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Part 108: Super High-school Level Update #97A


Good morning, you bastards! It’s 7 in the morning! Time to wake up!
Let’s all strive to do our best today!


My body feels... heavy.

Is it because I was kept up late last night...?

I guess there's no escaping going to the cafeteria...

...Naegi, you're late. It's one minute after the time we decided on.
I...I'm sorry... I don't feel too well...

T...That's such a sorry excuse... D...Do you think it can get you off being late...?

Huh? She's talking?

I don't recall giving you permission to.

U...Um... I thought the permission resets every 24 hours...

I...I...I...I...I'm sorry... Don't hate me... I...I...I'll accept any punishment happily...!
How about... letting me clean your bathroom while wearing a placard hanging from my neck saying "I'm a bad girl"?

If you promise not to say such disturbing things ever again, I'll grant you permission to speak.

T...T...Thank you very much...! I...I will not say any more disturbing things...!
I...If I say anything disturbing, I don't mind if you shove garbage into my mouth...

I don't mind becoming Byakuya-sama's personal garbage can...!!

It's useless. She's gone...

...Forget about that. What about Kirigiri-chan? She's not here yet...

She's just going to waltz into here making a huge scene, 'right? That's the kind of drama queen she is!

Maybe... she's mad because of what we did last night...?

I can't tell them the real reason she isn't here...

The only thing I can do right now is stay quiet.

But what is she even doing, and where? She can't even enter her own room.

That's right... you still have her key.

Oh, are you looking for Kirigiri-san?!

Eep! What do you want now?!

Am I right? Are you looking for Kirigiri-san?
D...Do you know where she is?

Um... Well, to tell you the truth...

...Huh? You also don't know?!

Is that why you're here? Because you don't know where she went? Did you think you could extract some information from us...?

By the way, don't you hate it when people come up with the most obscure stuff when you ask them what their favourite manga is?

That's way too crude, changing the subject like that...!

But, there's no question about it... Monobear didn't notice what she did last night.

Which means our plan succeeded.

In other words...

My theory is that the mastermind can't operate Monobear and monitor the cameras at the same time.

So... does that mean she was right...?

So, how about it? Are you looking for Kirigiri-san? Do you have any clue where she is?

...No idea.

We wouldn't tell you even if we knew!

She's right!

Oh... I see...

Fine... I don't care... I'll just go somewhere and cry...
I don't care about any of it... Bye bye!

...After Monobear disappeared, the rest of us exchanged glances.

What was that all about? Does Monobear really have no clue where Kirigiri-chan is?

That's what it seems like.

Does that mean she's hiding somewhere?

...Shouldn't we go searching for her?

How do you plan to do that? Even Monobear can't find her...

Speaking of, how is that even possible?

It's a mystery...

Kirigiri-san probably used that key and sneaked into wherever it led to...

But... where is that place? I thought Monobear monitored every room in this school...

We ate breakfast as we discussed the whereabouts of Kirigiri-san.

Then, we all returned to our rooms.


Even after breakfast, my body still feels heavy...

I don't think it's just because I didn't sleep well last night...

Free Time begins now! Kirigiri is AWOL at the moment, so we can't socialize with her. Let's bother someone else.

What is it? Do you have business with me?

Should I spend time with Togami-kun?

Spend time / Go somewhere else

...Fine. I guess I can spare some of my precious time for you.
You should thank me properly later.

I spent some time with Togami-kun.

I think we became a little closer.

Should I give him a present?

Give / Do not give

Prince Shotoku's Globe: A softball-sized large globe, found at Ikarugadera, the temple thought to have been built by Prince Shotoku. Known as an OOPArt.

We discussed OOPArts before. Prince Shotoku is one of the most important figures in ancient Japanese history (I once had to memorize the constitution he supposedly came up with for a test), but since I don't want this to turn into a history lesson I'll just let you check Wikipedia on your own.

Where did you get your hands on this...?!
This is a rare item even the Togami family, with all its power, couldn't locate...!

Give it to me. I'll keep it from now on...!

Seeing someone that happy with my gift makes me happy myself...!

Oy, Naegi. There is something I want to ask you.

Something he wants to ask me...?

I have a bed feeling about this...

Um, what is it...?
There are only a few chosen people in this world who can achieve any success.

The rest of the masses warp themselves in dreams they can't hope to achieve... No, they don't even bother with dreams.
They work to earn some small change, then use that small change to prolong their miserable lives...

...I don't get it. Is there any worth to such a life?
Why... are you asking me?

Beacuse you're a prime example of that kind of person. Don't ask unnecessary questions.

I should've seen it coming...

I did not have people like you around me until now. That's why I'm interested in you.
Will you tell me what it feels like to live a life lacking any possibilities?
Hey, wait a second...!
I don't think my life is lacking possibilities!
It would probably be impossible for me to become someone like you, of course, but...
But, there is happiness to be found just by living life itself!

You sound like a third rate pop song, repeating well worn mantra...
Those are nothing but the words of the miserable masses, trying to comfort themselves as they live on...
T...That's too much...!

But it's the truth.
It doesn't matter how much you struggle, you people cannot change the world.
If you just disappear someday, the world will not notice. In other words, the world has no need for you.
I...It has nothing to do with whether we can change the world or not...
There's worth in normal life, too. Living and working together...
As long as I get to live a satisfying life, I can be happy.
That's why... I don't need to compare myself to others...
I don't care how I compare with people like you, who were born into guaranteed success.

"Born into"...?
You... have no idea...

You don't understand anything...!

People who have been chosen just by being born don't even deserve to be called "chosen", in the truest sense.
You fight and you win. Only then do you get to be called "chosen".
...W...What do you mean?

You are naive, Naegi. You're just escaping reality into a world where self satisfaction is enough.
Escaping the struggles, the wars, the competition.
And that's why you'll never be able to remove yourself from the worthless masses.
Honestly, I don't even won't to be involved with someone as clueless as you.

Togami-kun left the room, leaving behind words full with intensity.

Togami-kun... Sure was acting strangely...

...But he only started acting strangely in the middle of our conversation.

Right after I said the words "born into".

What does it mean...?

We get a skill, Impressive expressive power, which gives a +5 bonus to the expression meter.

After parting with Togami-kun, I went back to my room.

I feel even worse than I did this morning...

My body just becomes heavier and heavier... and also...

Cold shivers...?

Did I catch a cold or something?

Next victim.

I have already reached my conclusion! There's a "certain organization" behind our predicament!
But I can't tell you their name! If I do, they'll make me vanish!
That's what they did to John Lennon and Kurt Cobain, you know!

Oh, it's bad it's bad it's bad! I shouldn't have said anything!

What should I do? Can I spend time with Hagakure-kun when he's like this?

Spend time / Go somewhere else

It could be fun for us two men to discuss theories about the creation of the universe, 'right?

I spent some time listening to Hagakure-kun's theories about the creation of the universe.

I think we became a little closer...

Should I give him a present?

Give / Do not give

Portable gaming console: A portable gaming console that became a huge hit. Also serves as a music and movie player.

Oh, Naegi-chi! You know what I like! I'll gladly take that!

It seems he likes it. Thank god.

By the way, Naegi-chi. Do you know Kamata?
I'm talkin' about Kamata, in Ota ward in Tokyo!

Kamata is an entirely unsignificant neighbourhood of Tokyo.

I've heard of it... What about it?

This is just between you and me, 'right? They say there are eye-witnesses over there.
Of what...?

Of a UMA.

UMA... I think I heard that term before...

Unidentified Flying Object / Unidentified Mysterious Animal / A horse

The word for horse in Japanese is "uma".

You're talking about mysterious animals, aren't you?

UMA, "Unidentified Mysterious Animals" is Japanese conspiracy-theorist terminology for what's known in English as cryptids. Famous examples include the Yeti and the Loch Ness monster.

Yeah, that's right! And there's one of them in Kamata!
...Which one?

A sky fish, of course!
The americans call them flying rods. They're flying creatures with a cylindrical body and belt-shaped fins on the side.

The name "sky fish" was coined by Japanese UFO-logist Shinichiro Namiki. Check wikipedia for more fascinating info on flying rods, and what they really are!

The fins move the cylinder in waves with speed unperceivable by the naked eye!

One theory says they evolved from ancient Anomalocaris that gained the power of flight.
Another is that they're the product of genetic engineering by the government and the army.

Scary, 'right? Absolutely terrifying!!
Um... So why is that sky fish of yours in Tokyo? And in Kamata, of all places?

No clue. It's undoubtedly dangerous, though. Haneda airport is right next to Kamata, you know?
We can't wait until it's too late. That's why I thought I'd send a warning letter to the airport's management.

Luckily, I know a method to drive sky fish away...
As long as they pay a suitable price, I'd be happy to get rid of the problem! That's what I thought I'd write in my warning letter.
I don't think you should do it. You'd get arrested for sure.

It's no use, all this occult talk. I can't understand it at all...

This Free Time event gives us extra SP.

After parting with Hagakure-kun, I went back to my room.

Uuu... I have shivers all over my body..

I just feel too weak, all of a sudden...

It's no use... I should just get some sleep...

There's still some time until it's Night Time, but my body's at its limit...

I collapsed into bed, and then...

My consciousness quickly started slipping away...

...But it didn't slip away completely.
A hazy consciousness...

Going back and forth between sleep and awakening...
In other words...

...I was in fever.

Uu... Uuuu...
Uu... Uuuuuuuu...

Then, my consciousness fell into an odd dream...

I can hear someone's voice inside my head.


"I... know..."

"I... know."

That voice...
I know that voice.

That's it...! This voice is...!

"I... know."

It's... my own voice.

I... know...
I... should know everything...
My goal... isn't to leave this place...
It's... to stay here.


What... am I saying...?

Everything... is for the sake of Hope...
That's why...
I must remain...
I must remain here...

O...Oh... It was just a dream...
Just a strange...