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Part 136: Super High-school Level Update #122

Trial 9 (Youtube via Polsy)

Upupu... how horrible for me...

Not only have I been exposed, but I also had to look at Kirigiri-san's ugly scars...

Oops, sorry! I said too much! You didn't notice, did you?

You can say whatever you want...

Oh, as long as I'm being pushed into a corner you're fine with anything, are you? But, you see, I'm not all that pushed yet.

I mean, you still haven't proven anything about Mukuro Ikusaba's murder!

The only thing we know for sure is that she was killed a while ago...

Everything else is a complete mystery!

I assume she wasn't killed even before we were locked inside this school.

Upupu... You don't have to worry about that.

That girl was killed, I can assure you, after this school life of mutual killing began!

That means Mukuro Ikusaba was killed in secret, without any of us knowing...

Also, it was quite a long time from when she was killed until we found her body, 'right?
Where was her body all that time? Was it always there at the botanical garden?

I...If it had been kept there for so long it would've rotted... Just like you...!

So... was it stored somewhere?

But, is there really a place where you can hide a body and preserve it in this school...?

There is one such place.

A place one can hide a body... It must have been there.

The biology lab / The pool / The kitchen

Mukuro Ikusaba's body was hidden in the biology lab.

T...The biology lab...? The one on the fifth floor?

That lab has been used as a morgue.
It would've been easy to hide and even preserve a dead body in that place.

So, the body was carried over from the biology lab to the garden...

Yes. There is no question about it. I even have proof that's what happened.

The proof that the body was carried from the biology lab to the garden must be...

Evidence bullet: Tarp

The proof that shows the body was carried from the biology lab is...

...This tarp that we found in the garden.
When I investigated it again, I noticed something I hadn't seen before.

There's a small label stamped into one corner of the tarp.

Ah! It says "Biology lab"!

It's so small! How did you see it...?

Naegi's fidgety personality has graciously revealed itself.

...In other words, that tarp was taken from the biology lab.

In fact, there was a pile of them over there.

The culprit probably wrapped the body in the tarp when they carried it over to the garden.
And then, they left it on the body to avoid the sprinklers and later covered the body with the white robe.

I...It all fits together...!

B...But, that's still just groundless speculation!!

You have no proof the body was wrapped in that tarp and carried, do you?!

We don't. I am just reporting my own theory.

Nevertheless, you're getting quite upset, aren't you.


I get it. You can't just keep calm during a discussion about the biology lab.
I mean, that's where the key to revealing your true identity lies hidden, isn't it?

...The key to revealing the mastermind's identity?!

There was a contradiction in that biology lab. A huge contradiction we can't ignore.

A contradiction in the biology lab...?

Does she mean...?

LA LA LA LA! I can't hear you! I can't hear you!

...Now he's interfering like a baby. Let's ignore him and move on.

...Um, I need to gather my thoughts again.

That "contradiction in the biology lab" Kirigiri-san is talking about, could it be...?

By the way, Naegi-kun! I'd like to hear your thoughts about that other incident.


What the hell are you talking about...?

Upupu... You know what I'm talking about...
I'm talking about your family.


Upupu... you couldn't have already forgotten about that video message, could you?

What did it mean? Is your family alright?

W...Why...?! Why are you bringing this up now...?!

Your father, your mother, your little sister... Whatever happened to the Naegi family?!

Are they even safe?!

G...Give me a break...!

Naegi-kun, calm down. He's just trying to make you lose your head.


S...She's right. I must calm down.

I can't let him confuse me...!
He's just trying to interfere because he doesn't want us to point out the contradiction in the biology lab.

So, in order to shut him up...

I have to hit him hard with that contradiction...!

Phase 7 (Youtube via Polsy)


T...There isn't any contradiction in the biology lab...!

Present in the hidden room / Secret of the biology lab / Biology lab indicators / Group photograph / Emergency Interviews DVD

Trial 10 (Youtube via Polsy)

The contradiction in the biology lab... lies in the indicator lights!


W...What are you talking about...? Something about lights...?

As I said before, the biology lab has been used as a morgue.

The room has been equipped with refrigerated body storage units...
All the victims who died so far are stored in there.

Those units are set up so a blue indicator light turns on when they are in use.

In other words, there is a body inside every unit with the indicator light on.

But, if you count the number of units with that light on, including the one Mukuro Ikusaba was stored in...'ll find there are only nine of them.

...And how is that strange? Please tell me in small, easy to digest chunks!

Nine units with the light on... That number doesn't add up. If all had been right, I should've found...

8 indicator lights / 6 indicator lights / 10 indicator lights

Based on what we know, anything less than ten blue indicator lights is strange!

S...Strange...? In what way...?

Try to recall all the victims. You'll soon understand.

The victims... That's right. That's where the key to solving the mystery is.

The first victim, Maizono-san...

The second victim, Enoshima-san...

The third victim, Kuwata-kun...

The fourth victim, Fujisaki-kun...

The fifth victim, Oowada-kun...

The sixth victim, Ishimaru-kun... The seventh victim, Yamada-kun...

The eighth victim, Celes-san...

The ninth victim, Oogami-san...

And the tenth victim was Mukuro Ikusaba...

Huh...? There's ten of them...?

That's right. If the indicator lights show less than ten victims, something's not right.

Nevertheless, there were only nine bodies stored in the biology lab.

D...Did one of the bodies disappear?!

I got it! The mastermind tried to get rid of evidence and destroyed one of the bodies!

But, if the culprit wanted to get rid of evidence, they should've destroyed Mukuro Ikusaba's body.
Her body was left behind, though.

So, which body disappeared?

I don't think any of them did.

I...If they're all there, why don't the numbers match...?!

If we count Monobear's executions, ten murders has occurred. But, there are only nine bodies in the biology lab.

...Do you see what I'm trying to say?

I have no clue! Why are there less victims than murders?

The reason the number of victims is less than the number of murders...

The reason ten murders took place, and yet there are only nine victims...

What could that reason be...?
What could have happened that made things that way?

There were nine murders / The mastermind destroyed a body / The same person has been murdered twice

How about... if the same person has been murdered twice...?

Huh...? Murdered twice...?

Ten murders have taken place... But one of them...

One of them was probably the murder of a person that has already been killed...

M...Murdering a person who was already dead...?

If that's what happened, that would make nine victims and ten murders, wouldn't it?

S...Sure, but still...!

...It's possible. No, that's undoubtedly what happened.

You look like you already know who the person who got murdered twice is...

...It was Mukuro Ikusaba, of course.
In other words, before she was murdered as Mukuro Ikusaba, she had already been killed as someone else.

And that's why her body was stored in the biology lab before we found it at the garden. I see.

No, no, no. That's not it at all! Mukuro Ikusaba was killed as someone else...?

If you're so smart, let's hear you say it! Who was it?!

That's easy to tell if you pay attention to the fatal wounds on her body.

It's not easy at all...

I mean, it's all just Kirigiri-san's delusions!!

Phase 8 (Youtube via Polsy)


Evidence bullets: Mukuro Ikusaba's fatal wounds, Monobear File 5, Mukuro Ikusaba's profile

You think Mukuro Ikusaba was killed as someone else?

Well, who was it? Was it Sayaka Maizono-san?

Was it Junko Enoshima-san?

Was it Leon Kuwata-kun?

Was it Chihiro Fujisaki-kun?

Was it Mondo Oowada-kun?

Was it Kiyotaka Ishimaru-kun?

Was it Hifumi Yamada-kun?

Was it Celestia whatshername...san?

Or maybe it was Sakura Oogami-san?

No, no, no...

It's impossible for someone to be killed twice!

What killed Mukuro Ikusaba resulted in many wounds all over her body...

That must a hint, I think...

Once again, everything is shielded away, requiring us to use the silencer even to grab the first weak point.

Was it Junko Enoshima-san?

...Which we use to shoot Monobear's final point.

Evidence bullet: Junko Enoshima
It's impossible for someone to be killed twice!


Trial 11 (Youtube via Polsy)

Junko Enoshima-san...
The wounds that killed her bear a striking similarity to Mukuro Ikusaba's, don't they?

They do...? What do you mean?

I mean, Enoshima-san...
...She was killed by many spears piercing her body, wasn't she?

What killed Mukuro Ikusba caused countless wounds all over her body...
Junko Enoshima was stabbed by countless spears...

T...They're not just similar... They're exactly the same...?

That's right. The fatal wounds on both of them strangely match...

That's my reason. That's the reason I think their bodies belonged to the same person.

In other words...

The dead body that was pierced by spears as Junko Enoshima...

...Was kept in the biology lab for a while, and then pulled out again...

This time, being shown to us as Mukuro Ikusaba's body.

Everything fits, doesn't it? Even the fact that her fatal wounds were not inflicted in the last few days...

Are you serious? Mukuro Ikusaba's body and Junko Enoshima's body belonged to the same person...?

...Huh? But, in that case...

...Hm? When all is said and done, what does it mean?!

If the number of victims isn't ten as we thought, but is actually nine...
...It means there is someone still alive who we thought was dead.

...Is that who the mastermind is?!

Who is it?! Who is the mastermind?!

It's obvious, isn't it...?! It's Mukuro Ikusaba... She's still alive...!!

S...She used the dead body of Enoshima, her first victim...

A...And faked her own death with it...!
Mukuro Ikusaba is still alive! I'm not wrong this time...!!


S...Silence...? I hit the jackpot... I got it, right...?

Mukuro Ikusaba is still alive...

Is it Mukuro Ikusaba who is still alive...?

Is that really...

Is that really what's going on...?

Phase 9 (Youtube via Polsy)


Evidence bullets: Secret of the biology lab, Biology lab indicators, Monobear File 5, Mukuro Ikusaba's profile, Mukuro Ikusaba's fatal wounds

The body we found at the garden...

I...It wasn't Mukuro Ikusaba's body!

So, is Mukuro Ikusaba still alive?!

T...That's right... She used Enoshima's body to fake her death...!

In other words, Mukuro Ikusaba is the mastermind...!

How about it, Monobear?! Resign yourself!


Is Mukuro Ikusaba still alive...? Is that really it?

A relatively simple one, both in logic and in action. I guess the game is trying to give me a chance to catch my breath before the real madness begins.

Evidence bullet: Mukuro Ikusaba's profile
I...It wasn't Mukuro Ikusaba's body!


Trial 12 (Youtube via Polsy)

No, the body we found in the garden undoubtedly belonged to Mukuro Ikusaba.

I mean, that body's features fit perfectly with what's written in Mukuro Ikusaba's profile.

...Isn't that right, Kirigiri-san?

Mukuro Ikusaba's height was 169 centimeters. Her weight was 44 kilograms. Her measurements were 80 - 55 - 82...

...They're all exactly the same as the body's.

There's also the Fenrir tattoo on her hand... That body can't be anyone but Mukuro Ikusaba.

B...But, if it's not Mukuro Ikusaba, then the person still alive is...

The person who seemed dead, but is really still alive...

There's just one possibility left!

Choose a person!