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Part 62: Super High-school Level Update #55


It's Free Time! Fukawa/Syo got second place, but let's try getting to her first.

So Syo it is. I guess it's worth a try?

Ah, it sure is nice being able to act like a serial killer out in the open...

Hooray for freedom! Geehaahaaheehaa!!

...What should I do? Spending time with such a serial killer... is it really okay?

Spend time together / Go somewhere else

You're just in time! Not being able to kill anyone is starting to irritate me!

But since I can't kill you, at least let me punch you a couple of times instead!

I spent some time being chased by Genocider Syo.

I think we became a little closer... or did we?

Should I give her a present?

Give / Do not give

...but I won't waste a present here. We can give Syo a present, and she may even like it, but we aren't getting a scene right now. Therefore, and since I don't want to waste a Free Time slot, I'll do a little magic trick. I think Naegi is thankful.


Let's find our poll winner instead.

I am sorry. I have no new developments to report...
Neither about a way to escape nor about this school's secret.

What should I do? Should I spend time with Oogami-san?

Spend time together / Go somewhere else

I have just finished my daily training routine and considered taking a break.
It is acceptable to take it slow and converse with someone while drinking a cup of tea once in a while.

I had a leisurely tea time with Oogami-san.

I feel we became a little closer...

Should I give her a present?

Give / Do not give

A bouquet of cherry blossoms: A bouquet made of sakura branches. In the language of flowers the cherry blossom means "Surpassing beauty".

I accept this gift with gratitude.

Naegi, your kindness will not be forgotten.

Thank god. I think that made her happy.

Naegi. May I be honest for a moment?
There is something that troubles me...
Eh? Troubles you...?

There is some training equipment in this school. I am thankful for that, but...
I cannot keep up the kind of training I require in this environment.
I feel I am becoming weaker with every passing day...

Do they except me to continue enduring this situation? I am afraid... I cannot do that...
If it keeps going this way, I... I...!
W...wait a second, Oogami-san! Calm down!
I understand you're impatient, but you can't act hastily...!

...By the way, what kind of training do you require?

I do not approve of modern training methods. That is to say, training using modern equipment...
They can certainly strengthen your muscles, but becoming stronger is not a simple matter of pure physical strength.
It is true that the larger muscles you have the better, but there is a knack to knowing how to use them well.
Inversely, it is possible to tighten your muscles too much and make them easy to injure...
There are certain world-class wrestlers who never do any muscle training other than climbing rope.

In Mixed Martial Arts, we require lifting muscle power, agility, stamina and full cooperation of the entire body.
In order to achieve that, I cannot concentrate on training just a single set of muscles...
I require self-weight training using swing-style suspension, and power training of my entire body...

...Are you listening?
...Eh? Of course I'm listening!

It is not hard to find something to use for suspension, but power training is difficult...
There is a training method I have been using without fail ever since I was young.

I am striking an old tyre with something... Hey, are you listening?
I... I'm listening...!

If that is true, answer me this...
What do you think I have been using since I was young to hit an old tyre with?
Eh...? You want me to guess...!?

Silent pressure... I think she'll get mad if I don't answer...

A training method where you hit an old tyre... I have to think of something!

A sword / Her fists / A sledgehammer

I think I've heard of a type of training where you hit a tyre with a sledgehammer...

...That is correct. I have been doing it daily since I was a child. It is the optimal training for strengthening your body mechanics.
But I cannot do it here...

In this place, I can only continue growing weaker...
But you must endure! Isn't endurance itself a type of strength!?

...Well, isn't it?

I see. Now is the time for spiritual training.

You have taught me well, Naegi. Endurance itself is important.
No... I wan't trying to be preposterous or anything...

I am grateful, Naegi. Thank you for listening to my problems.
I feel refreshed. Thanks to you, I think I am going to be fine.
I made the right decision talking to you. One day, I will find a way to repay you...

Saying that, Oogami-san left the room quietly.

Thank god... It seems I was helpful.

Furthermore, I think I gained her trust. She seemed a little happy...

We get an SP boost from this event.

After parting with Oogami-san, I returned to my room.

There's still time...

I shouldn't just idle the time away. I should go somewhere...

...Maybe Fukawa is back to her old self again?

Nope. Plan B.

Ooh, Naegi Makoto-dono! This sure is an unexpected meeting!

I salute you, Naegi Makoto-dono!

Ah! My wild salutation appears! Yamada's famous death-blow salutation!

What should I do? Can I even stand spending time with him when he's like this?

Spend time together / Go somewhere else

Recently there have been too many cosplayers who don't know their history! They have no idea what cosplay's values and tradition are all about!
I tell them if they don't study the history they're only hurting themselves, but they never listen!
Therefore, I expect you to study hard, Naegi Makoto-dono!

I had a one-sided conversation with Yamada-kun about his interests.

I think we became a little closer...

Should I give him a present?

Give / Do not give

G-SICK: Because of its lack of durability, it's also known as "the disposable wristwatch". That said, it sells very well since it's cheap.

Yamada recovers and looks at you as if it found a new friend!
Will you let it be your friend?

Yamada quotes the monster recruitment lines from Dragon Quest V here. My (very) short research couldn't teach me what this was officially translated into in the English release, so if anyone knows, post the line and I'll revise it here.

Heh heh. You show promise, Naegi Makoto-dono. You truly show some promise...

I humbly agree to give you a little lecture. I want to tell you all about doujin.
If you are to become my friend, you must come to understand us. I will not accept any prejudices against doujin!
I don't think I have any...
I mean, I don't really know anything about it... I just know it's something otaku do...

There it is... Doujin = otaku, is it? You think you can just wrap it all up in a single word...
Eh...? Is that wrong?

Very well, then.
I take the word "otaku" as a fine compliment, after all.
I mean, there is no human more full of knowledge than an otaku.

In other words, an otaku is a specialist. An expert.
After all, we can call musicians "music-otaku" and movie directors "movie-otaku", can't we?
That is, it's those kind of specialists who are the ones cutting their way through the world.
Therefore, if your first association upon hearing the word "doujin" is "otaku"...

You just give us your highest compliment by regarding us as such specialists!
Um... What's the meaning of the word "doujin", anyway?

...Yes! I've been waiting for such a straight philistine question! ktkr!

ktkr (short for "kita kore!", which is the way it's written in the original script) is net slang for excitement when something you were looking for finally happens.

Broadly speaking, it's the people you find at doujin market conventions and specialty shops...
We publish anime and manga and games we create ourselves. We truly are holy warriors.
And what you guys make... is called "doujinshi", right?

It's not limited to printed material. We also make software and music CDs, as well as some merchandise-like goods!

The -shi in doujinshi refers to printed goods.

By the way, do you know what a group of doujin is called?
The kind of group that publishes doujinshi together.

A group that publishes doujinshi... Um, I think it's...

A club / An interest group / A circle

It's called... a circle, isn't it?

Of course! Of course you knew! It's common knowledge, after all!

...and since it's common knowledge, please don't make me explain such basic things again!
...But I told you, I know nothing about it...

I'm certain your level is higher than that!

Oh well... I guess it's unavoidable. This kind of missionary work is part of my job as the representative figure of the doujin world...
I'm certain by the time our situation is over, you'll be ready to attend a doujin market convention as a run of the mill participant...


I hate to spoil his bright enthusiasm, but...

Heh heh. I will give you more lectures about doujin from now on.
I'm looking forward to it!

I can already imagine them...

We get a new skill: Craftwork: Strengthens reloading during Machine-gun Talk Battle.

I parted with Yamada-kun and returned to my room.

Huh...? There's something by the door...

It's a piece of paper... I think it was slipped in under the door...

"Gather at the cafeteria!"

That's some fancy handwriting...

But, a gathering at this time?
Who sent this note? Why? What's the rush?

I have a bad feeling... But I can't just leave this note without seeing what it's about.