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Part 13: Super High-school Level Update #11

*Ding dong ding dong*

Good morning, you bastards! It’s 7 am in the morning! Time to wake up!
Let’s all strive to do our best today!

I was woken up by Monobear’s unpleasant voice, and raised my body slowly from the bed.

I couldn’t sleep very well again this night... It feels like my weariness only increases every passing day...

And just after I said that...


The bell announcing there’s a visitor at the door rang.

Good morning, Naegi-kun!
Well then, if I may...

Not waiting for my consent, Ishimaru-kun entered my room without hesitation.

...what is it, Ishimaru-kun?

However strong the storm may get, if you plant both feet strongly on the ground you will not fall down.
Don't you agree?
Um, I... don’t really get what you...
It is difficult to stand against the billowing waves alone. Having support from others is the way to go.

This is how we can overcome this storm!
Naegi-kun. I have been thinking hard since last night. What we should do is try to cooperate more.
And so...
From now on, each morning, I think we should all have breakfast together.
We’re starting today! It will surely be an event to remember! So please join us at the cafeteria as soon as you can!
Well then, I shall take my leave now! I still have some more rooms to visit!

Again, without waiting for a response, Ishimaru-kun walked out of the room.

Um... I guess going to the cafeteria is not such a bad idea...

So to the cafeteria we go! But before we enter, some people are loitering around in the dorm's corridors.

Naegi! Hey, try to sense people’s feeling before speaking to them, won’t you?

Can’t you see I have a bad case of mascara today?!
So I wasn’t even going to go out and show myself, but Ishimaru came by and dragged me out. This is seriously the worst!
You look the same as yesterday to me...
It’s co-m-ple-tley different!
I’m... sorry...
Sigh... I want to change my mascara, but what I have with me is no good...
Maybe I should try borrowing some from Celes...

...She went away.

Even though we’re locked in here, she’s still worried about such things.

Aaa, I’m so sleepy...
What’s up with that chairman, anyway... He’s so noisy first thing in the morning, and talking nonsense...
Did he wake you up as well, Naegi?
Yeah. I think he went around and woke up everyone.

He’s the lamest...

Naegi, I’m going back to my room to sleep some more. Can you pass the message to everyone?
I think it’s useless. He’ll just go over to your room again and call you out.
Ouch. I think you’re right.
I guess there’s no way out of this, huh? To the cafeteria I go...

...He went away.

We find Fukawa standing right next to the cafeteria's entrance, wearing her usual smiling face.

Um, Fukawa-san?

W...what do you want?
I... just thought I’d ask why you’re standing here. Isn’t it better to just go inside...?
I k...k...know that.... I... just need to prepare myself...

Prepare herself? For what?

Aaaa... I’m so nervous...

What is there to be nervous about?

Right. Let's go in and get this thing over with.

Right! Everyone is here! Let us start our first breakfast meeting!

Everyone, thank you for gathering here!!
I tried to refuse, but you wouldn’t leave until I said I’d come, didn’t you?
I said it to each of you personally, but
In order to escape this place, it is indispensable that we work together!
As a first step, we will establish this daily breakfast gathering that will help us learn to know and trust each other!
From this day on, I ask you to gather here in the cafeteria every day after the morning announcement!!
Well then, let breakfast begin!

Eating breakfast with other people...?’s nerve wrecking... I’ve never done anything like it before...
Never...? Not even “in a long time”...?

Hey, leaving that aside, did anyone make any new discoveries since we last talked?

Only deep silence echoed through the cafeteria.

Seriously? There isn’t even any tiny progress!?
I don’t care if it’s about the culprit or about a way out... No one has anything to say...!?

...You’re going to die.
It seems you’re showing weakness in front of everyone.
That’s why you’re going to die...

H...hey, what are you saying!? Just stop it with the foolish talk about death!!
Didn’t I tell you all? Adaptation is the same as survival...
You should get used to our new life as quickly as possible.
You’re a little... weird in the head, aren’t you? What are you talking about? Getting used to this place...?

I think that girl likes living here! Just let her do whatever she wants.
But me...
I won’t stand for it! I’m definitely getting out...!

Hee hee hee. Well then, do as you please.

So... there really aren’t any new leads?

If we're talking about the culprit, isn’t it obvious? He’s some kind of weird dude who likes the occult and stuff like that.
I mean, who else can think of locking up a bunch of kids...?
It’s cool to speculate, but I meant more... concrete stuff...

...Hm? What is it?
If it's some kind of occult freak, I’ve been thinking...
Maybe our culprit... is that murderer...?

that murderer

A murderer...? Fujisaki-san, do you have someone specific in mind?

It’s not like I have proof or anything... It’s just a possibility...
In our situation, every possibility is important! I will allow hearing your proposal!

Y...yeah... you see...
You’ve all heard about... Genocider Syo, didn’t you?
You mean...! The serial killer that’s talked about all over television and the internet!?

Syo is pronounced "Sho" but I'm doing it this way because the game itself shows the name transliterated into latin characters with a "y". In fact, we've already seen it in this LP, as sharp-eyed readers may already know. Bonus points to anyone who can tell me where. Sho is a male name. Think of it as a take on Jack the Ripper.

Killing his victims in occultish and cruel ways. An extremely vicious murderer...
Always leaving the message “BLOODSTAIN FEVER” at the scene of the crime, painted with the victim’s own blood.
He seems to indiscriminately attack people with no rhyme and reason in sporadic bursts. The police are stumped.
The nickname given to this serial killer on the Internet was...

Genocider Syo, wasn’t it?

According to rumors, his victims are in the thousands, ‘right?

Isn’t that just an urban legend? It’s probably dozens at most... and even that’s out of the ordinary.


Anyway, he sounds like someone who enjoys torturing people...
So you’re saying this situation is something only such a twisted killer can come up with...
But we don’t have any proof... It’s just simple deduction...
But if this dude’s really our culprit... aren’t we involved in deep criminal stuff?

It’s okay! It’s definitely, surely, really going to be alright!
I mean, we’re going to be rescued soon!

Huh? Rescued...?

It’s been a few days since we got locked here...
Everyone is probably worried because we suddenly dropped off the face of the earth. Shouldn’t the police be on the case by now?

The police...! You’re going to rely on the police?

He showed up...!

You bastards... Do you know what role the police has?
They’re supporting characters. To play off the shadowy organization or the villain or the dark hero.
Sure, if they’re not there, the story lacks an invaluable element.
But it’s such a cheap role. I promise you... it’s best just not to give them any thought.
...But if you want out so badly, won’t killing do the job just as well?

Are we supposed to laugh?
You give a wonderful performance.
You still believe it’s all an act?

Anyway, what do you want with us!? You serial killer!

...Sillia Keller? That’s a weird name! Is it Italian?

We know who you really are...!


Don’t ignore me, fucker!!

Yeah, yeah. Let’s return to our discussion...
It has already been several days since we started our school year, and yet there is no killing to be seen!
You bastards show more character than is normal for the Relaxed Generation... But for me, it’s getting a little boring...!

The relaxed (yutori) generation is the name given by the media to kids who went through Japan's education system after the Yutori Education Policies were set in place throughout the nineties and early two-thousands. The Yutori Policies were a response to growing teen delinquency and classroom violence, and focused on reducing the stressful Japanese school curriculum and introducing education for social awareness into the system.

It... doesn’t matter what you say... We’re not going to murder someone...

Ah! I know! Eureka, I’ve got it!
The location, people and circumstances are just right for a mystery story. So the reason why no murder has taken place yet is...
We’re still missing one vital element!!
S...still missing? What’s that?

It’s a “motive”, of course!
Upupu, in that case, it’s simple! All I have to do is give everyone a good motive!
What the fuck do you mean by “motive”?!

By the way, I have something I want to show you all.
Don’t change the subject, you bastard!!
What I want to show you is a little movie.

Ah, don’t get me wrong! It’s not X-rated or anything! I mean it! I’m not that kind of bear!!
It’s a movie of the outside world!

The outside world...?

Heh heh. You also aren’t very patient, are you? You can’t wait to watch my movie!
So let me tell you, if you go to a certain place in the school, you’ll be able to watch it!

In that case, let’s hurry up and see what’s that all about.
But before we do that, can I ask you one question?

Who are you? Why are you doing this?
What are you trying to make us do?

The thing I’m... trying to make you do?
Ah, that is...

Despair... That’s the only thing I want......

If you want to know anything else, find out by yourselves.
The secrets buried in this school... if you want to find them do as you please. I will not stop you.
I mean, watching your pitiful investigations is an interesting sight all by itself!
I’m looking forward to it!

He disappeared...!
Just as usual, without answering any questions...

Is that so? I think he said something very important.
We’re free to investigate everything. He’s not going to intervene. I see.
But what about this movie of the outside world? He has my interest.

Right! Well, in that case...

Oowada-kun slowly moved his gaze around the cafeteria...
And his eyes stopped on me.

Oh! Naegi! Go investigate for us, won’t you?
Eh? Why am I...!?
You’re standing closest to the door, so it’s just natural.
N... natural, you say...

Oy oy.

Didn’t I ask you nicely?! Isn’t it a simple request, to go and investigate!!?
I... I see... I’ll go looking, then...
Thank you! I owe you one! that case, I’m also going. It may be dangerous going alone.
Is that so? Got it. So go already, you two!
If something happens just give me a shout. I’ll come running!

And so we're once again stuck together with Maizono on a tour of the school. Luckily, it's not very hard to guess where our goal is.

I have no idea if I should fear Oowada-kun or rely on him.
We should probably do both...

But I... don’t think he’s a bad person...
He's most certainly not a saint, though.

So this “certain place” Monobear was talking about, where do you think that is?
A place we can watch a movie...

I think I know the place.

Hm? There is something in the cardboard box...

T...those are...!

It looks like DVD discs. And also...
Our names are printed on the labels...
The movie Monobear talked about... it must be on these discs.
I’m going to call everyone here!!

Maizono-san ran out of the room...
I didn’t run after her. Instead I stood there, all alone.
My mind seemed to be transfixed on the DVDs. I felt like I couldn’t move...

What’s... recorded on these discs...?

Why don't we take a look?'

There are DVD players connected to monitors here. I think we can play those discs in them.

Should I check my own disc... before everyone gets here?

I found the disc labeled with my name in the cardboard box and pulled it out.
Then I inserted the disc into the player.
I sat in front of the monitor. And after a few seconds of a black screen...


I let out a gasp without noticing. My heart started beating faster.
Reflected on the monitor in front of me...
Was my family.

Makoto-kun... It’s like a dream having you chosen for Hope’s Peak Academy... I know have what it takes to succeed over there!
I'm really proud of you, son. But try not exerting yourself too much!
Hey, big brother! Are you watching!? Do your best!

...if that’s all there was to it, it would be nothing than a simple encouraging message.
An encouraging message made by my family to support their son on his new school life...
If I was studying in a normal school, I’d probably be terribly embarrassed, but also a little happy.
The school probably asked them to record this message, to ease my entry into such a prestigious school.
But... the situation is different now....
I’m not at a regular school.
So this video shouldn’t just end this way...

And then, my bad premonition...
...Was right on the target.


This time, I wasn’t even able to make a noise.
My voice was gone...
...Where did they disappear to?
...Did a fight took place over there?
As those questions floated in my head, in perfect timing, a voice drifted from the monitor...
A voice I was familiar with... That voice...

Naegi-kun, newly accepted to the presigious Hope’s Peak Academy. His family, wishing only to encourage him.
What in heavens happened in that place?
And so, here is your question! What happened to your family!?


W...what is the meaning of this?
Where did everyone...!?

I couldn’t stop shivering.

Fear... anger...

Both feeling rose up inside me like magma.


I hit the table several times with my fists. The next thing that came to my head...
Was the most natural thing I could think of in this situation.

I must get out....
Right now, I must get out of here! I must check if everyone is alright!!


What’s wrong...? Who isn’t alright...?

When my senses returned, I saw everyone standing near the door of the A/V room, watching me intensely.

Did... something happen?

I didn’t say anything. I just pointed at the cardboard box.

Is that what Monobear was talking about?
What’s recorded on those discs?

Everyone headed to the cardboard box and removed their own DVD from it...
...and then sat down in front of the monitors.

It didn’t take a long time for the color to disappear from their faces.

W...what the fuck...?

T...this is a fake, right...? Someone messed with the picture...?

There’s no way this is real... Haha, no way...!

I can’t take this anymore...
I can’t take it! Let me out of here!!!

I could tell by their reactions. Everyone saw something similar to what I had.
No one could hide their fear and confusion any more.
But in the middle of it all, she alone stood calmly.

I see... So this is what “motive” meant...
He’s trying to make us want to leave even more... And so start to kill each other...

It’s the prisoner’s dillema... isn’t it?

...what’s that?

For example, think of the diplomatic relations between two countries.
Country A and Country B want to keep a peaceful relationship, so they’re thinking of stopping military activity against each other.
But none of them can overcome the fear they’re going to be betrayed by the other, so they only strengthen their military even further.
Finally, they both strengthen their military so much, that backstabbing becomes unavoidable.
That is to say, the fear of a betrayal you can’t see is the most dangerous enemy to a peaceful situation.

So... it’s just like what’s going on with us right now...
We may say we’re going to cooperate with each other... But in our hearts we fear someone is going to betray us...
But... isn’t that the wrong way to think? Isn’t that just what whoever is behind this wants us to do?!

It’s funny you of all people say that. Aren’t you the one trying to make us careless, just looking for an opening...?

W...what are you saying!?

Do you grasp that this kind of squabble is exactly what the mastermind seeks?
She’s right... Let’s all calm down...

In that case... shouldn’t we begin by letting everyone know?
I mean, about what everyone saw in their video...? I’m sure it will ease our minds, knowing that...
Also, I must admit I’m a little curious...

What everyone saw...?
Certainly, It would be a lie to say I’m not curious...

Hey, Maizono-san...

Maizono-san... what did you see on your video?
W...what’s wrong? Say something!

I touched her shoulder lightly...

Stop it!!!

Suddenly, she pushed my hand away and ran out of the room.

Maizono did not turn into a ghost right now. That was just the game fading her sprite out so fast I couldn't catch her in a completely solid form. It's also the reason you see a text box.


I think we've actually seen the -chan honorific before, but I forgot the explanation. -chan is what most Japanese females will be called by their family and close friends until they're in their late twenties, at the very least. Don't use it on strangers, as a general rule. It's also an honorific used with prepubescent boys and pets. I'm not going into what that means in terms of Japanese gender politics.

Just leave her alone.
I... I can’t do that!
I’m going to look for her!

It’s just like a love comedy... Makes me feel sick. N...not that I’d know...

You’re seriously irresponssible, you know!

I’m also... a little worried...

So how about everyone does what they think is right? We shouldn’t limit anyone’s movements...
I’m doing what I think is right. And so, farewell to you all.

Everyone is in shambles...
But that’s not the time to worry about that...

I must find Maizono-san...!