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Part 111: Super High-school Level Update #99

T...The headmaster's office...?

Now that the mastermind stopped moving, this is our big chance. Don't you see...?
B...But... What if he suddenly returns...

...If you're too scared, just stay here by yourself.

M...Maybe we should put you in that coop...? You're the sixth chicken, Naegi...

This is a war. A death match between us and the mastermind. We are not here to have fun.

I'm not sure about the death match thing... but he's right that this is our big chance...

...So, what are you going to choose? Fight or flight?
I...I got it... I'll go with you...

It's settled, then. Let's head to the headmaster's office.
We're approaching the climax. Pull yourself together.

I'll go with you, Byakuya-sama! wherever you lead me...!

Sakura-chan... lend me your strength...!

I can do it! I am a man made for action! I'm protected by the will power of the entire universe!

We prepared ourselves, each in their own way, and left the gymnasium.

Then, we climbed up the stairs to the fourth floor.

As always, Byakuya-sama saves the day...!

T...Try not slowing him down, will you?

I'm sure Sakura-chan is watching and protecting us...
We'll definitely find something helpful in there!

This is our big finale, 'right?

So let's get it over with quickly. At least before the mastermind finds out what we're doing.

This is where we unearth all of the mastermind's secrets.
Are you ready?

* rattle rattle *

As expected, it's still locked...
...So, what are we going to do?

Isn't it obvious? We're breaking it down.

Eh? But, the school rules...

Right now, the mastermind can't touch us. There's nothing else we can do.

B...But, what if the mastermind suddenly comes back, like Naegi-chi said...?

We'll just have to put things back the way they were before that happens.

I guess, but...

We can't back away now. Once I decided we're going to do it, there's no turning back.

I...It's so beautiful...!

It is...?

We can deal with the consequences later!

Let's do it! Let's knock this door down!!

But, how are we even going to do it? This door looks very sturdy, 'right?

We need some kind of tool.
Oh, how about that thing?

You know, the thing we found in the shed at the garden...

...Ah! You mean the pickaxe!!

I see... We can probably break down the door easily if we use it...
By the way, Fukawa. What time is it?

Um... We left the gym just before 9 o'clock.... S...So it's probably exactly 9 now...

Excellent. Come back here with the pickaxe by 9:01.

That's a super-short time limit!

J...Just me by myself...?

There must be times you want to be alone, aren't there?

Not as many as when I want to be alone with you, Byakuya-sama...

While you're busy talking nonsense, 10 seconds have already passed.
If you don't return here within the time limit, I will completely erase your very existence from my memory.

Fukawa-san took off toward the staircase with surprising speed...

But... Are we really going to break down this door...?

We can't solve anything if we keep running away. Just... prepare yourself for the worst.

He's right... I know he's right...

If we run away, we can never move forward...

If one wants to move forward, danger can't be avoided.
To solve a mystery, one must be fully aware of the risks, and keep on going anyway.
...Don't you agree?

If we want to break out of this school... we mustn't avoid danger...!

B...But... I'm getting really nervous here...
Too nervous... My mind can't even form words correctly.
Whay Whay Joo... No.
Whay Whay... Whay Whay Joo Joo...

...White goo?!

Whoa! I mean, that was fast! I mean, Genocider Syo?!

Pleased t'meet ya! I'm the serial killer with the trademark smile!


Hey. What about that pickaxe...? Why don't you have it with you?

Peacocks? We have a zoo now?

I said "pickaxe", you dummy...

He called me a dummy! Oh, such wonderful violent managerial brutality!

I think I'm getting a nosebleed!

I'm pretty sure this is an unnecessary cultural note, but Japanese superstition connects nosebleeds with sexual arousal.

So, did you really forget about the pickaxe?

You should go eat some of that special bread to improve your memory!

A Doraemon reference. One of Doraemon's thousands of special magical tools is the "anki-pan" (anki = memorization, pan = bread. Also a pun on anko-pan, which is bread filled with red-bean paste) - bread that makes you have perfect memory once you eat it.

Doesn't Fukawa-san lose her memory when she changes personalities...?

There are no limits to how useless that girl is...

Oh I see I see! It's all perfectly clear now!

You sent me to get the pickaxe, didn't you?! That's why I found myself in the garden!

That's one mystery solved! Now there's only one more left!
One more mystery...?

What the hell's up with that Mysterious Item X I saw in the garden!!

What... are you talking about?

Don't try making sense of it... She's already lost everything. Her sanity and this conversation included.

I didn't lose anything! Quite the opposite, I found something! In the garden!
What... did you find?

A. Dead. Body!!

There's a body over there! A dead body!!
A...A body...?!

Yep. Right there on the floor!!

A body... in the garden...?

...It seems there's a place we must visit before we break into the headmaster's office.

Let's go. Follow me to the garden.

The moment we entered the garden...

I saw it.

I... saw it...

Mysterious Masked Person (Youtube via Polsy)

Lying on the floor was a person wearing a mask...

And, thrust into that person's stomach...

...Was the knife they were stabbed to death with.

W...What is this...?!
I...Is she dead...?
T...That's not the question...
The question is... who is that person...!?

CHAPTER 04 - Despair Junk Food for a Dashing Youth / (ab)normal days part END