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Part 24: Super High-school Level Update #22.1

Important notice 1: it seems I have exceeded the character limit for a post, so this update is split in two. The second part will be posted mere minutes after this one.

Important notice 2: This update has five video links. Some of them are not reproduced in screenshots. Pay attention and look for them icons!

Where were we? Just about the point out the culprit, I believe.

The key to solving this mystery... is turning it clockwise...

If we try turning this dying message clockwise 180 degrees...
We can see letters spelling “LEON”.

“LEON”... isn’t that Leon Kuwata!?

W...what are you saying? It’s just a coincidence...

It’s just a coincidence it looks that way! Those numbers turned into letters by chance!!

No, it wasn’t by chance.

She wrote that message behind her back, on the wall she was leaning on...
She probably reached back only with her hand, while the rest of her body stayed facing forward.
And because she had to write it that way...
What she wrote turned out twisted 180 degrees when looked at straight on...
You can try it yourselves. If you try to write that way, you’ll end up writing upside down.

...the fuck...? This is just a far-fetched theory, isn’t it...?

I’m the culprit!? Who the fuck qualified you to declare that!!?

If you aren’t the culprit, why did you decided to destroy evidence?


Naegi-kun, you already know about this, don’t you? The evidence Kuwata-kun tried to destroy.

The evidence Kuwata-kun tried to destroy... It must be that thing...?

Evidence Bullet: Remains of a white shirt

That’s... the remains of the shirt that was on the floor in front of the incinerator, isn’t it?

The culprit probably got blood sprayed over them after they stabbed and killed Maizono-san.

To get rid of his blood-stained shirt, he took it over to the incinerator and threw it in.

But some remains were left over... weren’t they...

I’m sure the culprit didn’t even notice. If they did, they should have been much more agitated by now...

Isn’t that right, Kuwata-kun?
Wha, wha, wha, wha...!!

But can we really condemn Leon Kuwata based only on the evidence of a shirt?

There are many other people here besides Kuwata-kun that wear shirts with white sleeves...

T...that’s right...! There are other people here with that kind of shirt...!

There’s no way you can tell it’s me based only on some remains!

No... even if we can’t tell the culprit based on the remains of the evidence themselves, there are other details that can help us... seems you’ve already got it, then? The answers to all the riddles...

Yeah... Somehow, I think I do...

The remains of a shirt that the culprit tried to dispose of...
If we’re going to tell who the culprit it, we need to understand...

How it was disposed / Where it was disposed / When it was disposed

If we figure out to the method used to dispose of the shirt, we should be able to tell who the culprit is.

I... is that so... I see... I understand now...
If you can’t open the shutter gate in the trash room, you can’t get close to the incinerator...
You can’t even push the switch to turn it on...
And the only one with access to that shutter gate’s key... is the person on cleaning duty...!

In other words, doesn’t that make the culprit the person on cleaning duty!?

Ha ha ha ha....


No, that’s not it... there was a way to dispose of that evidence in the incinerator without being the person on cleaning duty.
And what that way is proves Leon Kuwata is the cluprit!

Phase 9 (Youtube via Polsy)


Evidence bullets: Remains of a white shirt / Incinerator / Broken glass ball

The only person with access to the trash room's key... the one on cleaning duty, isn't it!?

In other words, the only person who can get close to the incinerator... whoever is on cleaning duty?

If you can’t get close to the incinerator, there’s no way to dispose of the evidence...

...therefore, the culprit is the person on cleaning duty!

Um.... The person on cleaning duty was definitely...

Eh? It was me...?


Is it really true that only the person on cleaning duty was able to destroy the evidence...?
No, there was another way to do it.

Another easy one. I'm sure you all know the answer.

Evidence bullet: Broken glass ball
If you can’t get close to the incinerator, there’s no way to dispose of the evidence...


Wait a second! There was one way to destroy the evidence for someone other than the one on cleaning duty!

Still, there is no way to put fire to the incinerator without opening the shutter gate.

No, it’s not impossible, if you use this...

It’s broken, but it looks like a glass ball...

No, it was supposed to be... a crystal ball...

Using this...? In what way?

The culprit did something with this glass ball. What was it...?

They divined the future with it / They threw it / They rolled it

The culprit aimed at the incinerator’s switch and threw the ball through a gap in the gate...

That’s how they were able to push the incinerator’s switch and turn the fire on!

Threw it... through a gap in the gate...?

Remember what you told me, Yamada-kun?

Heyheyhey! The incinerator’s fire was left on!?
That’s not right... when I last came here, there wasn’t any fire...
Is this the work of elves...?

Even though you held the key, someone turned the fire on without you noticing...
That was because the culprit managed to push the switch without opening the shutter gate.

Then, after the fire was on, he rolled the shirt into a ball and threw it in the incinerator!

H...hey... what are you saying...?

The state of the trash room after the evidence was disposed of tells us that the culprit never went inside...
The broken glass ball... the fire that was left on... the burning remains that were left behind... that’s a crude way to destroy evidence.
If the culprit was the person on cleaning duty, they would have made a cleaner job of it... wait a second...!

But wait, isn’t the incinerator more than 10 meters away from the shutter gate...?
Who can aim a glass ball at a button from that distance and manage to hit...?
Is that... really possible...?

Yeah, listen to her...! It’s clearly impossible!

It’s probably very difficult... but it’s not impossible...

No, it probably wasn’t even that difficult for the culprit. After all, they are...

Super High-school Level Baseball Player / Super High-school Level Doujin Author / Super High-school Level Fortune Teller

After all, the culprit is a “Super High-school Level Baseball Player”... Isn’t that right, Kuwata-kun...?

S...stop being so foolish...!

Clearly, a distance of 10 meters shouldn’t be a big deal from someone who’s called a Super High-school Level Baseball player.

D...d...d...d....don’t make me laugh...! I... I...!

I Told you I’m not the fucking culprit!!
Your deductions are completely wrong! You lying sons of bitches!!

So you still don’t accept it. In that case...
Naegi-kun... Let’s go over the case one more time, and make everything he did perfectly clear...
With that, we’ll be able to finally put an end to this trial...

I’m telling you! It isn’t the end of anything!!

Kuwata-kun. It doesn’t matter what you say. I’ve already solved all the riddles...
And here are their answers...!

Tutorial posted:

The final, deciding riddle of the school trial... we call it Climax Inference.
In this phase, we will go over the details of the crime, step by step.
Everything that happened will be presented to you in the form of a comic, but...
...some panels of that comics have gone missing.
Your job is to choose from the “Inference Panels” laid out before you, and attempt to complete the comic.
Furthermore, by placing the target over a missing panel and pushing the circle button...
...we will gratuitously provide you with a hint.

Climax Inference (Youtube via Polsy)


The third of four minigames played during the trial. This is at once both the coolest and the one most poorly implemented. The biggest problem with it is how difficult it is. See the panel images, laid out on the bottom of the screen? Each shows only a fragment of the complete panel, and it's often impossible to tell what's going on in them. There are many that look too much alike, as well. Add to that the chaotic layout of the comic itself, and you get a minigame where it's very difficult to get a perfect score.

As you can see, the highest difficulty gives us a full 10 minutes to solve this puzzle. You need them when you're first playing the game, trust me. It's very difficult to see exactly how this is played in screenshot, so watch the video to see both solving the puzzle and the scene that follows (that scene alone is translated in screenshots below, but it's much better animated.)

So, let’s start from the very beginning...

Yesterday night, the culprit went to the room Maizono-san was staying at... that is, my room.
It is likely that Maizono-sam wanted to kill the culprit and called him to the room.

Then, she attempted to strike him with the kitchen knife she prepared ahead of time...

...but that’s where things started going against her plan.
The culprit used a practice sword that was in my room to counter attack in defense.

As a result of that move, Maizono-san got her right wrist broken by the sword...

...and the kitchen knife snatched away from her.

Maizono-san, who was being chased by the killer, managed to escape into the shower room.

The culprit tried to chase her in, but for some reason the door to the shower wouldn’t open.
My shower door gets stuck easily, and the culprit didn’t know the trick to it, and that’s why they couldn’t get it to open.
I told Maizono-san about it and that’s why she knew. But the culprit didn’t...

Nevertheless, the culprit managed to break the door open, and then, using the kitchen knife...

...they... stabbed Maizono-san...

But Maizono-san left a dying message with her remaining strength...
...she wrote it behind her back, so that the culprit wouldn’t notice.

And then... even that strength was gone...

After they killed Maizono-san, the culprit got distressed and decided to destroy some evidence.

First, they took off the bloodstained shirt they were wearing...

And then they thoroughly cleaned my room with a roll cleaner that was there.
They wanted to remove every trace they visited that room...

After that, the culprit went to the trash room in order to destroy the shirt they took off.
They wanted to burn that bloodstained shirt in the incinerator.
But the trash room had a locked shutter gate, and they couldn’t get close to the incinerator...

Instead, the culprit used a glass ball that was forgotten by Hagakure-kun in the laundry.

The culprit threw the ball through a gap in the gate, and swiched on the incinerator’s fire.
It’s something unimaginable for a regular person, but the culprit had confidence they would do it.
That’s because they were a “Super High-school Level Baseball player”.

The ball that was thrown straight at the incinerator’s control panel hit its target...
And the incinerator started to work.

Relaxed after he destroyed the evidence, the culprit left the trash room...
...but that’s where he miscalculated.

The burning remains of a sleeve from the shirt he had thrown fell from the incinerator on to the floor.
The culprit did not even notice the thing that became the deciding evidence against him...

Isn’t that right? Kuwata-kun!

It seems that Hagakure-kun left this glass ball in the laundry...
Perhaps Kuwata-kun first wanted to go wash the blood off his shirt, and found it there?
That’s when he thought of that method...

So how is it, Kuwata-kun? Do you have a counterargument?

A... counterargument...?

Of course I do! You think I’d let it just end here?!!

Isn’t everything you said just hypothesis? You don’t have any concrete evidence, do you?!!
If you don’t have evidence, it’s all a frame-up! I won’t have any of it!!

In that case, I think you should tell him about the evidence that shows he’s the killer, Naegi-kun...
I think you... probably have it...

I... have that kind of evidence...?

Tutorial posted:

During School Trial, there are times when your opponent refuses to listen to anything you say.
In times like this, a one-on-one battle between you and your opponent will occur...
We call it Machine-gun Talk Battle (MTB).

Tutorial posted:

During MTB, your goal is to destroy arguments made by your opponent by matching a rhythm.

Tutorial posted:

Please time your button pushes to match the moments when the tempo markers reach the very middle of the screen.

Tutorial posted:

When a tempo marker reaches the center of the screen, press the circle button to lock on your opponent’s argument.

Tutorial posted:

When the next tempo marker reaches the center of the screen, press the triangle button to destroy their locked-on argument.
Doing that will inflict damage on your opponent. But if you fail to so, you will hurt yourself instead.

Tutorial posted:

Furthermore, you can make combos by matching button pushes with the tempo markers several times in a row. This will cause the tempo to rise.
On the other hand, if you miss several times in a row, the tempo will go down.
As the tempo changes, so does the timing of your button pushes, so please be careful.

Tutorial posted:

After your opponent is inflicted a certain amount of damage, they will come out with a Weak Point argument.
Just like during regular arguments, you should shoot it with an Evidence Bullet.
If you manage to do it within a certain amount of time, victory shall be yours.
Should your Expression Meter empty, or time runs out, the battle ends in failure.

When the culprit broke down the shower room’s door knob, he didn’t use something that was in the room.
So what did the culprit use instead?

Something the culprit used to break the shower’s door? That’s...

I’ll never accept this! You're all retarded!


The deciding evidence showing Kuwata-kun is the culprit... I should use that against him!

Phase 10 (Youtube via Polsy)


The fourth and final mini game. This is the a rhythm game, and it's all action and no logic. For the first chapter it's at its most basic - more elements will be added to this segment deeper into the game. The best way to pass this quickly is to lock on into several arguments and then blast them all together with the triangle button.

The arguments themselves are random utterances like "You don't have any proof!" and "It wasn't me!". Watch the video to see how it plays out. The screenshots skip to the finishing blow.


If you don't have any proof, it's all a frame-up! I won't accept it!

The knob on the shower door was fastened by screws...

So what tools did the culprit use to unscrew that door knob?

When you want to unscrew something... you usually use a screwdriver.

We have one in the tool sets we were given, ‘right?

They must have used that... we don’t have any other tools around.

But the tool set in my room doesn’t show any signs that it was used.

That must be because the culprit didn’t realize they were in Naegi-kun’s room and mistook it for Maizono-kun’s!

The tool sets were only given to the boys, so they didn’t think there was one there...

In that case, whose tool set did the culprit use?


The culprit must have used their own tool set for this job!


Kuwata-kun, whould you please show us your tool set? If what I’m thinking is correct...

The screwdriver in it should have traces showing it was recently used!

Retardedreta... huh?

If you want to tell us you used it somewhere else, we expect a full explanation about where and why it was used...

Let me warn you first...
Don’t try to tell us you lost it.


It seems he doesn’t have a counterargument after all...

So it seems... this is the end.

And here's my total score for the chapter. As you can see, I didn't quite had a perfect game, but it's close enough.

And we get 98 Monobear Coins for our trouble!