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Part 58: Super High-school Level Update #51 Addendum


I forgot to do this when shooting video for the update, but if we proceed a little towards the cafeteria as we're taking Ishimaru to the locker room, Genocider Syo is standing there for some optional dialogue. I overwrote the save file that would allow me easy access to that scene, so please do with just text for now:

Syo: Oyoyon~? What are you two doing?
Syo: Ahaaaaa! Could it be? Could it be? Could it be?
Syo: Is he fooling around with others now that his beloved brother is gone? I can't say this isn't a turn-on...
Syo: Gaahaaheehaahaa!

Naegi (narration): I regretted my decision to try talking to her immediately.

Syo: ...but I don't really have time for that now! Have you seen Byakuya-sama?!
Naegi: Eh? No, I haven't...
Syo: Aa, enough! He's testing my love!
Syo: Gaaheehaahaahaa!