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Part 12: Super High-school Level Update #10

*Ding dong ding dong*

Good morning, you bastards! It’s 7 am in the morning! Time to wake up!
Let’s all strive to do our best today!

...It’s morning.
What are we going to do today... or for that matter, from now on?

This day is Free Activity day. Before we go on hanging out with our classmates, though, there are a couple of locations on this floor of the school building we have not yet visited.

Here is the map of the school area. The exit to the dormitory area is at the top right, and the gym is at the top left. See that longish room at the bottom right of the map? We've passed by it several time but never entered. Let's see what's in there.

So this school has an A/V room. Yamada and Enoshima are hanging out here this morning (that's a strange couple). Not much to see, but we can check the decks.

It's a DVD deck...
But I don't see any discs around.

If there aren't any discs around, it doesn't matter that there's a player. It would be nice having something to watch, though...

There is nothing in the box.

...and that's all we can do here. Next, there's one classroom we haven't been into, right next to the one we woke up at.

Blackboard: WE HAVE HIJACKED THIS BLACKBOARD!! by Mysterious Beautiful Girl

Much like the classroom we've already seen, except this one comes with a striped-blue wallpaper. Kirigiri is here, but we're seeing her this afternoon. Now that the exploration is done, let's find Sakura.

Seems like she's somewhere in the main hall of the dorm area. As long as we're going her, let's see what the overlay map for the dorm looks like.

I really like the pixel art on the rooms.

What is it? Do you have business with me?

What should I do? Should I spend time with Oogami-san?


I have just finished my daily training routine and considered taking a break.
It is acceptable to take it slow and converse with someone while drinking a cup of tea once in a while.

I had a leisurely tea time with Oogami-san.
I feel we became a little closer...

Should I give her a present?


Let's expand on the presents for a bit. There are a hundred to collect. The characters will accept most of them, but each one has a few they will refuse (and deprive you of your extra scene and skills), a few they really like and a handful they're ecstatic for. Luckily, we have one of the latter for Sakura.

A brand new Sarashi
A cotton cloth used as underwear and to bandage wounds in years past. When wrapped around your body, it tightens both your flesh and your soul.

Yep, that's pretty much what a Sarashi is. It was used both by samurai and by Japanese women for somewhat different reasons. You still see it often in video games and such.

I... is it really all right!? Bestowing such a wonderful thing upon me!
O, Naegi, I am...
...... about we take this opportunity and converse a little longer?

I can’t help being pleased by how much she likes my present...!

The recess after physical training... for me, that is the time I am able to relax the most.
The sensation of well worn muscles slowly cooling down... it is an unmatched reward only achievable after a session of intense training.
It does not matter how much I train... that sensation never changes.
Oogami-san, do you never miss a day of training?

As long as I do not have unescapable business, I shall train without fail.
If I do not, I feel restless...
So you do it every day...
Isn’t that difficult?

I have not even once thought of it as being difficult.
It is so because my goal is to become strong.
I must become strong, for I am a woman destined to a life of fighting.
Destined to... fight?

I had fought even before I was carried around in a stroller.
It is told I was a godsent infant, fighting even as I left my mother’s womb.

W...who came up with... this legend?

I have spent my entire life fighting. For as long as I can remember I was training under my father, the great master.
Ever since I was a small child, I was training in matches against wrestling medalists and sparring with boxing champions.
At first I could not match their skills.
But in time...
It was them who could not match mine. can win even against such people?

My chosen specialty is a style that combines standing techniques, grappling techniques and ground techniques.
Should I concede not to perfect even one of them, all is lost.
I can perfect my stance in each and every fighting position...
...and become the strongest, who can conquer even the toughest adversary.

A style combining standing techniques, grappling techniques and ground techniques?
I think that’s called...


Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is actually not really a Japanese thing, but it's a fighting style that is supported by a large Japanese community. Just like it says on the can, it's a technique that mixes elements of many other fighting disciplines, from wrestling to karate and everything in between.

You’re talking about Mixed Martial Arts, right?

It is the strongest style one can use in a real fight. Therefore, it is the one I have chosen.
It is not sportsmanship I am interested in.
My goal is to become the strongest person on earth.
Somehow, I feel that you can do it, Oogami-san...
Or maybe you already have...?

Alas, that is not the case.
There is one person I have never been able to defeat.

As long as I do not defeat that person, my goal shall not be complete.
That person... is stronger than you?

Let us not talk about this any more.
Maybe another time, if the chance arrives.

Having said that, Oogami-san left the room.
B...but I can’t believe it --
That there is someone who is stronger than her...
Is it even... a human being?

Game System posted:

Sakura Oogami’s profile has been updated.
Congratulations. Your Skill Points have increased.

We did not get a skill this time, but we did have our Skill Points increase. Every character has skills to give us, but some of them come only on the second (or later) meeting.

For the time being, I went back to my room.

There’s still some time left today...
I don’t feel like sitting still.
I should go somewhere.

Let's see where Kirigiri is using our magic map.

She's staying in her room this afternoon. So let's go knock on her door.

Let’s try ringing the bell...


Do you need anything?

What should I do?
Should I spend some time with Kirigiri-san?


I guess... sometimes it’s good to have a change of pace.

Fine then. Let’s take a short break.

I took a short break with Kirigiri-san.
I feel we became a little closer...

Should I give her a present?


Self-erasing cassette tape
When audio is recorded on it, after being played once it will be chemically altered and erased when attempting to play it again.

This time I don't have one of Kirigiri's really special gifts, but this is one that she likes more than usual.

This is quite interesting, isn’t it?
I think I like it.
Thank you. I’ll keep it for now.

Thank god. She seems pleased with it.

Naegi-kun, are you scared?

Being locked in this place...
I...isn’t it natural?
Who wouldn’t be scared?
Being locked in such a messed-up place.

I see. I’m happy, then.
What is there to be happy about...?
If you think you’re scared, it’s proof your imagination is working...
This is a much better position to be in than not feeling scared at all.

If you lack imagination, you can never discover the right way to act...
But - is it okay for you to say that, Kirigiri-san?
I mean, you don’t seem scared at all.

I may be the most scared person in this place.
It’s just that I don’t make it obvious.
There’s no value in letting other people know how you feel.
So... you’re hiding it?

...I am different from someone who is as foolishly honest as you.

Foolishly honest...

That said, the fear I feel is probably...
A little different from the one everyone else here does.
Eh? What do you mean?

You are all afraid of “losing something”.
But my fear is different.
It's that “something is already lost for me”...
I... don’t get what you’re trying to say.

...that’s to be expected.

She turned her back, leaving my questions unanswered.

I’ll see you around.

Saying just that, she left me alone.
Our conversation was left hanging...
Or maybe I should say, we never even started anything resembling a conversation.
Kirigiri-san... there's nothing about her but riddles...

Game System posted:

Kyouko Kirigiri’s profile has been updated.
Congratulations. You have acquired the skill “Observation”.
When in a room, press the triangle button to highlight places you can interact with.

Out of the game's 28 skills, three are useful in the adventure game part we're currently playing. This one allows me to highlight the hotspots in locations, instead of having to swipe the cursor across the screen is search for them.

After parting with Kirigiri-san, I decided to return to my room.

*Ding dong ding dong*

Ehhh.... This is a school announcement. It is now 10pm.
Night Time begins now.
The cafeteria’s doors will be locked shortly. You are forbidden to enter it.
Well then, good night. I wish you all have pleasant dreams...

I has... already been three days....
When can I... when can we all... leave this place?

I lied on the bed and stared blankly at the ceiling.
And in no time, I fell into shallow sleep.


Swift and urgent measures are a necessity.
If you do not act quickly, it only leads to later regret.
Even ruling the world is nothing more than being fast, don’t you think?
That is why Formula 1 drivers are popular.
Any old idiot and fool is capable of acting slowly.
If you give them an entire lifetime, even the most worthless of human beings can produce a masterpiece!
But being fast truly is grand.
The crawl stroke is grander than the breast stroke or the back stroke.
A straight ball is grander than a curve ball or a fork ball.
Fast food is grander than a luxury meal.
A weekly manga magazine is grander than a monthly.
In short, speed itself is the world’s most basic value.
And therefore, swift and urgent measures are a necessity. QED.
(This speech lasted 0.000002 seconds)

Next time: shit gets real.