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Part 139: Super High-school Level Update #125

Trial 18 (Youtube via Polsy)

the world is in a bit of a trouble. that's the way things are.

But what is going on?! I don't understand anything!

W...What is this...?!

I...It's just some kind of movie, right?

you should already know the meaning of these images.

We should...?

What does she think we know...?

How can we know anything about this ridiculous movie...?

it's all buried inside those memories i took away from you.
if you can't remember, please try to. i know you can do it.

HYAHAHA! Try fuckin' trusting those brain cells of yours! They're gonna decide whether you live or die!
Don't just keep whining about how you can't remember anything!

This is a fuckin' school trial, after all!!

Phase 12 (Youtube via Polsy)


Evidence bullets: Group photograph, Genocider's secret, Photo of Kirigiri and the headmaster, Notebook found in the locker room, Notepad found in the locker room

C'mon, just remember will 'ya?

What is it that happened in the outside world?!

It doesn't matter whether I remember or not...

Just looking at these meaningless images...

I'll never understand anything!!

What's the meaning of these images...?

Are they another one of your bad jokes...?

You say we should try to remember...

...But what is it we should?

Not one of us can remember anything...

...It's over! Everything's over!

Is it over if we can't remember...?

But, even if she asks us to remember the meaning of such ridiculous images...

If all of us had our memories taken away, there's nothing we can do.

Well, it's a stretch but one thing might work.

Evidence bullet: Genoicder's secret
Not one of us can remember anything...


I think this one required me to shoot on the first round in order to get a perfect score.

Trial 19 (Youtube via Polsy)

Perhaps she can remember it...

W...Who are you talking about...?!

Your other personality, Fukawa-san. Genocider Syo!


You two share knowledge, but you don't share memories, do you?

I see. If they don't share the same memories...
It's possible that even if one personality forgets, the second still remembers.

I...Is that true, Fukawa-chi?!

A...Are you asking me to switch to her...?!

I...I don't wanna...! I...I hate her! M...My very identity is going to crumble...!

...Fukawa, I'm counting on you.


Ta-daaaah!! It's your friendly neighborhood serial killer!!

It was... pretty easy to convince her to destroy her identity.

Let's get straight to the point. Just answer my question, quickly.
About those images... Do you know what they are...?

Oh?! What images are you talking about?!

he's talking about the footage on those monitors over there.

Who the hell are you?!

ah. i'm the mastermind.

Nice to meet you!

nice to meet you too.

Will you skip the formalities and look at the monitors already?!

Okay! Got it, buddy!


...How about it? Does it ring a bell?

Well, if you force me to say something...

Of course I remember it!

Y...You do?!

Of course I do!

So, you haven't lost your memories at all?!

Why didn't you say anything until now?!

My motto is never to say anything unless asked directly! I'm the silent type, you know!

...It's terrible! She has no self-awareness at all!

More importantly, if you remember those images, tell us what they are!

Huh? What's wrong, Byakuya-sama? Did you forget about the great catastrophe?


Oh my! You really have forgotten! Maybe a kiss can help you remember?!

Just answer! What happened outside this school?!

I'm not sure if it's over or still going on...

But it's just The Worst, Most Despair-inducing Incident in the History of Mankind.


Why are those words coming up now...?

Because these are the results of that incident.

What is...?

Haven't you been paying attention? The world becoming that way.

That way...?

She means, the world "ending" that way, right?!


W...We need more details...! Tell us everything you know!

Roger, Darling!

Um, The Worst, Most Despair-inducing Incident in the History of Mankind took place one year ago!
It was an incident that could make even a serial killer's face turn pale...

It surpassed what one could call a man-made calamity...

It was an incident on the level of a natural disaster!

It was undoubtedly The Worst, Most Despair-inducing Incident in the History of Mankind...
And its outcome was that in no time at all...

The world became that way. The end.

The End?! Wait a second! You didn't tell us anything concrete!

I don't know anything concrete!
It was Gloomy who watched it all happen in real time. Go ask her.

She doesn't know anything... That's why we called you here...!

Tragedy! I couldn't meet Byakuya-sama's expectations! This is the worst tragedy ever!!

Hey, now. Let's not have a lover's quarrel.
Besides, your problem right now is not the fine details of what happened.
The outcome is more important than the means. The result is what it all comes down to.
The world has ended. That's what's important.

I...It couldn't have ended!! This is the world you're talking about!!

It's fine. Don't get so agitated.
If you wait a hundred years everyone you know will be dead. The world ending isn't such a big deal.

It's absurd...! You're talking nonsense...!

Well. Let me add one more piece of nonsense to this nonsense story.
I want to tell you about the Togami Conglomerate, that Togami-kun cares so much about.

What did you just say?!

As I have forseen, you still cling to it.
You cling to it much like a tired office lady clings to an all-you-can-eat cake buffet.

Hey, hey, so what'cha think? What could have happened to the Togami family?

It was destroyed / It was destroyed / It was destroyed

Well done, human! You have answered well!

I didn't say anything yet...

I got tired of waiting! I got bored in a fit of Despair!
I'm sure you couldn't wait to try out all the possibilities, but they all end up amounting to the same thing, don't they?!!

Whatever you choose is the correct answer! Isn't that a fresh system?

but... i wonder if i'm sick... my quick boredom is a disease, isn't it...?

Anyway, Togami-kun's family is thoroughly gone!

What are you saying...?!

I have personally confirmed the deaths of everyone you are connected to, including all your relatives. I can positively assert that the Togami family is dead and gone.

E...Enough! No more bad jokes...!

Enough...? Is that an order...? An order from a human to one such as myself, a proxy for heaven's wrath...?
Know your place, human! You are not even a "Super High-school Level Heir" anymore!

I...It can't be gone...! The Togami family controls the entire world...!

Aren't you listening?! That fuckin' world itself is over! And it happened a year ago!!

W...Wait a second...! What you're saying is strange...!

Me? Strange?

It's strange that something like that happened a year ago...!

I mean, we came to this school just a few weeks ago...

If some incident that ended the world happened a year ago...
...Then, what was that world we lived in until then?!

Upupu... Aren't you just making a big mistake?

...A mistake?

I mean, if I get what you're trying to say...
You seem to be implying that the incident one year ago happened before you bastards came to this school!

Of course it did! It's only been a very short time since we came here!

A very short time...?
Oh? You bastards think that two years is a very short time, do you?

Eh? Two years...?

I mean, it has been two years. Two years since you bastards came to Hope's Peak Academy.

What the...?

Two years...?

Ha... Ha ha... What is she talking about, that weirdo...?

I understand why you'd want to deny it, but no one can deny the truth.
The truth... It's all about cause and effect. Denying it should be left to the gods.

Well, then. I've given enough hints. Do you understand now?
Do you understand what memories I took away from you...?

Answer, then! Put your body and your soul into the answer!


I have no idea what's going on...!


Nevertheless, we must answer.
If we don't answer now, it's all going to be over...!

The memories stolen from us...
If what Junko Enoshima says is true... If it's been two years since we came to this school...

So, why do we remember coming to this school just a short while ago...?

That must be because the memories she stole from us are of...

The Worst, Most Despair-inducing Incident in the History of Mankind / School life in Hope's Peak Academy / Our entire past

If we assume you're telling the truth, it can only mean that...
All our memories of the last two years are gone.

No, no, no... That's just silly...

Correct! Well done, human...!!

Whoa! Deja-vu!

T...Two years' worth of memories...?

That is correct! You have been students at Hope's Peak Academy for the last two years!
And then, you forgot all about it!!

I...I've been a student...? And forgot all about it...?

That's impossible!!

It's impossible... It's unbelievable...

But... That's just how we wish things were.

We want it to be impossible... We don't want to believe it...
But, if it's the truth...

We must accept it...!

Phase 13 (Youtube via Polsy)


Evidence bullets: Group photograph, Genocider's secret, Kirigiri's testimony, Photo of Kirigiri and the headmaster, The headmaster's Electronic Student ID Card, Notebook found in the locker room, Notepad found in the locker room

Two years of memories...

There's no way I'd forget that much!

I've been a student here for two years...?

That's impossible!

I don't remember any fun school events...

I've never even taken any lessons here!

This is too far removed from reality...!

Also, if two years have passed...

...How old am I, anyway?!

Upupu... Looks like you bastards are stuck...

Two years of memories are gone, just like that...

I don't want to believe it, but...

We may have something that convince Hagakure.

Evidence bullet: Notebook found in the locker room
I've never even taken any lessons here!


Trial 20 (Youtube via Polsy)

Hagakure-kun. There's something I want to show you.
It's this notebook.

Huh? What is this...? Why is my name written on it?

I found it in the locker room on the second floor of the dorms.
Can you look inside, please...?

Why would that do us any good...? I have no idea what this notebook is...


Oyoyo? What's wrong?

I...It doesn't just look the same...

What the heck?! This is my handwriting!
W...Why does this thing exist? I don't remember writing any of it...

D...Don't tell me...!

I think you took lessons here at Hope's Peak Academy, Hagakure-kun.

But... you forgot all about them.

It can't be... It's impossible, 'right?

I'd also prefer not to believe it, but...

If I don't, this notepad cannot be explained.

...Oh? Whose notepad is it?

It's mine. The writing in it is, without question, in my own handwriting.

Nevertheless, I can't remember it at all. Just like Hagakure-kun.

And that's because we're missing two years...?

Upupu... with such decisive evidence it's about time you start believing, isn't it?

It's all so Despair-inducingly dark, isn't it? It's like a fuckin' funeral here, even though you've solved this mystery!

Not that I've ever been to one! YES!


Two years of high-school life. The most important years of one's youth.
Fun lessons. Exciting school excursions. Your bonds of friendship must have grown deep.
But then, a year later, a very sad incident occurred.
Yes. It was The Worst, Most Despair-inducing Incident in the History of Mankind.
And then, in front of your eyes, the world ended.
But you've forgotten all about it. You've even forgotten the Despair you felt back then.
And on top of that, you've been challenged with this school life of mutual killing.

Let me tell you one more thing. You see, your memory disappeared...

it's useless. i'm tired of it all. i've grown bored with these explanations.


I'm tired of the world itself.
Everyone keeps saying that they want to face new challenges, but all they end up with is just more of the same.

It's a fuckin' Despair-inducing boring world!!

What are you talking about...?

In a manner of speaking, I am envious of you guys.
You've been handed such stimulating despair.

So, think for your fuckin' selves!! I'm sick of explaining everything!

B...But, what should we think about...?

You are looking for the point in time when your memory split off.

Our memory's splitting-off point?

I think that means the time we lost our memories. Is that what she's talking about...? It must have been...

The time we lost consciousness / The time I we got accepted to the school / At the entrance ceremony

We lost our memories the moment we lost consciousness... It can't be anything else.

It was right after I entered the entrance hall, and decided to go for a walk around the school.
Just then, a strange feeling came over me, and I lost my consciousness...

Wow! You got it right again!
You see, I can't tell you about the difficult stuff, but the reason you lost your consciousness...
...It was just your sense of time getting twisted thanks to the amnesia! See?
Well, it was something kinda like that!

When I opened my eyes, I was on a desk in a classroom...

I thought it hadn't been long since I went into that entrance hall, but...

In fact, it was two years later!

And we thought no time passed at all because our memories have been completely erased...?

That's two years worth of memories! In other words...

That was not the first time you met each other.

Nevertheless, you all introduced yourselves to one another...

But at that time, we were already classmates who spent two years together.

Is that the true meaning of those pictures...?

Upupu... Exactly.
In other words, you bastards have been killing the friends you spent two wonderful years with!
And you did it just so you could escape into the ruined world outside!
Upupu... It's a cruel story, isn't it? I mean, there's nothing out there...

It was you who set it all up...!

i love you all.


ever since this school life began, the only thing on my mind has been you guys.
it's just natural that i'd grow to like you.

So, since I love you so much, I'll tell you one more good thing!
I'll tell you all about the "Plan for the Despairification of Mankind" we Super High-school Level Despair came up with!