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Part 43: Super High-school Level Update #39


Touko Fukawa is Genocider Syo’s true identity.

No Waaaaaaaay!!

Eh, Eh, Eh, Eh, Eh...?

W...wait a second!
Isn’t Fukawa-chan weak to blood? I’ve never heard of a serial killer who couldn’t stand the sight of blood!

The answer to your question is that... Touko Fukawa is both Genocider Syo and isn’t Genocider Syo.

Are you speaking in riddles!? Stop beating about the bush, ‘right?

It certainly sounds like a riddle... but...

I think... I know what he means...
Fukawa-san is both Genocider Syo and isn’t Genocider Syo... The meaning of that is...

Phase 3 (Youtube via Polsy)


_ _ _ _ _ P L _ _ _ R S _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


You’re trying to say that... Genocider Syo has multiple personalities...?

Something like that was written in that case file...

It’s possible the culprit has... “Dissociative Identity Disorder”...

T...that’s why you think Fukawa Touko-dono is...

I can say it with certainty.
We all saw it demonstrated just after we discovered the body. Her behavior suddenly changed.

A demonstration of behavior change indicating multiple personalities... That was...

She came in late / She lost consciousness / Her tone of voice changed

...You’re talking about how her tone of voice changed?

Try to remember. After seeing Fujisaki’s body, she fainted. And when she opened her eyes again...

I’m Fine I’m fine! Geeheehee..!
Oh there’s a dead body here! Oy why are you being dead in a place like this!
I think she hit her head too hard, ‘right?...
The world is composed of innings and outings! 9 innings and 9 outings, and there are also truths and lies!!
She got kind of scary... Isn’t her tone of voice different...?

You’re right, her behaviour was strange! That “gloomy speech” she is famous for was completely gone!

Don’t decide... what someone is famous for...

Furthermore, after she returned to consciousness, Fujisaki’s dead body didn’t bother her anymore...
In short, before your very eyes, a person who can’t stand the sight of blood turned into one who can.


But... what about how she locked herself in her room because she was afraid of Genocider Syo...?

I’m not going to... let Genocider Syo win!!

She locked herself in her room, but not to keep other people out...
It was to keep the person inside in.


Touko Fukawa was indeed scared. She was scared the serial murderer inside her will continue killing people...


That’s right! Why do you know all of this!?

...Asahina, you’re making a big mistake.
The meaning of Fukawa’s “why” is not “why does he know”...

It means “why did he expose me?”


That girl... came to me asking for strange advice yesterday evening. It was just before Monobear presented us with the latest motive...
She told me a deeply interesting story.
She said there’s a serial killer hiding inside her... And that she will forever live in fear unless she finds a way to abolish it...
That’s the reason her personality turned dark and she always keeps other people at a distance. Wasn’t that so?

Ugu...... Uuuuu.....

He’s... lying, isn’t he? Fukawa-chan...? said you weren’t going to tell anyone...!


W...we made... a promise...! deceived me...!?

You just made a simple mistake. Flaunting your tragic story to someone who never asked to hear it.
...This is the real world. It isn’t one of your imaginary romance novels.

Ugu... ugugugugu......!

Furthermore, it was you who broke our promise first. I remember what you said well...
As long as we’re in this place, no matter what happens, you won’t let Genocider Syo kill again...
But despite that...

I... I’m sorry... I... couldn’t keep my promise......
B...but... don’t worry... From now on... I won’t......
I will not...! I will not let Genocider Syo win!!

I thought... if I keep my promise you’re going to go out with me...

That’s why... I made that promise... but now...!

That’s what I’m telling you. That was your own misunderstanding.
In any case, you couldn’t even keep your own promise. You lost to that feeling of pleasure you get by killing people, didn’t you?

I... I tried my best... I did everything I could to hold it down, but...

Unfortunately, those efforts were all for nothing.

Uu... You’re cruel......

Well, then. It’s time to finish the opening act. I want to hear directly from the actual person herself...

T...the actual person...!?


Fukawa-san’s body bent backwards violently...

And then, fell down with a thud. But, the next second...

You wanted her to change into me, huh?!!

Eeeek! What happened!?

I guess I’ve been exposed, huh? Oh well! These things can’t be helped!

My name is Genocider Syo. I’m a Super High-school Level Murderer! My real name is Touko Fukawa. Isn’t that, like, so lame?!!

W...what’s up with that girl...?!

W...what happened... Fukawa-kun?

Who cares if I’m just a secondary personality! Is there something wrong with having a serial killer inside you?!
You can overlook a girl’s single fault, can’t you?!!


I can’t keep up...!

A healthy murderer is achieved by a healthy body and a healthy soul!!

But that's overwhelmingly different from... your usual self...

That’s right. The entire world is made up of innings and outings. Fronts and rears.
Much like there are 9 outings behind every 9 innings. Much like there are lies behind every truth.

Behind every darkness, hides a light as bright as the sun!!


That’s... Genocider Syo, the serial killer...?
Her words are complete nonsense...!

Um, Genocider Syo-san... I have one question for you...

What iiiis it!?

There was talk about you being the mastermind... What are your thoughts regarding that theory?

Ah, my big revelation! I am indeed the true genuine mastermind!

...That was a lie, of course!!

So... you’re not behind this...?

Of course she isn’t! Don’t confuse me for a weirdo like her!

Speaking of which, lately police and society really have been powerless, haven’t they.
They let such a half-witted murderer run loose!

I know I harm people. But isn’t living life itself nothing more than harming others?
People hurt others so they can live. People get hurt by others so they can live!

...or something like that! Geeheehaahaa!!


...I hope you all understand now. This murderer killed Fujisaki.
She even had a motive. There is no doubt...

...A motive?

It’s what we were told yesterday by Monobear.
In 24 hours, if no one is killed, he was going to reveal everyone’s embarrassing memories and hidden pasts...
What if Touko Fukawa’s memories and past are about being Genoicder Syo?
If such a thing is revealed to the world, Touko Fukawa will undoubtedly be ruined...
That means, her motive is she had a secret she absolutely didn’t want revealed.

Oh, I see... I see I see I see...

But, too bad! I am not the culprit!!


I don’t think anyone but a serial killer like you could kill anyone in such a bizarre fashion.

Nevertheless, I am telling the truth.

...Who do you think are we going to believe?

That’s right! How can we trust a murderer’s word?!


She may be right...

She may be right, but...
...But, something feels wrong.

What she’s saying... we should listen to her in a little more detail...

Phase 4 (Youtube via Polsy)


Evidence Bullets: Desk lamp in the library, The state of the body, Disappearing stain

I am not the killer!

Who here would believe your words?

It would be a different story if you had an alibi...

“An Alibi”, huh?! That sounds so professional!

This murder and your past crimes...

They’re perfectly identical.

There is no better evidence than that.


Give up... You are the culprit.

Is Genocider Syo... really the culprit?

Something feels wrong...

Not too difficult.

Evidence bullet: The state of the body
They’re perfectly identical.


Perfectly identical? Is that really so?
I don’t think Fujisaki-san’s murder and Genocider Syo’s past crimes are completely the same...

...Eh? Are there differences?

Hey, hey, how can anyone fail to see them...?

You’re such a super small fry! Well, let me teach you!!

You see, my murders are always full of faith and passion!
I am a top-class murderer, after all - it’s all about perfectionism!
It’s just like famous ramen restaurants, always fixated with making the perfect soup and noodles.
But, that Chihiro Fujisaki murder...
It’s just like those packs of instant ramen licensed from those famous shops!!
It’s nothing like my work!

Let me... explain things a little better one more time...
There are clearly two things different between Fujisaki-san’s murder and Genocider Syo’s past crimes.

The first of those is...

The cause of death / The message in blood

The cause of death is different...

In Genocider Syo’s past cases, the victims were all killed the same way...
At least from observing the case file, everyone was killed by being stabbed with scissors.

But Fujisaki-san was killed by being hit on the head, wasn’t she? does seem different from her past crimes...!

Isn’t that strange? Genocider Syo always kills the same way, but changed her method this time...
But, that’s not the only problem. There is one other thing that’s different.

That’s right, if we compare the blood message in my murder art to the slices of roast pork in a bowl of ramen...

The crucifixion is just like the boiled egg!!

Can we stop with the ramen imagery, already?

So... does the second difference has to do with the crucifixion...?

That's right. The second difference has to do with the crucifixion.

The crucifixion pose / The timing of the crucifixion / The tools used to crucify

Fujisaki-san’s crucifixion... Do you remember what tool was used for it...?

Her hands were tied with something that looks like a rope, and she was crucified that way, wasn’t she?

What’s the problem with that?

In Genocider Syo’s past murders, what was used to crucify the victims was...

...just like the murder weapon, sharp scissors.

Hey! I use hand-made scissors I make myself both when killing and crucifying!!

It’s natural for a top-class murderer to be a perfectionist regarding her tools of trade, don’cha think?

But but but but but but but~!
Ma-kun says there are two differences, but he’s wrong!!

“Ma-kun”... is that me...?

Hey, Ma-kun! There is one more difference!


...Oh, didn’t you notice? That bunch of victims of my past murders...
There’s one hidden rule connecting them all!!

A rule...?

If you think about that rule you’ll get it in no time! The reason I wouldn’t kill that loli kid!

Um... so, in short...
Genocider Syo’s victims are all connected by a hidden rule, and Fujisaki-san doesn’t fit it?

Oh, I think I understand! The reason it couldn't be her who killed Fujisaki-san is...

She is her friend / She is female / She is her lover

Could it be... because Fujisaki-san was female...?


W...what’s the meaning of this...?

There was a hidden thread connecting all of Genocider Syo’s past victims.

Ken Genda (32), Tetsuhiro Honda (17), Takeshi Shouji (23), Kazukiyo Kanno (14), Takeshi Yoshida (30)...
Taro Komatsu, Takefumi Satono, Youji Okuda, Erio Takeda, Shu Tsuji, Naoji Ishi, Yoshito Yumejima... The list is endless.

They’re all men...?

That’s right! Those murders I carry with faith and passion, they’re all of men that turn me on!

When Syo speaks about men who "turn her on", the word moe in one of its forms is almost certainly used in the original Japanese. If you don't know what that means, well, I hope you never find out.

Kyaa, how embarrassing! I said it!!

W...what the fuck!!

I can’t help myself! I am a fangirl, after all! A crackin’ fangirl who deeply hates gloomy personalities!
A fangirl well on her way to become a veteran!

Syo is a self-proclaimed fujoshi. That's the female version of the otaku, usually literally translated as "rotten girl". Fujoshi like obsessing over male anime characters and read and draw manga involving them fucking each other. Syo also strives to become a Kifujin. That's the term used for fujoshi who remain fangirls even as they grow older. Kifujin is a pun on a word that sounds the same and means "a noblewoman", but written with the "fu" character that means "rotten" - the same one as in "fujoshi" itself.

A...are you saying that since she’s not a turn-on, you wouldn’t kill Fujisaki-san, who is a girl...?

What would happen if a ramen chef decides to make pasta? You can say they’re all using the same ingredients, but that’s just silly talk!

I’m the same! My faith and passion are the exact reason I will never yield! That’s my unique absolute perfection of a reality!

I understand your hobbies and contrivances. Nevertheless, they are just simple hobbies and contrivances.
When push comes to shove and it comes to killing for survival, the story changes.

What do you think I am, some kind of a loser?!!

A... loser?

You see, I would, like, never kill anyone just for such a cheap reason as “survival”...
And even if that rare occasion where I must kill in order to survive presents itself...

Why would I ever bother with the crucifixion and the blood message?! They just give me away and are a huge pain to make!

Her reasoning makes sense...

And also, no matter why I kill, I would never neglect my beloved scissors!
What idiot would ever use a heavy dumbbell on purpose?!!

Maybe you had to used a dumbbell that was on the scene because there aren’t any suitable scissors in this school?

“Suitable scissors”...?

What I use aren't “suitable scissors”. They’re my hand-made super-trendy scissors that can make earth itself fall on its knees!

In that case, it makes even more sense that we don’t have them here at the school, ‘right?

Are you sure about that?