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Part 118: Super High-school Level Update #106

Scroller: A blurry memory, Kyouko Kirigiri's disappearance, and a mysterious masked body... What fate will the complex string intertwining them bring?

Trial 1 (Youtube via Polsy)


Let’s start with a simple explanation of our school trial! The result of the trial is determined by your own votes.
If the correct culprit is chosen, they alone will be punished. However... if the wrong person is voted for...
Everyone but the culprit will be punished. The culprit alone, having managed to fool everyone, will publicly graduate this school!

...The rest is up to you bastards.

Let's start by talking about the victim.
We have an unidentifiable victim... We must make clear who she really was.

I thought it was Kirigiri-chi who died, 'right? I can't accept any other answer!

K...Kirigiri is standing right there, you know...!

Wrong! That's clearly a ghost, 'right?!


She has legs, though.

Um, that's probably because...

It's a new ghost model that they've been developing recently!!

I thought there were limits to being an idiot.

Um... would you accept it if I prove the body couldn't possibly be Kirigiri-san?

Let's compare Kirigiri-san's distinguishing features with those of the body.

Kirigiri-chan's distinguishing features...?

In order to prove the body doesn't belong to Kirigiri-san, we must consider...

Kirigiri's gloves / Kirigiri's face / Kirigiri's piercing stare

Consider her gloves. They can help us solve this mystery.

In that case, shouldn't we also get an explanation for why she wears those gloves in the first place...?

...Do you know why?

Monobear told us... There's something on your hands you want no one to see, isn't there?


Oh! Speaking of, the body didn't have any gloves on, right?!

They must have been burned away in that explosion!
It would take more than that to convince me! Don't be tricked by the evil ghost, you guys!!

That body... couldn't possibly have been Kirigiri-san.

Nevertheless, it seems it will be difficult to proceed if I don't prove it.

I have no choice...

Phase 1 (Youtube via Polsy)


Evidence bullets: Shards next to the body, Sprinklers, Condition of the body after the explosion, Clip-on nails, Tattoo on the right hand

Kirigiri-chi over there is a ghost!

T...That's obviously impossible...

Let's see you prove it, then!

That body didn't have any gloves on!

They got burned away in the explosion!

Are you saying... she had gloves on before she exploded...?

I'm sure she had gloves on!

It was Kirigiri-chi who died, after all!

I can't believe I'm hearing this...

We need proof that body wasn't Kirigiri-san. I think I have it.

There was something else on the body that would make wearing gloves difficult.

Evidence bullet: Clip-on nails
I'm sure she had gloves on!


Trial 2 (Youtube via Polsy)

No, that body probably didn't have any gloves on.

She had clip-on nails on her hand, didn't she?
It must be very uncomfortable to have gloves on while wearing those kind of nails.

In addition, Kirigiri-san wears those gloves in order to hide her hands, doesn't she...?
Wouldn't it be strange for someone who wants to hide their hands to wear fake nails?

How naive of you! A woman's heart is a complicated thing!

I think it's you who are naive about how a woman's heart works!

...How about it, Kirigiri?

I had my gloves specially made to fit the size of my hands, so they wouldn't hinder me in my daily life...
If I wore fake nails, I wouldn't even be able to put them on...

Is that enough proof? That body never belonged to Kirigiri-san.

Of course it didn't. She's standing right there.

So... who is the victim...? We must identify her..

That's what I've been saying since the beginning. Now you're just turning the conversation around.

Anyway... We must make the victim's identity clear...!

Everything starts there.

Phase 2 (Youtube via Polsy)


Evidence bullets: Shards next to the body, Sprinklers, Condition of the body after the explosion, Clip-on nails, Tattoo on the right hand

So, if Kirigiri-chi is alive...

Who does that body belong to?!

Isn't there any way to find out...?

Her face was burned away... So it's impossible to tell...

There isn't even anything about her in the Monobear file...

So, there's no way to discover the body's identity...

We should just give up now, 'right?!

That body's identity... We have to make that clear...

We do have one hint, of course.

Evidence bullet: Tattoo on the right hand
So, there's no way to discover the body's identity...


Trial 3 (Youtube via Polsy)

There's one clue left on the body that can help us figure out her identity.

Eh?! Really?!

I...If you're lying... that's a curious way you've chosen to die...

A curious way to die? That sounds interesting!

It doesn't! Just ignore them, Naegi, and tell us what you think!

The clue that can help us learn this body's identity... the tattoo on the back of her hand.

That's a peculiar design. Is that a dog...?

She carved it for her master... It's her way of saying she's forever his bitch...!

Is the secret behind the tattoo really so humiliating?!

It isn't, you fool. This tattoo is merely hiding the victim's true identity.

Eh?! It does?!

That's right... if we combine this tattoo with another piece of evidence we have, the victim's identity should become clear...

Evidence bullet: Mukuro Ikusaba's profile

"Fenrir"... It's the name of the mercenary group Mukuro Ikusaba belonged to...

So, what about it?

Every soldier belonging to Fenrir, in order to make themselves known to others in the group...
...carves an image representing Fenrir somewhere on their body.

An image representing Fenrir...?

An image of Fenrir... That must be...

Phase 3 (Youtube via Polsy)


_ O _ _


For once, we have an anagram that would be incredibly easy to localize.

Trial 4 (Youtube via Polsy)

A wolf. That must be image they carve on their bodies.

Fenrir... The mythical wolf... He's a figure in Norse mythology... A huge monster taking the form of a wolf...
H...He's the son of Loki the troublemaker and the giantess Angrboða...

It's been a while since we've seen your literary girl side, 'right?

An image of a wolf... So, could it be...!

That's right. The tattoo on the body is an image of a wolf.

In other words, the body belongs to someone who was once a member of Fenrir...

...It belongs to Mukuro Ikusaba!


W...Wait a second... Wasn't Mukuro Ikusaba supposed to be the true identity of the mastermind...?

Ahahaha! You seem surprised! But it's just as he said!

Naegi-kun is completely right! This school trial is the school trial for the murder of Mukuro Ikusaba!!