the update. You guys do better at that than I do, and probably because I haven't read much Lovecraft stuff.

I would be interested in trying out the Call of Cthulhu tabletop game, but I'm not sure how I'd go about playing it. I don't have enough friends close enough to run a reliable game, and I wouldn't want to run it.

If a group of you nerds wants to give it a shot over these interwebs, I'd be down to play. I'm guessing at least one of you has played it before, and I'm guessing there's someone out there who wants to run a game and more than two or three who want to play.

Yeah, that's right, I'm not commenting on the dialog because I'm trying to talk someone into running a Call of Cthulhu game and letting me play.

Hey, nobody asked for your opinion, Umi.

Yeah, but not this update.

Maybe next update. I've got to get more footage before we can do anything else, guys.

And with that cliffhanger, I'm going to let you all stew and wonder on what's going to happen in the next update!

Stay tuned to find out!