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Part 140: Super High-school Level Update #126

Trial 21 (Youtube via Polsy)

Super High-school Level Despair's... Plan for the Despairification of Mankind...?

Our story can be traced back to two years ago!
Back to the time we all got invited to attend this school.

We spent our first year here living a peaceful school life full of Hope!

It was the worst school life ever!

You guys really enjoyed that year, though... It was truly the peak of your youth!

That said, it did not last long. Peace only lasted a single year.

Ending the peace was the hope-destroying incident that took place a year after we enrolled at this school.

It was The Worst, Most Despair-inducing Incident in the History of Mankind.

After that, peaceful days were soon gone from the world.

This school was no exception, of course.
One of that incident's results was that most of Hope's Peak Academy's students expired.

How many of you are there...?

Oh...? What's that all about?

The Worst, Most Despair-inducing Incident in the History of Mankind. It was Super High-school Level Despair who set that incident in motion.
It couldn't have been just you and Mukuro Ikusaba.
Is it an organization? A group? A family?

I see. If that's the answer you're looking for...
It wasn't any of those. How should I put it? It was more of a concept. An idea.

Despair is contagious. It's much like a natural phenomenon, as a matter of fact.

Everyone Despairs.
And right now, the entire wrecked world Despairs.

Therefore, if it's Despair you consider your enemy, then your enemy is the entire world!

I don't get it...

I am not explaining this to make you understand. This was just a short derail from the main subject, wasn't it?!

so, let's get back to the story.
hope's peak academy took some devastating damage, and you guys were the only survivors among the student body.
hope's peak academy's 78th class. the sole survivors.

And then, something really interesting happened!
You should really listen now! It's important and I won't say it twice!
Believe it or not, in order to protect the survivors, a plan was set to turn Hope's Peak Academy into a shelter!
That's right! A plan was set to turn Hope's Peak Academy into a shelter!

...Oh no! I said it twice!!

The person who made that decision... That is, the person who locked you all in here...
...Do you know who that person is?

The person who decided to turn Hope's Peak Academy into a shelter and lock us all in...

The headmaster / Junko Enoshima / The prime minister

It must have been Hope's Peak Academy's headmaster.


The headmaster tried to protect us by turning the school into a shelter.
He wanted to protect us from the despair-inducing incident outside.

That's why he made that deal with us...
That's why he said we may live the rest of our lives inside the school...

Let me tell you what I think Hope's Peak Academy's headmaster must have thought.
He thought that should you, the Hope of the next generation, survive, we could fix the world.

that's right. the headmaster entrusted so much Hope in you guys.

We knew everything back then...

We agreed to his offer, didn't we? We all agreed to live in this school our entire lives...

But, that shelter was also the headmaster's greatest mistake.

Upupu... It sure is funny. He was this school's headmaster and he had no clue.
He didn't even know we Super High-school Level Despair were already inside the school!
And then, that shelter that was supposed to protect you bastards...
...Turned into a prison that kept you from escaping the Despair inside!

Upupu... It saved me a lot of time, though. He sure helped me a lot!

By the way, the iron plates covering the windows and doors were placed there by none others than yourselves.
You did quite a sloppy job under the supervision of the headmaster, though.

So, we were locked in a prison that we made ourselves...?

And then you forgot all about it and started to fuckin' panic! You went on and on about being locked in!!

After the shelter was complete, it was my and Mukuro's turn.
Upupu... It was time to start this school life of mutual killing...

me and my sister... we worked really hard for more than two years just to get to that moment.

We did it all just to reach the climax of our Plan for the Despairifaction of mankind: this school life of mutual killing!

Even you surviving that Despair-inducing incident was all for the benefit of making you participate in this climactic finale.

You let us live... just so we could kill each other?

Why...? Why did you have to go so far...?

This is not just your run-of-the-mill mutual killing.
I call it "refugee hunting"... We set it up to end all the Hope that still remained in the world.

What do you mean...?

It seems there's still some Hope left outside, you see. Pockets of resistance that won't let it die.
We thought we should show them what we're capable of, and to do that...

Upupu... What do you think we did?

In order to show the people outside their strength, the mastermind must have...!

Phase 14 (Youtube via Polsy)


_ _ _ _ _ _ A S _

This is a significant step up, difficulty-wise, from the previous anagrams. The letters fly by way too fast.


Trial 22 (Youtube via Polsy)

You hijacked the TV signal...?

Yes. That's it.
I wanted to show the world how Hope's Peak Academy's students, the symbols of Hope, kill each other.

That was Super High-school Level Despair's true goal! The climactic even to finish off The Plan for the Despairification of Mankind!

When people see Hope itself so easily crushed by Despair, engaging in mutual killing...
...The contagion will continue to spread, and whatever Hope remains will soon turn into Despair.

Upupu... The power of television sure is amazing, isn't it?!!
By the way, some people tried to come and save you bastards while we've been on the air, but...

T...There was help coming?!

...I installed some heavy firepower by the gates. That way, I managed to eliminate them easily.


It was all thanks to you.
You brought those who had so much Hope remaining they were willing to strike back straight to my doorway...
...And I gave them the gift of that final Despair, death.

You... used us...? You used us to make other people despair...?

But, see? That's why you got to live! I'd call it give-and-take, wouldn't you?

Don't mess with us...! It's not like that at all...!!

Hey, do you know why I chose you guys as the survivors among all the other students?
It's because I remembered the two years I spent with you... You were my precious classmates, after all!

that was a lie. i did it because the Despair would be much greater if it was the mastermind's classmates who solved the mystery.

And that is the truth! The truth you sought so much! How about it? Are you in Despair?
Are you in Despair now that you know everything?!

Are you saying... that having us solve this school's mysteries was part of your plan...?

What if it was?
What if this final school trial was designed from the very beginning to bring about your current Despair-inducing situation...?
What if I made you fools solve this mystery, just to present you with this Despair-inducing truth...?
...So what if I did?


You see, the truth is not always full of Hope.

Sometimes the fuckin' truth is full of Despair! Just like now!!

The truth... full of despair...

I can't...

Additionally, those motives I gave you were all meaningless.
The world has ended, after all.

Meaningless...? So, we...

...We killed our friends for nothing?!

you also chose to lock yourself in this place yourselves, and then killed so you could leave it.

And it was the classmates we spent two years with who we killed...


Gaahaa... No. This isn't funny.

I...I get it now.
I get how amazing what you did is...

So spare me, please! I'll do anything, just spare me!!

I see, so this is what pleading for one's life looks like! Even one as noble as myself has never seen such unseemliness before!

But pleading for your lives won't get to me.
All I am after is pure Despair. And I have no special reasons for wanting that.
I have no reasons, so you can't oppose me... I have no reasons, so you can't even understand me.

It's so unfair, not being able to oppose or understand your enemy! That's what "Super High-school Level Despair" is all about!

Wait a second... All you've been doing is blabbering on and on...

But we have no proof anything you say is true...!


I haven't seen with my own eyes that the outside world is in ruins...

I can't accept it...! I can't accept that this is the truth...!

Until the moment you see what things are like with your own eyes, truth and lies exist in a state of overlap.
In other words, Naegi is much like Schrodinger's cat... That's the existential state he's currently at.
But, what do you think you can do about it?

Are you planning to go out there to see how things are?!
I don't recommend it! If you step into that ruined world, you'd never last more than a few seconds!

Would such a cute face lie to you?!

E...Even if what you say is true...

I don't want to yield to someone like you! I don't want to lose to someone like you!
I won't! For the sake of everyone who was killed by you!

Eh? Killed by me?
What are you talking about? It was you bastards who killed each other!

I didn't kill anyone. I just pushed you lightly from behind.

mutual killings of that magnitude for such flimsy reasons... it means you truly are nothing more than pitiful creatures born to struggle...

That is why you killed each other, human!

Even if you believe Hope still exists, it's so very easy for humanity to fall into Despair.

YES! It's super-awesome!

You're wrong...! We didn't kill each other...!

It was all just one-sided murder...!

You stole our memories, made up motives for us, and pushed us into the corner...

It was all your fault! All of it!

I see. You're very good at shifting responsibility. Is that your definition of "Hope", Naegi-kun?
But, enough talking. We're out of time. We have to finish it all now.


We have to vote! Those are the rules!
By the way, since this is our final voting time, I decided to amend them a little!


You bastards are Hope. I am Despair.
We are going to vote on which side should be punished.

If there is even one vote saying Hope should be punished...
I will consider it my win, and punish Hope!

J...Just one vote...?!

Don't worry. I will not participate in the voting, of course.

E...Even so, you have a huge advantage, don't you!

It's okay... No one is going to vote for their own execution...

Ah, there's one more thing. If I win, your "punishment" is going to be...
...To grow old peacefully and quietly inside this school! That's how you're going to be punished!


D...Do you mean...?

We can stay and live here...?

That means we get to live!!

if you don't like it, choose to punish me and then go and leave this school.

The world outside is in ruins. It is full of nothing but Despair. I don't think you can last very long.

I...I don't care what you say... We won't...!

Wait a second! I just had flash of inspiration!
Letting all of you live is way fuckin' boring! The viewers won't like it at all!

I got it! I will give just one of you idiots an old-fashioned flashy punishment!

Eh?! B...But...!

Are you saying one of us is going to be executed...?

I even decided who it's gonna be!!

Naegi! It's going to be you!!


I hate you, Naegi-kun! You just keep resisting!

To recap, I offer you two options.
If even one of you thinks Hope should be punished...
...Naegi-kun alone will be cruelly executed. The rest of you can live peacefully in this school.

But, if you unanimously decide to punish me, you will have to leave this school.

You can't stay here. But when you leave, you will definitely die with nothing but regret in your hearts.

I'm tellin' you that you can live by sacrificing Naegi!!

S...Sacrificing me...?


Oh? You look ill. What happened to all that self-confidence of yours? Are you afraid of being punished?
Don't you trust your friends?

Y...You're wrong... That's not it at all...!

It's natural that you'd feel scared.
I believe the rest already understand that it is meaningless to fight me.






it's wondeful... such wonderful faces... beautiful faces submerged in Despair...

Even Kirigiri-san wouldn't want to betray her father, would she?


I mean, all the headmaster ever wanted was for you bastards to survive.
That's why he decided to lock you all in this school and protect you!
Don't go and mess up your dead father's final wish! Upupupu...



If even one of them has been taken by Despair, it's the most Despair-inducing situation for you to be in, Naegi!

Hey, hey! Who do you think fell into Despair? Who do you think is the one who's going to kill you?


No one... is in despair...!

We can't lose to someone like you...!

How boring. Stubborn to the end.
Oh, well. Let's end it, shall we?
It's the final vote. It all ends here. Even your stinking Hope.

And it's also the end of you!!

The final vote...

This is my decisive battle.

I have to make everyone realize... Make everyone remember...!
I have to make them remember we must never give up...

Because, living in despair...

...I can't even call it "living" at all!

Phase 15 (Youtube via Polsy)


Evidence bullets: Group photograph, Genocider's secret, Kirigiri's testimony, Photo of Kirigiri and the headmaster, The headmaster's Electronic Student ID Card, Notebook found in the locker room, Notepad found in the locker room

We can't lose...

As long as there's hope, we can't lose!

If I am executed...

...Hope's Peak Academy is over.


By the way, the outside world is polluted.

It's fine in here...

...But that's just because we have the air purifying machine in the physics lab.


If I die, that machine is programmed to shut down.

In other words, the moment I'm dead...

...This school will not be habitable anymore.


You bastards will have no choice but to leave.

Go out to the outside world, where there's only death and despair.


So, what are you going to do?

Will you die? Do you want to die?


There is no more Hope outside. Despair is the only thing left for you bastards.
So, go ahead and Despair. Despair at the world. Despair at yourselves.

If this keeps going, despair will creep into everyone's hearts...!

But, if there is no hope outside... If despair truly is contagious...

I have to show everyone my own hope...! I'm sure I can make the seeds of hope inside them grow!