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Part 144: Super High-school Level Easter Eggs


Dangan Ronpa isn't particularly heavy on hidden material, but there are two easter eggs hidden in the game. For the first one, you need a certain present. There's no special method to getting it - it goes out randomly out of the Monomono Machine like the rest of them:

Man's Greatest Ambition: Courage to seek Man's Greatest Ambition springs up in the bath. Man's Greatest Ambition lies in the bathhouse.

Once you have this present, the scene at the end of update #48 takes a different turn.

This kind of a chance doesn’t come very often... It’s Man’s Greatest Ambition...!

I tried asking my inner self.

Should we sneak into the bath like Monobear suggests...?
Or maybe, we should act like adults and go back to the cafeteria...

Let's do it!!

With Man's Greatest Ambition deep inside my heart, I resolved to head back into the public bath!

Upupu... You look like you're looking forward to seeing this Man's Greatest Ambition...
Have a good time!!

We opened the door to the public bath quietly, and peeked inside.

It looked like the girls had already finished changing their clothes, and were now inside the bathing area.
Celes-san may have been lying, but I think they really did want to take a bath.

After confirming they were not there, we quietly entered the locker room...

...The forbidden land.

So they really went in to take a bath. I guess if we're going to lie, we have to be consistent...

Hagakure Yasuhiro-dono... be careful when you speak. We are in hostile territory.

Ahead is the bathing area. Inside lies dazzling passion!

Tell me more!

Heh heh... You should do the advance scouting, Naegi Makoto-dono.

It's very important we don't get caught. If the Ogre sees us, we'll be heading for a vacation in the spirit world, 'right?

I reached my hand to the bathing area door...

...And opened it quietly.

I tried not to make a sound, handling the door like a craftsman would.
Slowly... slowly...

And then...

Beyond the thick white steam that rose through the air...

I saw...


How should I put it...?
One sure feels fresh after a achieving a great accomplishment!

I must say, the three dimensional naked figure isn't all that bad.

Nevertheless, it sure was shocking, wasn't it?

The Ogre really is a woman!!

Did we really do the right thing?

Oh well, let's say we did. It isn't like I didn't look myself.

So ends the story of Man's Greatest Ambition.

The second easter egg also requires a special present. This one becomes available on the Monomono machine only if you have the Easter Egg present (that is, after finishing the game). It still requires luck to get:

Escape switch: A switch for escaping Hope's Peak Academy.

Once you have this, a new movie unlocks in the game's movie gallery. It doesn't appear anywhere else inside the actual game.

Goodbye Despair Academy, Everyone. (Youtube via Polsy)