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Part 69: Super High-school Level Update #62

Technical note: The astute reader will notice a considerable jump in quality for the screenshots in this post. While I was always reluctant to enable homebrew on my PSP to get a better recording, I got my hands on a second PSP this week that I can do whatever I want to. That's, in fact, why this update took about twice as long - it took time to set up everything and rearrange my workflow. I'm sure you'll find the results more than worth it. And, hey - I also got a SNES emulator on a PSP out of it, so everyone's a winner!

When we left Naegi, he was about to check out the two murder scenes. The physics lab is closer, so we'll start there.

Ah, our favorite serial killer.

The culprit just took the body away while I was here all beddy-bye!

It's so disappointing! I missed my chance to see that ultimate rare scene!

Time to hunt for evidence, starting with the murder weapon.

Justice Hammer #4... That's the hammer Ishimaru-kun was hit with.

The body was carried away, but they left the weapon here.

That pile over there looks familiar.

Hey, those tarps...
I think I saw one elsewhere. A very short time ago...

Then there's that pool of blood on the floor.

There are wheel marks stretching out from the pool of blood in the middle of the room...
Now that I think about it, the wheel on the dolly in the art room was...

That's right, that wheel had some blood stuck to it.
Which means, the blood on that wheel was...

...This blood over here?

In that case, Ishimaru-kun's body was probably carried on that dolly from the physics lab to the art room.

Both rooms are on the same floor, so carrying the body by dolly is not impossible.

System message posted:

"Blood traces in the physics lab" was added to your notes.

But... even though Ishimaru-kun's body was carried by using a dolly...
...How did the culprit manage to carry Yamada-kun's body around?

That body was on the first floor, in the infirmary.

Even if you use a dolly, you can't carry it up the stairs...

It sure is a mystery...

There's nothing else here, so let's go to the second crime scene.

Maybe Celes found something important.

So, what are you investigating, Celes-san?
I wouldn't really call it "investigating".
I've been wandering around, trying to find where Hagakure-kun is hiding.

But let me ask you the same question. How are you doing on your investigation?
Hmmm... I've been looking at all sorts of stuff...
One thing I can't figure out is the trick used to move Yamada-kun's body...

The trick used to move his body...?
When his body disappeared, I left you here in the infirmary, didn't I?

Asahina-san didn't feel well, so I stayed here with her.
After that, she started feeling sick, so I took her to the toilet.
And when you came back, the body was gone...?

Yes. But we really were only gone for a minute or so.

That's exactly what Asahina-san said earlier. If that's true...

So, the culprit managed to move Yamada-kun's body in just a single minute...?

So it seems.

Moving such a huge body away in a minute...

It really does seem impossible.

System message posted:

"Celes' testimony" was added to your notes.

Just like a few minutes ago, we'll start our investigation with the murder weapon.

Justice Hammer #3... That's the hammer Yamada-kun was hit with.

The body was carried away, but they left the weapon here.

There's a fridge in the corner.

It's a fridge... Maybe there's something to drink in it?
My throat got dry because of all the tension, so I think I'll look inside...


There's nothing but lots of blood bags for transfusion.

I'm not a vampire, so I don't think they'll be any help...

And a trash can. There's always something in the trash can.

It looks like a regular trash can, but...
Huh...? There's something inside.

It's too small to be a handkerchief. It's probably a lens cloth.
It looks like merchandise for some kind of character...

But whatever it is, it's soaked with blood...!

...Did you find something?
Yeah, there was a lens cloth in the trash can...

A lens cloth...?
It has blood on it.
I think someone used it to wipe some blood away...
But who'd use a lens cloth to wipe blood? And for what reason?

I'm sorry, I haven't the foggiest idea.

She's right, it is baffling... But... I feel this is important.

System message posted:

"Character goods lens cloth" was added to your notes.

And that's it for the infirmary, leaving us out of places to search. Let's see if we can find something by leaving the infirmary and walking around.

Naegi, here you are. I've been looking for you...
You have...?

I thought I'd repay your favor from before...
I hate saying it, but what you said earlier made this game much more interesting for me.
Try going to Hagakure's room.
And here, have this.

"Gather at the cafeteria!"

That's the note Hagakure-kun called us with yesterday, isn't it?

You have a good memory.
His penmanship was so fancy... It left an impression.

Well, then. Let me give you one warning.
...This is a trap.
What is...?

Heh heh... It really did become interesting, after all...
Um, what do you mean...?
I have already repaid my favor. I have no obligation to tell you anything else.
See you later.

System message posted:

"Hagakure's message" was added to your notes.

Um... He said I should go to Hagakure-kun's room.

What could possibly be in there...?

Only one way to find out!

The door is open...!?
I think I can enter...

Togami-kun said I should check it out... I'm sorry for the invasion of privacy, but I'm going in.

So this is Hagakure-kun's room... He has a ton of strange items all around...

Where did he get it all from...?

Of course, the man himself is nowhere to be found.
I hope he won't mind me going through his room...

There's one thing here of immediate interest.

These cardboard boxes... I think there's something inside.

Are those... plans for something? And also...

There's plaster and plastic... some parts made out of cardboard paper...?

Could this be... Justice Robo?
And since it's right here in Hagakure-kun's room...!

No, wait a second...

These plans...

(On the plans: "Justice Robo" / "The arms should be made to turn like this")

Something doesn't feel right about them...


System message posted:

"Justice Robo plans" was added to your notes.

For some reason there are no hotspots for any of the other weird stuff in the room, and once again we have to step outside without a new goal.

Ah, Naegi! It's terrible! Terrible!!
...What happened?

We found Kirigiri-chan!!
Eh!? Kirigiri-san!? she alright? Where is she?

...But that's not the terrible part...

Justice Robo also appeared on the scene!!
...Justice Robo!?

I mean, it's Hagakure wearing that costume!!
...Anyway, come to the pool on the second floor! Please, hurry!!

I can't believe it... Both Kirigiri-san and Hagakure-kun suddenly appearing at the same time...

She said they're by the pool, right? I should hurry!

I ran to the second floor pool.

I don't think we've ever looked at the far side of the pool.

Kirigiri-san! And...!

Hey, it's rude looking at people like this, 'right!?

It's... Hagakure-kun, isn't it.

Out of everyone here, I'm pretty sure she can explain things the best.

I found Hagakure-kun...
He was stuffed in that poolside locker over there.
He was fast asleep when I found him. I had to kick him a little to wake him up.

That was too cruel!
You should be more gentle when waking people up, 'right? Like, by pushing their belly or something!

...That's just gross.
Anyway... What have you been doing until now, Kirigiri-san?
You disappeared, and we couldn't find you anywhere...

I was just looking into something.
Looking into something...?
It's not important.
Of course it's important!

It's. Not. Important.

We have better things to discuss.

Better things to discuss... Does she even understand her situation?

...That she's being suspected of being the mastermind's mole?

First, we should hear what Hagakure-kun has to say about the situation. Why he looks like that...

You see... I'm not really sure myself.
I fell asleep somehow, and just woke up minutes ago into this predicament...

...Whatever it is, we have to do something about this costume. It's a pain even talking to you like that.

About that...
I'm not sure why, but I can't take it off me! Can someone give me a hand?

You should have at least made a costume you can take off on your own.

I didn't make this!

...I think you can't remove it because of this clasp on the back.

It's fastened very tightly.
I guess there's no helping it. I'll unfasten it for you.

With everyone's cooperation, we started taking Hagakure-kun out of the costume.

We took it apart piece by piece, and after a few minutes...

Ahh, finally free!

By the way, isn't this costume a surprisingly perfect fit for you?

If we turn this around, it's better to say no one else here can possibly put on the cosplay suit.

What was that...? Wait a second...!

Don't try playing dumb. I found the plans in your room.

In other words, it's perfectly clear that it was you who made this costume.

I saw those plans as well...
Yeah... Me too...

So it's just as we thought... he put on that costume and went hitting people on the head...

It really was Hagakure, wasn't it?!

Maybe we should tie him up.

You're right... Otherwise, we might have more victims on our hands...

T...tie me up...!
W...wait, everyone... that's too much...

He may be our prime suspect, but we should at least give him a chance.

By the way...

What's all this talk about plans and tying people up? I don't get what's going on...

Don't try giving us any excuses...
We all know already. You're the culprit.

What? A culprit? I know nothing! It was probably someone imitating me!!

This costume doesn't fit anyone else.
You're the only one who could have been that suspicious person!

Are you sure no one else can wear it? We'll never know unless we try!

Fine! If that's how you want it, I'll try putting it on!

Not wasting any time, Asahina-san immediately started putting on the Justice Robo costume...

See?! It's too big for me!!
And speaking of...
It has a horrible field of vision! I can't even see my feet! You must have practiced walking around in this thing!
I told you... it wasn't me...
And also...
I can't turn my waist at all! This really is a sloppy design!!
Hey, don't go calling other people's designs sloppy!
No, no, I just thought she was rude! It's not like they're my plans...
Whatever. I think I proved my point, didn't I?
It's clear you're the only one who can wear this costume!!

Saying that, Asahina-san sullenly took the costume off.

...Well, how about it? You can't make any more excuses...'s just that you're a girl... A man can wear it...

Naegi, try it on.

I reluctantly gathered the costume parts and started putting them on.

It's no use. The arms are too long for me. It doesn't fit at all...

A-ha! Just as I suspected!!

It really does seem it was made with Hagakure-kun's physique in mind...

Maybe... there's another costume that looks like that... and the guy who wore it is your culprit...

If you're going to claim that, why don't you find some proof?


If there's another costume, go find it and show it to us.

W...why does it have to be me...?!

However you look at it, you're the only one without an alibi for the time the murders too place...
That's why you're definitely the culprit!

B...but... I'm telling the truth! I have no idea what's going on...
Will someone please explain this to me...?

System message posted:

"Justice Robo costume" was added to your notes.

Before explaining things to Hagakure, we have a chance to see what the others think of these latest developments.

I can't believe Hagakure-kun and Kirigiri-san appeared together at the same time...

I wonder where she was?
I... I don't really know...

She's probably working for the mastermind after all. That's the easiest way to explain her suspicious behaviour...

Are you going to defend her?
I mean... Kirigiri-san saved us several times....

...That was probably also for the mastermind. That's how she got us to trust her.

Next, Togami.

...Huh. This trap just gets more and more apparent.

A man of few words. Asahina?

There's nothing he can say now... Hagakure-kun is definitely the culprit!

Okay, let's get back on track. Can you explain what's going on...? I have no idea...
From the way you're talking, it seems someone died, but...
Hey, Naegi-chi... Who... was killed...?
Both Ishimaru-kun and Yamada-kun are dead...

Eh!? Two people!?

You killed them, you know.

It wasn't me!!

...Wait. If those two were killed...!

...That's it! I know who the culprit is!!

...I guess it wouldn't hurt to hear you out.

Both Ishimaru-chi and Yamada-chi were after Alter Ego, 'right?

Which means! The culprit is Chihiro Fujisaki working through Alter Ego himself!!

I see. How disappointing.


It's no use trying to trick us... Can't you just admit you did it?

B...but... I really am telling the truth...!

Ah, that's right! There was that note!!
A note...?

Yesterday evening, someone pushed a strange note under my door...
I remember what was written on it.
"I found a secret passage. We can see outside. We may be able to escape."
"It would be bad if Monobear found out, so don't talk about it with anyone and gather in the recreation room at 1am". That's what it said.

But... when I was on my way to the recreation room, I think I fell asleep...
It must have been the culprit's doing, drugging me with something...!

...That's such a lame excuse.

It's not impossible, though. There are some medicine in the infirmary that can be used as sleep inducers.

Eh... really...?

I must have been tricked...
Someone lured me out with promises of hidden passages and the outside world...!

Even if that's true, it seems it was far too easy to trick you...

When you're locked in a place for so long, you're going to check such things out even if you realize they're probably a lie, 'right?

I was deceived! They took advantage of my feelings of wanting to escape!!

You're still stinking with lies.

They're not lies!!

If that's so, why don't you show us that note?

Sure! I think it was in this pocket...

It seems... it's gone.

Sure, sure.

Please believe me! I'll never kill anyone!!

I said it before. If you want us to believe you, show us that note.
I don't care what you claim happened. If you want us to believe you, give us some proof.

Uu... how did it come to this...!

System message posted:

"Hagakure's testimony" was added to your notes.

...Well, then. We should return to the investigation. There is probably not much time left until the school trial begins.

Is that even necessary? It's clear who the culprit is this time...

Why...? Why did you kill Yamada and Ishimaru...? How could you...?

No, I told you...

Did you do it for the money...?
That's probably it... You have money problems, don't you?

I'm telling you, I'm wrongly accused! Somebody save me!!

Be thankful we decided not to tie you up!!

...If you have time to cry like that, isn't searching for your lost item be a better use of it?

...Ah! You're right! I'll go looking for that note and costume straight away!!
Run! Dash!!

I should also go back to guarding...
I asked Fukawa-chan... I mean Genocider, to take my place for a while.

If she gets in a fight with Sakura-chan or something, it's going to get messy...
See you...

But as people started going their own way...

Naegi-kun, do you have a minute?
I need you to help me with the investigation.

It seems I'm starting a little late. I must be as efficient as possible in the remaining time...
I don't mind helping... But if I do, can you promise me something?
After this is over, tell me the reason you disappeared for a while.

I refuse.

That was a fast answer...

In any case, I still want your help. You don't mind, do you?

You're a lifesaver. Let's go.