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Part 135: Super High-school Level Update #121

Trial 5 (Youtube via Polsy)


It may be a silly conclusion, but if it's the truth we have no choice but to accept it.

It's the only way we can proceed...

S...So, did we really...?

Yes! You all have amnesia!!

My head is starting to hurt...

But, it's not just your usual amnesia.

You... took our memories away, didn't you...?

Oops! Caught again?!

Of course. It's very unlikely it's just a coincidence all of us lost out memories at the same time.

B...But, how could he take memories away...?


No, no, no! That doesn't matter at all!

Would it become more real if I said it was hypnosis?! Would it be easier to accept if I said your brains were messed with under surgery?

It wouldn't, would it?! That's not what the issue is!!

The issue is "which memories" were taken away, isn't it.

Upupu... Togami-kun is as sharp as always.

I can't imagine the only memories you stole were about interviews with the headmaster and those photos being taken.
You didn't choose random memories. You had a goal.

Of course I had a goal! It has to do with that "motive" I gave you!


Are you talking about the motive for making us kill each other?

Does that have something to do with our missing memories?

Upupu... That's right.
But it's still a secret!!

I mean, I understand you're worried about what you've forgotten, but this is Mukuro Ikusaba's school trial!

So, you want us to first solve Mukuro Ikusaba's murder.

Fine, let's do that first.

Whatever we do, we must solve all of this school's mysteries before this trial is over...

In that case...

...Let's start by making it clear it was the mastermind who killed Mukuro Ikusaba!

Phase 4 (Youtube via Polsy)


Evidence bullets: The headmaster's Electronic Student ID Card, Monobear control room, Mukuro Ikusaba's profile, Present in the hidden room, Photo of Kirigiri and the headmaster

So, who was it who killed Mukuro Ikusaba?

It was the mastermind who killed her.

That much is obvious.

But, is the mastermind...

...even really inside this school?

Of course he is!

The mastermind is in the school!

Why do you think so?

Um... I'm not sure...?

Of course you aren't... There's no way the mastermind is here...

I'm sure the mastermind is controlling this from somewhere else...!

H...He's not the kind of mastermind who would hide in plain view...!

The mastermind... that is, the person who controls Monobear...

It's obvious where this person is.

Asahina forgets things very quickly, doesn't she.

Evidence bullet: Monobear control room
I'm sure the mastermind is controlling this from somewhere else...!


Trial 6 (Youtube via Polsy)

No, the mastermind is undoubtedly inside this school.

H...How do you know...? Do you have proof...?

We found a control panel for Monobear deep inside the data processing room.

The mastermind have been using this panel to control Monobear all this time.

That's why I have no doubt! The mastermind have always been inside this school with us!

You have no doubt, huh...

In that case, there is also no doubt the mastermind's true identity is someone among us.

Eh...? Why...?

Remember what Naegi told us Monobear said.

I think I've said it already before, but...
There are 16 and only 16 high school students participating in this school life of mutual killing...
By the way, ever since we started this game, those beary same students are the only people to have set foot in this school.
Those 16 students. No one else.

In other words, if the mastermind is inside this school, he must be one of the sixteen students.

B...But, the only students who are still alive...

That's just us, 'right?

I...It's not me! I'm not the mastermind!

I'm not either!!

N...Naegi is the most suspicious!!

W...Why me?!

B...Because you're the only one who managed to escape an execution...! That's too strange...!

She's right! You managed to survive that execution because you're the mastermind, Naegi-chi!!

Damn it! Caught again?!

W...Wait! What are you saying?!

Calm down. There is no need for panic.

It will soon be clear who the mastermind's true identity is. But first, we must solve Mukuro Ikusaba's murder.

She may be right.
Instead of having a quarrel, we should use our heads to solve this mystery.

B...But, haven't we already discussed her case to death?

W...What is there left to say about it?

If you're looking for things to discuss, there is at least one.

We still don't know what Mukuro Ikusaba's cause of death was.

Eh? W...Wasn't it the blow to her head?

No, that wasn't the real fatal wound. It was something else...

...Wasn't it, Naegi-kun?

What really killed Mukuro Ikusaba...? It must have been...

Blow to the head / Wounds all over her body / Knife wound to the stomach

There were traces of many wounds all over her body. They must have been the fatal wounds.

Honestly, Naegi-chi! Didn't you read the Monobear File properly?

"Other than that, there are signs of many other wounds on the body. However, they are old wounds that were not inflicted during the last few days."

It's written very clearly, isn't it? It says those wounds were not inflicted during the last few days.

In other words, they have nothing to do with the murder!!

But, what if Mukuro Ikusaba's murder itself didn't happen during the last few days...?


It's possible you discovered her body after she was dead for quite a while...

If that's what happened, it wouldn't be weird for her fatal wounds not to have been inflicted during the last few days, would it?

B...But it is weird...!
I mean, those wounds must have been on her body before she came to this school!

Eh? How can you tell?

It's obvious, isn't it? That girl was a "Super High-school Level Soldier". I mean...

You've got that wrong.

Ha ha... I've been rebuked... Ahaha... before I even said anything...

Ahaha... Ha... Hi... Aha... Ahihihi! Stop... It really isn't...

...It's not funny!! A...At least let me finish and then say I'm wrong...!

If you know we're going to say you're wrong, you shouldn't say anything in the first place...

Phase 5 (Youtube via Polsy)


Evidence bullets: Monobear control room, Group photograph, Emergency Interviews DVD, Mukuro Ikusaba's profile, Present in the hidden room, Photo of Kirigiri and the headmaster, The headmaster's Electronic Student ID Card

Mukuro Ikusaba was a Super High-school Level Soldier...

She was a warrior, going from battlefield to battlefield...

I mean, those wounds all over her body...

...She got them on the battlefield, of course!

Are you done talking now?

A...Are you going to contradict meow...?

See...? I got all nervous and made a cute slip of tongue!

Don't worry. It wasn't cute at all.

The culprit went from battlefield to battlefield as a Super High-school Level Soldier...?

And that's where she got all those wounds...?

Take my word for it, even though I'm showing you footage where I get it in one round, shooting weak points suddenly requires precision and timing in this chapter.

Evidence bullet: Mukuro Ikusaba's profile
...She got them on the battlefield, of course!


Trial 7 (Youtube via Polsy)

No. Mukuro Ikusaba was not wounded at the battlefield.

This fact is very clearly stated in this file we found in the headmaster's office.

It's true that as a member of Fenrir she passed through many battlefields...

But there wasn't even a single trace of a wound on her body before she entered this school.

S...Such a perfect denial... For some reason it makes me feel all refreshed...!

Ah...! Is that the result of being housebroken by Byakuya-sama...?!


...Anyway, the wounds on Mukuro Ikusaba's body were all inflicted after she entered this school.
In that case, it's possible they caused her death, isn't it?

In fact, it's hard to think of any other reason.

My investigation of her body told me both the head wound and the knife wound were inflicted after she was already dead.

If there are no other possibilities... It seems this is the correct one.

Those wounds are the true cause of Mukuro Ikusaba's death!

System message posted:

Mukuro Ikusaba's fatal wounds was added to your notes.

But, if those wounds are what caused her death...

...Were you serious when you said she wasn't killed during the last few days?!

Yeah, it seems that is the case.
When we found her body at the botanical garden, she had already been dead for a long while.

In that case, what about what happened the previous night?

Naegi told us he was attacked by a masked person the night before we found the body.

If Mukuro Ikusaba was killed days before, she couldn't have been behind that mask.
So, who was that masked person who attacked Naegi?

The true identity of the masked person who attacked me...? It can't be anyone but...

The mastermind / Mukuro Ikusaba / The headmaster

That masked person... was the mastermind.

By putting that same mask on Mukuro Ikusaba's body...

He tried to make me think it was her who attacked me.
But, that's not what really happened.
The person behind that mask wasn't Mukuro Ikusaba. It was the mastermind!


W...What's so funny...?

I'm tired of listening patiently to all that nonsense. I think it's time for me to participate!

So, here's a question from me to you.
Naegi-kun says it was me who attacked him. But, that's just baseless speculation, isn't it?
That person was wearing a mask. Their face was hidden. It could have been anyone!

It was Mukuro Ikusaba under that mask! That's what I think!!

Upupupu... do you think you can find any real evidence that can satisfy me...?

No, the person behind the mask couldn't have possibly been Mukuro Ikusaba...

I mean, even if I couldn't see her face...

If I compare Mukuro Ikusaba's distinguishing features with those of the masked person...

...It couldn't be more obvious!

Phase 6 (Youtube via Polsy)


Evidence bullets: Mukuro Ikusaba's fatal wounds, Monobear File 5, Mukuro Ikusaba's profile

You couldn't see that person's face...

So there's no way you can know who it was!

I say it was Mukuro Ikusaba herself after all!

No, even if he couldn't see her face...

...We can find the answer by looking elsewhere.

Where is that "elsewhere" you're talking about...?

Her right hand...?

Her left hand...?

Her right foot...?

Her left foot...?

Or maybe, you're talking about her hips?!

There was one distinguishing feature on Mukuro Ikusaba that I couldn't see on that masked person.

That should be enough proof. Proof that the masked person wasn't her...

This time, not only are all the weak points covered in shields we have to dispose of before we can shoot them, the evidence bullets themselves are just a distraction. True, they all deal with Ikusaba, but none of them has the correct information. Instead, we'll simply take Monobear's words:

I say it was Mukuro Ikusaba herself after all!

...and use them to point out the contradiction.

Evidence bullet: Mukuro Ikusaba herself
Her right hand...?


Trial 8 (Youtube via Polsy)

There was a tattoo on Mukuro Ikusaba's right hand, wasn't there?

A wolf tattoo. The symbol of Fenrir.
But, when I saw the right hand of the person who attacked me...

There was no tattoo on it.

In other words, that masked person couldn't possibly have been Mukuro Ikusaba!

Hmmm... I guess you're right. It wasn't Mukuro Ikusaba...

But that still doesn't mean it was me under the mask!
It was probably someone else, don't you think?

Me, Hagakure, Fukawa and Asahina have proven alibis for that night.

We've been busy dismantling you at the gym! It wasn't any of us!

Y...Yes... It wasn't any of you four...

But what about Kirigiri-san?! She had the oppurtunity to do it, didn't she?!


Oh? You can't find a counterargument?! I think I've hit the bullseye!


...I understand. In that case, I'll show you.

Eh? Show us what...?

I'll show you proof it wasn't me under the mask, of course.

After saying that, Kirigiri-san...

Took one of her... gloves... off...

Y...Your hand...?!

I swallowed my breath without thinking.

Her hand was scalded... And they weren't just minor burns...

They're hideous scars, aren't they?
I got them when I was still an amateur. It was right after I started working as a detective...
These kind of scars... are something you'd want to hide...
If it means exposing the mastermind, they're not such a big deal.

Kirigiri-san said that as if she was trying to savor the experience...

And then, she put her hand back inside the glove.

That should be enough proof.

You didn't see any kind of scar on the hands of the person who attacked you, did you?

No, there weren't any.

In that case, it can't be any clearer now.

The masked person who attacked Naegi-kun was, without question, the mastermind!