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Part 8: Super High-school Level Update #6

“Only a student who kills can leave this place...”
Both my mind and my body were fully entwined in those words.
Fear and anxiety slowly spread through my body, and soon took over it completely.
My head and shoulders weighted down on me without mercy, taking in the heavy atmosphere drifting all around us.
Just enduring that heavy atmosphere... took all my strength.

CHAPTER 01 - LIVES CUT / (ab)normal days part

The game has six chapters, each divided into three distinct parts.

What finally cut that cruel, heavy atmosphere...
...were that girl’s unaffected words.

So, what do you think we should do now?

Should we just continue to scowl at each other forever?

Her thorny words were directed at all of us.
And those thorns... managed to pull us back into reality.

That’s right. Of course, you’re right.
In times of fear and anxiety, one must continue moving forward!

How could I forget such a simple thing? I’m despicable. I’ll never forgive myself!
Anyone, please hit me! I deserve it! Please, anyone!

If you have time to make so much noise, just do it yourself.

But, speaking concretely, what exactly is our mission...?

Are you an idiot? We should totally look for a way to escape!

And while we’re at it, we should find whoever is controlling that stuffed toy and give him a good beating.

Before we do that, shouldn’t we take a look at that Electronic Student ID card?
Monobear mentioned some rules, and it’s probably best to check them before doing anything...

It would be a bother if we go on acting without knowing the rules, and end up in an explosive situation like before.


So, let’s just get it over with and check what those rules are all about...

Immediately after I turned on the Electronic Student ID Card, my name floated up on the screen.
Just like Monobear told us, the card owner’s name is displayed when the card is activated.
After that, I chose the “Rules” icon from the menu screen that showed up...

And the list of rules appeared on the screen, one by one.
In short, the rules binding us were...

I'm not going to bother you with a bunch of screenshots that are mostly Japanese text, so here's the plain list.

1. The students will live a communal lifestyle with no time limit inside the school walls.
2. The time between 10pm and 7am is called “Night Time”. During Night Time there are places that are forbidden to enter, so please take care.
3. Sleeping is only permitted in the personal rooms prepared for you in the dormitory area. Anyone intentionally falling asleep elsewhere will be punished.
4. You may investigate the school as you please. There are no special restrictions on your actions.
5. No violence is permitted against the school’s headmaster, Monobear. Destruction of the surveillance cameras is forbidden.
6. A “culprit” who kills a fellow student will graduate the school. However, they must not let any other student know they are the culprit.
7. Additional rules may be added by the school at any time.

I looked up from the screen, feeling a little dizzy.
When I looked around, everyone had the same glum expression on their faces.

What the fuck's going on with these rules? Do they really think they can control us this way?

If you think they can’t, how about you try going around ignoring them?
I’d really like to know what happens when someone breaks them, you see...
But... if he tries anything, Oowada Mondo-dono’s number of remaining lives will drop to zero...


Ever since I was a little kid, I was taught discipline by my big brother.
You must keep a “man’s promise” even at the cost of your own life.
There’s still one promise I haven’t made good.

So there’s no fucking way I’m dying in this place!!

I can’t say I really understand, but for now let’s agree to follow the rules? Ah... I guess that’s how it has to be...

Excuse me... Can I say something?
This sixth rule... what do you think it means?

6. A “culprit” who kills a fellow student will graduate the school. However, they must not let any other student know they are the culprit.

Are you talking about the second part, about “not letting any other student know”?

I kind of wondered about that part myself. probably means if you want to graduate, you must kill without anyone finding out.

W...why? What’s going on here?
You don’t have to worry about it.
Just make sure you keep the rules you were given. That’s the only thing you all have to remember.

You’re all a bunch of losers who can’t do anything that’s not decided for you by someone else. So don’t ask needless questions.

...such moving words.

As in bowel movements, right?

...for the time being, let’s just drop all this foolish talk about killing.
We all know the rules now, so let’s go and search the school!

Where are we? Is there an emergency exit somewhere? What about food and essential goods?
There is a mountain of things we must find us ahead of us!

Alright, everyone -- let’s go exploring!!

...I’m going alone.
Huh? Why? Isn’t that really strange?

I’m sure there’s at least one of you who’s already scheming about killing someone...
Are you saying I should cooperate with someone like that?
Hey, wait a minute! You can’t say that!

You can’t be certain I’m wrong, can you.
And that’s exactly why you all got so scared once you heard about the graduation rule. I wrong?
T...that is...
I’ll let the rest of you do as you please.

You bastard... you think we’ll just let you do whatever you want?

Get out of my way, plankton.
Ahhh!? What do you mean by that!?
A single plankton drifting in the ocean.
It doesn’t matter what you do, yours is a tiny existence that has no effect on the vast sea around you.
Are you trying to make me kill you?!
H...hey, wait! We shouldn’t fight!!
Eh? What the fuck? Are you trying to be all nice with us?
I’m going to teach that kid a lesson. Are you going to stop me!?, that’s not what I meant...

Shut the fuck up!!

** POW!! **

I was hit.
And then fell down.
It was a pretty fall. Just like in a manga.
It was extremely sudden, without any introduction or foreshadowing.
I got hit and fell down...
Come to think of it, I probably have already forgotten...
...the kids I’m stuck with are this kind of people...
It’s as if my common sense couldn’t handle it... this “Super High-school Level” business. A bunch of people that make no sense at all.
So of course, such a nonsensical development was bound to happen.
That’s what I probably have... already... forgotten......
My consciousness slowly drifted away.
And then suddenly cut out.

And then, the next time I opened my eyes...

Where am I?

As expected, it was a room I didn’t recognize.

For starters...
I should find out what this place is...

Tutorial posted:

You can now use the Student ID Menu, where you may inquire about various game-related affairs.
The Student ID Menu is available by pressing the square button.
On the menu, you will find the School Rules and profiles of your fellow students in the Report Card.
We regret that there some of the options, like Map and Evidence Bullets, that are still not available.
If you wish to create a new saved game or restore one, please check the System option.
In addition, you may now access a back log by pushing the Select button.
We are kindly keeping everyone’s statements on file for you there, and you are welcome to use it if you want to read something again.

And I thank you for that last one, game - it sure helps with the translation!
Let's quickly look what the game's menu looks like before I never bother you with it again for the rest of this LP.

From top to bottom, we have Map, Evidence Bullets, Presents, Report Card, School Rules and System. The first two are not yet available, and we'll handle Presents later. School Rules lets us get that list of rules again. The Report Card contains a card for each of our fellow students. Currently they are very sparse and look like that:

Name: Makoto Naegi
Height: 160cm
Weight: 52kg
Chest: 75cm
Specialty: Super High-school Level Good Luck (Bad Luck?)

It's kind of amazing they didn't put the blood type on this list of measures. I will put all the student cards on this thread's second post soon, and update them there when new information is added.
Back to the game.

Let's explore this room. There are quite a few things to look at.

It’s a bed. There doesn’t seem to be anything strange about it...

A surveillance camera...
It sickens me to think I’m being watched, but...
The school rules forbid us from doing anything to them. No matter how much I hate it, I must leave it alone.

This looks like... the door to the shower room.
Huh? It won’t open...
It looks like it’s locked.

This is... an adhesive roll brush. I think they’re saying we should clean our own rooms...

It’s just a regular trash can.

These "Monobear Coins" are hidden in all kinds of items, usually in things like the surveillance cameras and monitors that are in each room and otherwise have the same boring descriptions. I won't mention again when we get them, but rest assured I am collecting every single one. When we get to where they're useful I'll let you know how much we have.

It’s a notebook.
Standard equipment for students, I guess.

I found something inside the drawer

It’s... a tool set.
It’s still wrapped in plastic and looks brand new, like it’s never been opened.
Well, I have nothing to do with it right now, so I’ll just leave it here.

This looks like the way out...
It seems to be locked.

Is this... this room’s key?
My name is written on the key chain.
Does this mean... this key belongs to me?
I’ll take it with me for the time being.

There is a piece of paper taped to the wall.
“An Announcement from Headmaster Monobear”
“There is an anti-picking mechanism installed in the room’s locks.”
“Duplicating the keys is difficult, so make sure you don’t lose yours.”
“There is a shower installed in every room. Please note that during Night Time no water comes out.”
“Additionally, only the shower rooms in girls’ rooms can be locked.”
“Finally, I have prepared a small present for you.”
“In girls’ rooms, you’ll find a sewing kit,”
“And in the boys’, a manly tool set.”
“You’ll find a handy map of a human’s vital parts attached to the sewing kit, so all you girls can use the needles for full effect.”
“As for the boys, you’ll find a blow to the head with a hammer can be very effective.”
“Don’t think! Feel! Let’s enjoy!”


I removed the piece of paper and threw it in the garbage can.

Somehow, I think I understand where I am.

3. Sleeping is only permitted in the personal rooms prepared for you at the dormitory area. Anyone intentionally falling asleep elsewhere will be punished.

This is... my room in the dormitory area.
Someone probably carried me over here while I was unconscious.
Now that my first question is answered, the next problem is...

Where is... everyone else?

There’s only one way to find out.
I have to go out.