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Part 101: Super High-school Level Update #91

Eh? Does that mean...

Y...You tricked me?

I did no such thing! I just thought it would make things more exciting!

...Which is to say, it's your fault for taking my silly scribblings so seriously.

It's not like Oogami-san's name was anywhere on them or something...
T...That's dirty...

It's not dirty. I didn't do anything.

Are you trying to say it was me who planted fake evidence? Who tried to manipulate the school trial?
It's you bastards who hurt each other. Who keep clawing at each other's throats.

Even if that suicide letter was the trigger, it all happened between you...

So there's no problem! It's was just part of the setup!

...So what's written in the real suicide letter?

Well, then. Let me read it to you using my beautiful high narration voice!

By the way, this entire "suicide letter" concept is intriguing.
Who came up with this system, where you have to leave a note when you kill yourself? Under what circumstances?

Unfortunately, that person probably killed himself.

We can't ask him anymore, and that means the truth will forever remain in darkness... It's scary, isn't it?

Just read it, will you?

Sure, sure! Here we go!


"...To my dear friend Asahina. There are several things I must tell you."
"It is pains me that I have to convey them in this form, but I want you to know."

"This is... my final wish."

As you know, I was the mastermind's mole...
The mastermind first approached me the first night after we started this strange school life.

By taking my family's dojo hostage, the mastermind ordered me to help him.
You may think this is too much for a simple dojo, but it has been my family's for more than three hundred years...
I could not see it destroyed on my watch... That is why I had to protect it even at the cost of my own life.
...That is what I thought.

But, those thoughts came to me because of my own weakness.
That is why I made the mistake of following the mastermind's orders.

Then, the order the mastermind gave me was to "kill someone".

He feared that the situation will turn into a deadlock, and that no murder will occur.
But, unexpected by both me and the mastermind, Sayaka Maizono was murdered before I could act.

The plan changed accordingly.
The mastermind ordered me to stay still and wait for new orders when a deadlock situation occurs again.

But then, as I spent my life with the other students...

As I spent my life with you, Asahina...

...My determination started to waver.
I saw everyone struggling, fighting to survive...
...And I came to understand my own weakness. The weakness the mastermind took advantage of.

But, more than anything...
I came to realize one thing.

I could not betray my friends.

So that's when Oogami-san...

I have reached a decision...
I shall not flinch nor grovel nor turn my eyes any more...
...I have finally made up my mind!
I will... fight you...!!

...But that only got me to reveal her secret, and turn everyone against her...
She decided to act for the rest of you bastards' sake, and all she got in return was hatred!

Oh, the irony!

I do not mind being hated. My own weakness brought that upon me...
That is why I resigned to accept attacks directed at me.

I believed that was just part of atoning for my sins.

But I was naive. The situation could not be resolved just by me being disgraced.

The situation did not end with people acting only against me. And that, I believe...

That was the mastermind's true goal when he exposed me.

By revealing my betrayal, he planted seeds of discord and suspicion.

He wanted it to end in more mutual killing.

Nevertheless. That, too, is my responsibility.
It is my duty to settle this situation.

In order to fulfill that duty, I will follow the order given to me by the mastermind.
The order to "kill someone".

But, the person I will kill...

...Will be myself.

If the mastermind wants me to kill, I will kill myself.
By doing so, I can save the dojo. But more importantly, I can end it with no murder taking place.

If I am dead, the state of affairs kindling the flames of your discord will die with me.
For that, I spare my life.

You are important. As important as my own life.

Regardless of what you think, you all are my precious friends.

...The first I ever had.

So... Sakura-chan...
She wasn't pushed to the corner...? She didn't die giving up on everyone...?
She wanted us to stop fighting...? She wanted to protect us all...?

Taking her own life wasn't a sign of weakness...
Quite the opposite.

She did it because she was strong. Very strong...
That's why she decided to take her own life.
In order to protect us, she chose death...
That kind of self sacrifice... is probably impossible for normal people.

But she was strong. So she could do it.


Asahina. Allow me to apologize.

I could not confide with you. If I did, you would have tried to stop me.

I am truly sorry. But do not despair...
If I managed to stop the mastermind's plans... If I managed to put an end to the murders...

...That is all I could ask for.

This is the road I have chosen. My way of taking responsibility.
As long as you show everyone this letter, the school trial will come to a quick conclusion.

Asahina. It may be asking for too much, but I leave the rest to you.

...I am now leaving to meet Togami, Fukawa and Hagakure.
I will not reveal to them my plans to die, but I want to try to convey my feelings.

After that, my actions will speak louder than words. They will understand then.

We are not enemies that must fight each other. We are friends that should work together.

Asahina. More than anything, I wish for you to live. To survive along with our friends.

I am certain... that you will.

T...That's... That's...
I... I didn't understand Sakura-chan's feelings at all...
...And she even called me her dear friend...!

You really messed things up, didn't you!

She died trying to put an end to the murders, but because of you it turned out looking like one!

You made her death meaningless!

You even put everyone else's life in danger!

Oh, you're going to get it now! Everyone's going after you! That's the way the world works! You really messed things up!

Upupu... I think I know who the next victim is going to be...
What the hell are you talking about? No one is going after her...

It was your fault for tricking Asahina-san with that fake letter...
And also...

Oogami-san's death wasn't meaningless!!
Huh? Huh? Huh?
Oogami-san reminded us all...
We are not enemies that must fight each other...
We are friends that should work together!

Yeah, that's right...
Everything happened because we were wrong to turn our anger at the ogre...

We will not turn against Asahina-chi! No one is going after her!

What what?!
It doesn't matter if Oogami-san was a mole... The only one we should be fighting...
...Is you!!

W...What's up with this development?!

You have it all wrong! This school life of murder is a competition between you bastards, isn't it?
You are your own enemies!

Yes, Monobear is right...

Oh, Togami-kun! I knew you'd understand!

This game is a competiton of wits between us... One where only the winner survives.
That's... exactly what it is.

And that is exactly why I'm withdrawing from this game.


Asahina and Oogami tried to sacrifice their own lives, and twisted the very core of this game.
Thanks to them, no one is going to lie awake in fear of being murdered anymore.

The sense of thrill is gone... And so is any meaning to participating.
That's why I decided to withdraw.

W...What is this!?

...And so, I have only one thing remaining to look forward to.

Punishing the mastermind who thought he could control me!
T...Togami-kun... Are you...?

Don't misunderstand.
I am not doing this out of something like foolish sentimentalism.

I'm with Byakuya-sama! Who knows, the mastermind might be a boy that turns me on!

So, how about it? Do you still think Oogami-san's death was meaningless?

Feh. You're all so boring.
But, there's one thing I'm still happy about...

We still have what everyone is looking forward to ahead of us!

W...What everyone is looking forward to...?

So let's forget that pesky mole, and get on with the main event!

It's punishment time!!

But, isn't the culprit already dead?!
You don't mean...!


No, no, no. I will never take another student's life instead of the culprit!

I'm a bear who follows the law of the jungle, you know!

...But we can't let it go to waste, can we? I worked so hard preparing this one!

And so, I also prepared a speial guest!
A special guest...?

Let's give it all we have! It's punishment time!

A Dozer Master (Youtube via Polsy)