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Part 45: Super High-school Level Update #41

...wasn't something about what he said right now strange?

There is something that bothers me in his declaration... It's...

About Genocider Syo / About the extension cord / About the crime scene

...Togami-kun, did you just say you killed Fujisaki-san in the girls' changing room?
But... did it really happen there? Don't you think there's a possibility the scene of the crime was a different place?

Honestly... I am disappointed in you...
I don't know what I expected to hear from you... but that sure wasn't it...

There is no doubt that girl was killed in the girls' changing room.
We have no reason to think the crime took place anywhere else.

But, isn't it possible she was killed somewhere else, and then carried to the girls' changing room...?
...Along with the rest of the crime scene...

Along with... the rest of the crime scene?

If you're saying something like that... you surely have some evidence, don't you...?

Y... yeah... I believe I have...

Huh? Just now, Togami-kun...

He's... shaking?

Up until now he stood firm, but when the topic turned to the location of the murder......

Could it be... he never noticed it? The possibility that the crime scene was a different place...?

Oy, don't just hold a private conversation, you two! What's the meaning of this "different place"!?

Naegi... Speak quickly...!
If you think it's possible the crime took place somewhere else... tell us what your evidence is...!

The evidence that shows the scene of the crime was a different place...

First, there are "those things" that were exchanged...!

We now get to choose from our the list of Evidence Bullets.

Two changing room posters

The evidence that the scene of the crime was a different place... are the posters on the walls of the changing rooms.

The posters... are evidence?

The poster in the girls' changing room...

Was of a gravure idol with large breasts... Don't you think that's strange?
I mean... a poster of a gravure idol in a girls' changing room isn't really appropriate...

At the very least they shouldn't have been so obviously fake! Gaahaaheehaa!

The story behind this line must be told... but since it requires more than a 2 line note, I'll do it later in the thread. Let's just say it had me do a 20-minute research for the meaning of a particular term, and then I just gave up and changed it to something completely different.

On the other hand, the poster on the wall of the boys' changing room...

Was a poster of the boy band "Tornado", which is popular with women...
That also.. isn't quite appropriate a boy's changing room, is it?

You mean, the posters in the boys' changing room and the girls' changing room were exchanged?

That's not all. There was one more strange thing about the two changing rooms.
...Isn't that right, Oogami-san?

Could it be... that you are speaking about my protein coffee?

...Protein coffee?

Before the incident, I spilled some protein coffee on the floor of the girls' changing room while training.
Nevertheless, when I looked for it after the incident, that stain was cleaned away.

No, that's not what happened... There was no reason for anyone to clean that stain.

It moved... to somewhere else.

Carpet in the boys' changing room

The stain on the carpet in the girls' changing room wasn't cleaned by anyone.

I found it on the carpet in the boys' changing room...

This is most certainly... the trace of my spilled protein coffee!

So, are you saying the culprit went so far to even move the carpet?
But, for what reason?

In order to change the crime scene from the boys' changing room to the girls' changing room... Isn't that a possibility?

What are you saying!?

In short, in order to change the crime scene...
The culprit had to move the blood-stained poster and carpet along with the body.

By doing so, they could move the body along with the crime scene itself.

That's certainly not out of the question, but... what's the meaning of such actions?


Moving the crime scene on purpose... why would such an action be necessary?
...No, even before that, if we assume the real crime scene was the boys' changing room...
How could the victim, Fujisaki-san, even enter that place?


We have to swipe our Electronic Student ID cards in the card readers in order to enter the changing rooms.
But, Fujisaki-san's card could only be used to enter the girls' changing room.

In short, a girl couldn't have entered the boys' changing room.

No, there was a way! Now's the time to let you all know about that, 'right!?

...How suspicious.

I'm not suspicious! I'm going to reveal it all! At least regarding the changing rooms trick!! he telling the truth...? Was there a way form Fujisaki-san to enter the boys' changing room...?

Phase 7 (Youtube via Polsy)


Evidence bullets: Carpet in the boys' changing room / Broken Electronic Student ID Card / Two changing room posters

Was there really a way?

A way Fujisaki-san could enter the boys' changing room...

Ah! I got it!

She modified her Electionic Student ID Card!

She was a Super High-School Level Hacker, after all...

She probably could have done that easily!!

No, that's not the way...

She used that thing from the entrance hall.

Eh? "That thing"?

I'm talking about Kuwata-chi's Electronic Student ID Card, of course!

Using that, she could enter the boys' changing room!

Fujisaki-san used Kuwata-kun's ID card... Certainly, if she had that she could have easily entered the boys' changing room...

...But, could she really use it?

We have to weak points here. One was a semi-popular theory on the thread, but the other we actually have evidence against.

Evidence Bullet: Broken Electronic Student ID Card
I'm talking about Kuwata-chi's Electronic Student ID Card, of course!


Man, I suck. I got a perfect score in both of my translation runs, too.

No, I don't believe Fujisaki-san used Kuwata-kun's ID card.

W...why are you saying that!?

It was broken... Kuwata-kun's card in the entrance hall...

I see! In that case it was impossible!!

You give up very easily...

Furthermore, isn't using someone else's Student ID card against the rules?

The rules only forbid "lending a card to another student". It's forbidden to lend them, but isn't forbidden to borrow them.
In short, you could borrow every dead student's Electronic Student ID Card, and still wouldn't break any rule.

That's right! That's exactly right!!

But... since that card was already broken, that can't be the case...

In that case, did she modify her own card after all!? Using her skills as a Super High-School Level Hacker...!

Not so fast! My Electronic Student ID Cards are hacking-proof. If you try to take them apart, a security siren starts blasting!

So if it was not Kuwata's Electronic Student ID Card, and she did not modify her own card...

Could it be that Naegi Makoto-dono's reasoning is wrong?

If there was no way for the victim to enter the boys' changing room, that's probably it...

Well then, I vote for Togami-kun!!


Is it really... okay?
Fujisaki-san was killed in the girls' changing room... and the culprit is Togami-kun...?

...But, I don't have anything else to use...

...Wait a second.
I think Naegi-kun's reasoning is on the right track... I agree completely with his observations...

Ah? You kept your mouth shut for so long, and suddenly you're speaking up?
There was no way for that kid to enter the boys' changing room, was there!? In that case...

...Why are you so sure she couldn't enter the boys' changing room? There is still another possibility that allows her to enter, isn't there?

...what the fuck!?

Kirigiri-kun! What kind of possibility are you talking about!?

That's right. In order to confirm that...

...I propose we take a short break from the school trial. I have a place I want to take you all...

Wait, wait...! What are you talking about?!

Don't you think this school trial will get much more exciting that way? It should be exactly the kind of thing you like...

Eh...? The school trial... will get more exciting...?

In that case, sure! I announce a short break from this school trial!!

Eh? Really!?

So, what is this place you want to show us? I won't forgive you if it's somewhere boring!

I'm sure it will hold up to your expectations. Well, let's go...

And like that, we took a short break from the school trial.
We let Kirigiri-san lead the way, and headed to a certain place...

That place was...

...The girls' changing room?

We already investigated this place fully! There isn't anything new we can learn here!!

Try... investigating the victim's body once more, through and through.

Fujisaki-san's dead body... once more...?

Please search the entire body thoroughly...

The entire body... thoroughly...?

No way no way no way no way...

I can't go touching a woman's body all over... I think it's better if I hold back...

I... I don't think it's disgusting or indecent... but... I'm not sure if my religion allows me to touch a dead body...

...In that case, I shall do it.

B...but... a girl like you touching a dead body... Shouldn't we leave it to one of the boys after all...?

No, it is much more decent for Fujisaki to be touched by me rather than by a man.
Leave the rest to me...


Are those lilies I see? Are you two in that kind of relationship!?

See the beginning of the first chapter for our discussion of lilies.

We're not! Don't mess with me!!

I shall now begin...
Fujisaki... I am sorry, but it must be done.

Oogami-san stood in front of Fujisaki-san and touched her body gently with both hands.

Search the entire body thoroughly. When you do so, we'll be able to solve this riddle...

T...the entire body... you mean...
What is the meaning of doing th... th... th....

What's wrong!?

It is absurd...!! So very absurd...!!

Oogami-san's entire body shook as she opened her eyes wide and gave Fujisaki-san a doubting look.

S...s...she is...!


A MAN...!