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Part 141: Super High-school Level Update #127

Phase 15 Redux (Youtube via Polsy)


This phase is different from the previous ones. If you let the conversation loop without doing anything, you receive damage and lose a heart. So let's not do that.

As long as there's hope, we can't lose!

Instead, let's show everyone Naegi's hope.


M...My divinations tell me it's best not to leave this place...



But, being alive means moving forward, 'right?
Even if it's painful... Even if it's scary... it means moving forward, 'right...?
I still want to live! I want to open the next door! There has to be something new waiting out there!


I want to leave this place!
I don't care about my divinations anymore! I decided to trust my instincts!!


I've been thinking...
I've been thinking what Sakura-chan would say at a time like this...

"Real strength only reveals itself when one is faced with great turmoil! Therefore, I shall always tread a thorny path!!"

...She'd say something like that, wouldn't she?

I think she'd definitely say something like that.
So, I...

Yeah. I decided!!



It's not like I even care what happens! I simply choose what sounds most fun!

Actually, I know I don't look the type, but I've always hated school!

No, no... I actually do look the type!! GAAHAAHEEHAA!!

Ah, but I'll only do it if Byakuya-sama tags along!


What's wrong?
Don't tell me a simpleton like yourself was thinking about consoling me...?

Hmf. How foolish.

It has never been my intention to fall into despair.
But, don't get the wrong idea. It's not about what's going to happen to you.

I am merely keeping my word. I did promise to kill the mastermind, didn't I?

Furthermore, the Togami family is not destroyed. I am still here.

I can rebuild it with my own hands, and make it reach new heights...!

And, finally...

We can't lose...

As long as there's hope, we can't lose!

If I am executed...

...Hope's Peak Academy is over.

I decided to trust my instincts!

By the way, the outside world is polluted.

It's fine in here...

...But that's just because we have the air purifying machine in the physics lab.

I don't care what you say! I already decided!

If I die, that machine is programmed to shut down.

In other words, the moment I'm dead...

...This school will not be habitable anymore.

I can live as long as I have Byakuya-sama's love!

You bastards will have no choice but to leave.

Go out to the outside world, where you can only die in despair.

I said I'd kill the mastermind, didn't I?

So, what are you going to do?

Will you die? Do you want to die?

Evidence bullet: Hope


Trial 23 (Youtube via Polsy)

I don't know anything about my father. I can't possibly know what he's been thinking.

But, if he was my father... If he and I share the same blood...
I'm sure he wouldn't want me to throw Naegi-kun away just so I could stay here.
I'm not sure why I know this... But I'm certain of it.
I guess not knowing anything about someone doesn't necessarily means not understanding them.

Or, maybe...

...No, it's nothing.

As for you, Naegi-kun...
I don't think you came to this school because of good or bad luck.
You came to this school for a different reason.

You're the one who can defeat "Super High-school Level Despair"....
You're the one who was willing to face despair without ever giving up...

I guess we should call you "Super High-school Level Hope"... Shouldn't we?

What's going on...?

What the hell are you...?!

System message posted:

Super High-school Level Hope was added to your notes

It stinks! It all stinks!
Your face... The way you speak... The way you act...
It stinks! It's totally lame!!

Lame! Lame! Lame! Lame! Lame!
Pathetic! Pathetic! Pathetic! Pathetic! Pathetic!

I don't have any special talent. They may say I am "Hope", but that's not really true...


But... I...!!

Phase 16 (Youtube via Polsy)


I've gotten pretty good at MGTB. I can usually get a perfect score. This one is fucking difficult.

Despair at the future! Despair at the unknown! Despair at your memories!

Super High-school Level Hope

Trial 24 (Youtube via Polsy)

I will not give up. I will not wear down. I will not throw hope away.

I will not despair!!
I mean, my one good quality is being optimistic!

What's... going on? !!


...It seems it's all over now. Let's get on with the vote, shall we?

We should use the switches in front of us, 'right?

Here we go...!


Let's end this. Let's end this school trial... and these mutual killings.

Let's end them, together!

Eh...? What is this...?

Junko Enoshima. You lose.

I lost...? Me...? T...That's...

Y...You're not going to tell us you won't accept it, will you...?

Even "Super High-school Level Despair" gets weak when attacked with despair herself, is it...

But, nothing she can say can help her now!


...That's the best!!
This is... Despair, isn't it?!
My elaborate plan for this school, which I worked so hard on for more than two years...
The plan I even killed my own sister for...

And then, at the last moment, that plan failed!

This is super-Despair like I've never felt before!!
W...What are you saying...?
I had always been Despair-inducingly Despair-inducing! I've been bored of everything since the moment I was born!
There is only one thing I ever looked forward to my entire life...
The first, last, and greatest Despair! The moment I die!!
For that to happen while I'm already in so much Despair because my plan failed...
Ahhh! I'm super-Despair-inducingly happy!!

She... looks happy...?

Anyway, I think she's going to accept her loss.

Ahaha... Ahahahaha!! I never really cared about losing!
After all, it's all the same if you win or lose...
The outside world is Despair, and this school is also Despair! There's nothing but Despair for you bastards!
Y...You're wrong... It's not...

...It's not like that at all!

We are not afraid of despair any more.

Yeah! We have "hope", you see! We all decided to leave this place!

We have Naegi-chi to blame for that!


...Junko Enoshima. You said that despair is contagious...

But, hope is just the same.

Can't you tell, just by looking at us right now?


Oh, no, no, no! You all have that expression I hate so much on your faces!
Watching you now will just make me suffer, but...

I have one last thing to say.
I don't really care if you bastards go on with that Hope obsession you seem to have developed...
But, you should prepare yourselves.
From now on, Despair will stand in your way time after time.
No matter where you go... No matter where you try to hide...
They're the front and the back of the same piece of paper, you know... Wherever there is Hope, there is most definitely Despair.

Do you bastards really think you can keep hold of that Hope of yours?
O...Of course we can... I mean, we...
Oh, I've heard enough. That was my final speech, I don't need a reply!

But, now even the final speech is over.

It's almost time for my "punishment"... isn't it?!

Are you really... going to execute yourself...?

Those are the rules, right?
I...I don't really want you dead or anything...!

Stop it stop it stop it stop it!!
Didn't I just tell you?!
I don't hold "Hope" just because I'm alive!

Au contraire...! I'm about to enjoy that Despair you can only experience once in a lifetime...! The Despair of death!


Upupu... Upupupu...!

Ah, it's so wonderful... This is the death's Despair, isn't it...!

Even one tenth... no, even one hundredth of this Despair...!

I wanted everyone in the world to experience something like that...!

I wanted to paint the world with such stunning Despair!

Here we go!

A special punishment, worthy of being the final one!!

Let's give it all we got! It's punishment time!


"Super Duper Nasty Torture" (aka Super High-school Level Despair-inducing Punishment) (Youtube via Polsy)

That's how it ended...

The final school trial...
Even "Super High-school Level Despair", Junko Enoshima...

Even our school life at Hope's Peak Academy...

...They all ended.


System message posted:

You got the present, "Monobear Hair Accessories".

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