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Part 71: Super High-school Level Update #64

Scroller: Finally, a double-murder... Who is the culprit who took Yamada and Ishimaru's lives?! A school trial where doubt gives birth to new doubts!

Rest assured, I equip the best skills.


Let’s start with a simple explanation of our school trial! The result of the trial is determined by your own votes.
If the correct culprit is chosen, they alone will be punished. However... if the wrong person is voted for...

Everyone but the culprit will be punished. The culprit alone, having managed to fool everyone, will publicly graduate this school!

Well, then... let's start with...

We already know who the culprit is!


It's the person who disappeared and has no alibi for any of the crimes. The person we found wearing that strange costume. Yasuhiro Hagakure-kun...

It can't be anyone else... you are the culprit, aren't you...!

I...I told you, it's a big mistake! Someone drugged me and...!

Shut your mouth, you murdering bastard!!

Why are you of all people calling me that!!

Hagakure-kun. I'm sorry, but there's too much evidence against you.

We have the plans you made for that costume, and furthermore...

A box of materials that were probably used to make it...

We found them all in your room. That's decisive evidence.
You made that costume, put it on and went on your crime spree, didn't you.

B...but, I... I...

I don't know don't know don't know don't know don't know anything about that!!

Is Hagakure-kun really the culprit? Or maybe...

First, we must make that clear...!

Chapter 3 - Phase 1 (Youtube via Polsy)


Evidence Bullets: Justice Robo costume, Hagakure's message, Justice Robo plans

We found them in your room...

Those plans and materials tell the whole story.

They tell us that you are the culprit...

I...I... I know nothing!!

It was a trap! A conspiracy!

Hagakure... Why did you kill them...?

Just wait a second!!

Decisive evidence... Is that really the case?

This chapter ramps up the nonstop debate difficulty level considerably, as we'll see soon. They're giving us one freebie to start with, though.

Evidence bullet: Hagakure's message
Those plans and materials tell the whole story.


Are you sure Hagakure-kun really wrote those plans?

What... do you mean?

I mean, take a look at this...

It's the note Hagakure-kun wrote to gather all of us when Alter Ego went missing...
Isn't the handwriting clearly not the same?

It couldn't be any more different from the sloppy one on those plans over here...

I agree. It's unimaginable that they were written by the same person...

...Isn't he just using different handwriting for private and public use?

No. This does not look like a simple gap between styles...

It's not like I'm even clever enough to use different styles, y'know...!

So... Are you saying Hagakure-kun isn't the culprit, Naegi?

It's not just Naegi. I'm thinking the same thing.


If that's so, who was that walking around in the Justice Robo costume!?
Are you saying it was someone else in a second costume, like Hagakure thought!?

That suspicious person's true identity...

Naegi. Answer that question for us.

...Why is he throwing the question to me, all of a sudden?

Naegi, just answer... Who was that in the Justice Robo costume?

That suspicious person... The only one who could have been behind that costume is...

A shadowy organization / Aoi Asahina / Yasuhiro Hagakure

It... could have been no one but Hagakure-kun.
He's the only one who fits in that costume, and we never found a second one...

There's no question. That suspicious person's identity was Hagakure.

You're making no sense, you two! You were just saying he's not the culprit, weren't you?!

It's not that strange. It's simply that he was that suspicious person, but he isn't the culprit.

So, are you saying that...

...That's right. These murders have nothing to do with that suspicious person.


A magnificent feat of logic!!

...Do you have any proof? We need proof showing that suspicious person isn't the culprit...

Of course I do. But before that...

There is something we need to make very clear. Let us first discuss that thing.

Hey, don't act so self-important...!

There is a proper order to everything.

In that case... what is it? That thing you need to make clear...?

It's the way Ishimaru's body was moved.
When that body was moved, what was used to carry it around...?
How about it, Naegi? Can you answer that question?

Something used to carry Ishimaru-kun's body around... That must be...

Evidence bullet: Dolly in the art room

There was one more thing...!

Evidence bullet: Tarp

A dolly and a tarp... wasn't it?


Is he... irritated?, let me explain...

When we found Ishimaru-kun's body, which disappeared from the physics lab, at the art room storage...
His body was laid on top of a tarp, wasn't it?

That tarp was probably taken from the pile that's at the physics lab.

When the culprit carried Ishimaru-kun's body form the physics lab, he must have wrapped it in that tarp.
Probably so no blood is spilled, leaving traces...

It does seem a tarp has been used, but what about the dolly?

I know that because...

When we first found Ishimaru-kun's body at the physics lab, I'm sure there was a dolly near it...

But after the body disappeared, that dolly disappeared with it.

After that, when we found Ishimaru-kun's body at the art room storage...

That dolly was right there, next to the body.

To summarize, you want to say that the body was moved using the dolly, don't you?

But, aren't you just misremembering?


When you first found Ishimaru-kun's body at the physics lab, was there really a dolly next to him?
That kind of dolly is often used in the art rooms to carry statues and such around, isn't it?

The fact that it was at the physics lab at all isn't normal.
Are you sure you're not just imagining it being in the physics lab in the first place?

She has a point, Naegi... So, what do you plan to do?

Don't worry, Naegi-kun. No one is really expecting much from you.

It is very clear to all of us you aren't the brightest character around.

Not the brightest character... that's the first time someone says that to my face, but... in order to clear my name...

I'll show her the proof that that dolly moved from the physics lab to the art room...!

Tutorial posted:

I will now explain about reloading.
From this Machine Gun Talk Battle onward, we are adding one more element.
On the bottom of the screen, below the tempo marker, your number of remaining bullets will be displayed.
Until now, you could recklessly shoot as much as you want, without any limit, but...
From now on, it isn't enough to just lock on and push the triangle button to destroy arguments.
To shoot down one argument, a single bullet is required.
When your bullets are gone, no amount of locking can destroy your opponent's arguments.
Instead, you must first reload using the square button.
Much like locking on and shooting, you must time reloading to the tempo marker.
Please add the square button to the circle, triangle sequence you were using before.
When entering Fever Time, your bullets will automatically recover and their number will not decrease.
By the way, if you are playing on the "kind" difficulty level, reloading is not required.

We have a skill equipped that reloads two bullets instead of just one every time we push the square button.

Chapter 3 - Phase 2 (Youtube via Polsy)


When Ishimaru-kun's body was discovered in the physics lab, was the dolly really there?

Evidence bullet: Blood traces in the physics lab

If you're looking for proof that dolly was used, I have one right here.

When I found the dolly in the art room, there was blood on its tire...

There were also marks from that same tire next to the blood puddle at the physics lab.
When the culprit carried the body on the dolly, they were probably sloppy and pushed the tire into the blood...
...And then pushed it with blood still on the tires all the way to the art room.
...That's my proof. When Ishimaru-kun's body was moved, the culprit used the dolly...!


Even Celes-san is irritated with me...?

...It doesn't really matter, though. It was just a complementary discussion anyway. Let's return to the main issue.

That's right! You were saying Justice Robo isn't the culprit! If he really isn't...

...which Robo is the real culprit, then!?

Asahina. I do not think a Robo was involved at all...

I guess it's time to discuss this issue. You want proof our suspicious person isn't these murders' culprit?
If you just think about the way Ishimaru's body was moved, you'll find the answer soon enough.

The proof that the suspicious person has nothing to do with the murders... lies in the way Ishimaru-kun's body was carried...

...What does he mean?

Chapter 3 - Phase 3 (Youtube via Polsy)


Evidence bullets: Justice Robo costume, Dolly in the art room, Justice Robo plans

The culprit killed Ishimaru in the physics lab...

And then moved his body elsewhere, didn't he?

He wrapped the body in a tarp...

Put it on a dolly and carried it away, right?

That dolly had no handle on it.

But, even though it had no handle...

If you stoop down...

It's very easy to push it around!

The culprit did just that...

...and pushed the dolly to the art room!

Do you get it now...?

The reason that suspicious person can't be the culprit?

I... have no clue...

Ishimaru-kun's body was carried on that dolly... That's clear.
But... could that suspicious person really push it around?

You'll notice the sudden increase in the number of weak points. Not only that, all three evidence bullets we are given are related to the problem at hand. Things are starting to get tricky. Here's the correct combination:

Evidence bullet: Justice Robo costume
If you stoop down...


It's true that if you stoop down it's easy enough to push a handle-less dolly around...

But... could someone wearing that costume really do such a thing?

W...what do you mean?

Try to remember. It was when we were checking that costume together...

It has a horrible field of vision! I can't even see my feet! You must have practiced walking around in this thing!
I told you... it wasn't me...
And also...
I can't turn my waist at all! This really is a sloppy design!!

When you have that costume on, not only can't you see your feet, but you can't turn your waist either...
Wasn't that what you said, Asahina-san?

Now that you mention it... I guess I did...

If you cannot turn your waist, it is exceedingly difficult to push a handle-less dolly.

In that case, maybe the culprit moved the dolly by kicking it around...?

But they couldn't see their feet! Can you really move a dolly like that in that condition?

There's no way they could do it like that! Not that I have any experience or anything!

In addition, if they were wearing a costume that's as difficult to make fine movements with as that one is...
It's a mystery how the culprit even managed to wrap the body in a tarp.

They probably just removed the costume when they had to move the body, didn't they?

No, it can't be that they removed the costume in order to move the body... The reason for that is...

They couldn't remove it on their own / Once you wear it it doesn't come off / Removing it requires strength

It's impossible that they removed the costume just for moving the body... I mean...

I'm not sure why, but I can't take it off me! Can someone give me a hand?
You should have at least made a costume you can take off on your own.
I didn't make this!
...I think you can't remove it because of this clasp on the back.
It's fastened very tightly.
I guess there's no helping it. I'll unfasten it for you.

I see... it is impossible to remove that costume without help...

...Is that really true? Maybe Hagakure was just lying back then?

I...I wasn't lying!

If he could remove it on his own, why wouldn't he take it off before we discovered him wearing it?
What reason could he have to pull everyone's suspicions towards himself?

T...that's right!

So, is it really true that Justice Robo couldn't have pushed that dolly...?

That means that the culprit who carried body could not have been Hagakure wearing the Justice Robo costume.

Wait a second, everyone. Aren't you forgetting something? I took a photo...

You all saw it, didn't you? Yamada-kun was carried away by that suspicious person...
If that suspicious person isn't the culprit, what was that all about?

Furthermore, Yamada-kun told us before he died...

How did you get these wounds...?

He hit me...
Are you talking about...?
It was Justice Robo... I just decided on the name now...

As long as we have this evidence, the conclusion is unavoidable.

The culprit is that suspicious person... that is, Hagakure-kun.

She's right! It's him after all!

W...wait a second...!

It's still early to come to a conclusion.
We can make our decision at any time...
Before we do that, isn't it best to discuss other possibilities?
Instead of looking at it from a single point of view, examining an incident from multiple view points is often helpful in reaching the truth.

But what should we do, concretely?

Let's summarize everything that happened from the very beginning. Something new may come up...

Feh! How bothersome!!
Our lives are on the line. It may be bothersome but it is necessary...

Kirigiri-chan wasn't even with us when it all happened, so she might learn something she doesn't know!

Well, then, let us turn back to when it all started once more.
It all started this morning...