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Part 42: Super High-school Level Update #38

Scroller: It starts again, a school trial of doubts and fears! Why was Chihiro Fujisaki killed? Is the killer one of us again? Is there hope to be found in this chain of murders?

Let's jump straight in.


Let’s start with a simple explanation of our school trial! The result of the trial is determined by your own votes.

If the correct culprit is chosen, they alone will be punished. However... if the wrong person is voted for...

Everyone but the culprit will be punished. The culprit alone, having managed to fool everyone, will publicly graduate this school!

Well, then... let's start with...

A discussion of the murder weapon!!

The murder weapon used for the killing blow... First, we must make what that was clear.

Phase 1 (Youtube via Polsy)


Evidence bullets: Genocider Syo file, Desk lamp in the library, Changing room dumbbell

What killed Fujisaki was...

A wound to the head, wasn't it.

According to the Monobear file...

It was done by a dull object. But what was it!?

It was surely an iron pipe, 'right?

I see!

That certainly sounds like a weapon!

Poor Fujisaki-chan...

No... The weapon that killed Fujisaki-san was something that was in that changing room...!

This one is just to make sure we haven't forgotten the mechanics.

Evidence Bullet: Changing room dumbbell
It was surely an iron pipe, 'right?


So, yeah. After much consideration, I decided I'm not going to go for a perfect score and show you pretty much what happened as I recorded the game. As you'll see in a second, the action parts get harder even if you know the correct answer. Expect missed shots aplenty in the videos!

I think the weapon that gave the killing blow was the dumbbell found in the scene of the crime.

That dumbbell had some blood stuck to it, and there was nothing else that could serve as a weapon in the room.

In addition, the wound on the victim's head fits perfectly to the shape of the dumbbell.
There is no margin for doubt... This is the right answer. investigated... the head wound...?

Hiiii, how disgusting!


With that done, from now on I will do the talking. Let's move on to discuss who the culprit is.

Or rather... how the identity of that culprit is already perfectly clear...

Wha-!? Are you serious!?

The culprit who killed Chihiro Fujisaki is...

The serial murderer Genocider Syo!!

The serial murderer... Genocider Syo......
He is... the culprit...?

Tutorial posted:

Starting with this debate, Background Noise will appear and get in your way.
If an Evidence Bullet hits a line of Background Noise, the bullet will disappear, thus interfering with your deduction.
In order to keep the Background Noise from interfereing...
With a push of the circle button, you can shoot a bullet from your Silencer to destroy them.
That said, if a bullet from the Silencer hits a regular sentence instead of Background Noise... will lose some time. Aim and shoot the Background Noise well!
By the way... if your action difficulty level is set to "Kind", no Background Noise will appear.
In that case, it is not necessary to use the silencer, and you may proceed concentrating on the mystery alone.

Background noise are little bits of text (mostly stuff like "Did he really say that?!" or "That makes sense!") that fly in front of the discussion in order to interfere with hitting the correct Weak Points. They have a second use, though - hit them with the silencer and you gain extra time. Useful when the timer is about to run out. As you can see in the video below, with the right timing it is certainly possible to hit a Weak Point even if you don't shoot down the jamming Background Noise. Not that I did that on purpose this time or anything, though.

Phase 2 (Youtube via Polsy)


Evidence Bullets: Genocider Syo file, Desk lamp in the library, Changing room dumbbell

The culprit is Genocider Syo.

That much is indisputable.

But, that's impossible!

Why is that impossible?

Because... no matter how you look at it... um...

There is no evidence for it, is there!?

By the way, that Genocider Syo...

Who was it, again!?

Evidence for Genocider Syo's involvement in this case... That is, of course...

This time the game is getting us used to the new mechanic, so the solution itself is easy.

Evidence Bullet: Genocider Syo file
There is no evidence for it, is there!?


If it's evidence you want, there probably is some...


It was written in a file we found in the library's storage room...

It's a summary of the Genocider Syo case, and looks like a top-secret police document...

W...wait! Isn't that strange!? Why was such a thing in a school library!?

To explain that would be bothersome. Let's keep this short.
In any case, the special characteristics of Genocider Syo's murders are listed in this file in minute detail.
According to the file, there are two such special characteristics.
The first is a message in blood left at the scene of the crime...

It was "Bigboobie Fever", wasn't it!

"Bloodstain Fever"...

The important thing is the second characteristic. That's because it was never announced to the public...

S...something that was never announced to the public...?

Naegi, it's better if you tell them.

A characteristic of Genocider Syo's murder that was never announced to the public...

A message in blood / He kills in changing rooms / The victims are crucified

In Genocider Syo's murders, it seems the body was always hanged crucified, but...
Other than the culprit himself, it wasn't made known to anyone but top-ranking police officers...

But in our current case, Fujisaki was certainly crucified.

How did the culprit know to do that? It was something no one but the murderer and the police knew...
Only one answer comes to mind.

The culprit... is the real Genocider Syo.

You're... serious!!

In that case, you mean to say Genocider Syo is one of us?

...It's Touko Fukawa.