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Part 61: Super High-school Level Update #54

Pre-vacation quick update!

*Ding dong ding dong*

Good morning, you bastards! It’s 7 am in the morning! Time to wake up!
Let’s all strive to do our best today!

It’s morning... I should go to the cafeteria.

Today Ishimaru-kun and Kirigiri-san aren’t here...

Kirigiri-chi is watching that room.

We do not know what Ishimaru is up to...

Meh. We should just let him be.... That idiot!

You’re... surprisingly angry, aren’t you...

It’s unavoidable. We’re talking about rivalry in love, ‘right?

Don’t put that virgin and me in the same group! His virginity will reflect on me!

I don’t think it’s as much a reflection as it is that you are one, ‘right...?

Wait a second, are you saying that kind of thing is that easy to tell!?

...Please let us not continue this unseemly conversation, and just enjoy breakfast.

But, just when we decided to finally start eating...


...Eh? That voice just now...

And immediately, the cafeteria’s doors flew open with impressive vigor, revealing two figures...


So it is you, Genocider Syo. And furthermore...

You don’t have to ask why I’m with her. I will not bother to answer.

I’ll give you a hint...

I’m wearing red lingerie this morning!!

We... didn’t ask...

Hey, you!!


Your battle strength, from the top, is 88 - 57 - 84... You’re the type that looks thinner with clothes on, aren’t you!!

Speaking of, about those boobs of yours! I’d like to soak in a bathtub of milk - can you make that happen?!

S...she’s scary...!

If you touch Asahina... you will be dealt with!

So, what do you want?
I can’t believe you came here just to have breakfast with us.

Of course I didn’t. I came to hear your story.
I feel there’s something going on that no one told me about...

Is he talking about... Alter Ego...?

...I am sorry, but we cannot talk now.

And why is that...?

We have our reasons.

So you didn’t want anything to do with us until now, and you expect us to suddenly tell you everything?

It’s decided. Once I leave this place, I’m feeding your body to wild birds.

He’s using methods of a dictatorship!?

You sure have a nice democracy here. You won’t even share information with someone who isn’t in your little group...
T...that’s not what we’re trying to do...

Do as you please. But can you at least tell me what’s going on with Ishimaru?
I saw him walking around yesterday, but something about him was strange.

I’m afraid Ishimaru-kun is beyond help now.
W...wait, Celes-san! Don’t say such things!

So he couldn’t take it anymore, and got his spirit broken?
People who swing that cheap sense of justice around like he used to are always the easiest to break.

Nevertheless, it makes things more interesting.

Let me warn you. Don’t let yourself rely on a fake sense of friendship.
...It may just come back and kill you.

So you came all the way here just to say some nasty things again?

It seems I am not liked around here. In that case, let me make you all more comfortable by taking my leave.

Yeah, let’s go.

...You don’t have to come.

Hey, Byakuya-sama... Let’s skip the part where we pretend to hate each other and go straight to the lovey-dovey...

You’re not making any sense...

Togami-kun finished talking, slowly turned his body around...

...and then unexpectedly took off with a sudden burst of speed, sprinting out of the cafeteria.

He ran away...?
I see... he’s the type that runs when they're too embarrassed to confess their love...
Wait for me wait for me wait for me wait for me!! Gyahaahaahaahee!!, so...
What just... happened...?

He’s going through... that thing, ‘right?

You mean the trope where renegade characters become incompetent or has a personality change just before major developments?


Those of us remaining at the cafeteria finished our breakfast, and then went back to our rooms.

Um, so what should I do today?

Yes, it's time for another vote! You can take your time this time around. See you in two weeks!