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Part 74: Super High-school Level Update #67

Honestly, how can it be anyone else?


Oh my... Am I being suspected?

Heh heh, please stop joking around...

A joke? I don't believe one was intended.

...Fine. Are you saying I worked together with Yamada-kun?
Me, working together with Yamada-kun...

There's no fucking way I'd ever do that, you stupid fools!! Who'd fucking want to work with a wimp like him?!!

...I beg your pardon.

Let me warn you. I have evidence.


That's right. During today's events, there is something that the two of you, and only the two of you, did...

That's my evidence that you worked together!

Something only Celes-san and Yamada-kun did... Could that possibly be...?

Witnessing the suspicious person / Hiding a note in their underpants / Yelling out loud

The thing no one else but them did has to do with that suspicious person, doesn't it?
Yamada-kun and Celes-san are the only people who ever witnessed that suspicious person in the Justice Robo costume.

You interrupted my speech.

I...I'm sorry...

It's just as he said, though. The only two people who witnessed that suspicious person were Yamada and Celes.
If Yamada is one of the culprits, it's just natural to also suspect Celes' testimony on that matter.

Are you saying... it was all a lie?

After we took Yamada to the infirmary, we all set up to go and search for the suspicious person, didn't we?
Recall what Celes said just then.

I saw a shadow... There was a shadow moving at the top of the stairs over there!

We moved to the second floor following her words.
Then, in order to lead us to the physics lab on the third floor, Celes...

She moved to the third floor and yelled...

And what did she say when we got to the third floor in response?

Celes-chan, what happened!?
That was sure an unexpectedly loud yell, coming from you...
I found him... That cosplaying suspicious person...
He ran away when he heard me yell.
The stairs were behind me, so he ran the other way, and turned at the end of the corridor to the left.

That's how she manipulated us into heading to the physics lab. But just then...

...was the other party's turn to act.



W...what was that...!?
It came from down the stairs. Which means, that scream just now was...!
Yamada-kun... in the infirmary...?
That sounded really bad! Let's go back!!

Was that all... to make us split up and find both bodies at the same time...!?

If you recall, the one who suggested that we split up was also Celes.

...Let's split into two groups.
I'm going for the robot. That's much more interesting.
In that case, Naegi-kun, Asahina-san and me will go back to the infirmary...
Fukawa-san, Togami-kun and Oogami-san can continue chasing our suspicious person.

How about it? If we accept that Celes and Yamada worked together, every coincidence becomes the result of a very careful plan...


Let me add one thing. About the time you raised your voice and yelled...


That was also intended as a signal for Yamada-kun, wasn't it?
You wanted to signal to him that you just arrived at the third floor, and that he should make his dying scream soon.
That was the reason your yell was unnaturally loud. It could be heard all over the school.


There's one more thing that was suspicious...
When we found Yamada-kun playing dead in the infirmary...

I... couldn't have foreseen it...
That Yamada-kun...
Would be killed...!

At that time, it was Celes who first said he was dead, wasn't it?
She was just trying to convince us his death was real, wasn't she.


I...I can't believe it... Everything Celes-chan did... was an act?!

...You were with her when Yamada-kun's body disappeared, weren't you, Asahina-san?

Yeah... I didn't feel so well, so Celes-chan took me to the bathroom...

...Eh! That too...!?

She wasn't concerned about your condition. She was just trying to give Yamada-kun time to escape the infirmary.

Taken individually, any one thing could be a small coincidence. But when you put them all together they become extremely suspicious...

...Don't you agree, Celes?

Well, how should I put it...?

It's no use playing dumb...

You also made one conclusive blunder.

...A blunder?

When I first heard it, I didn't think much of it, but...
Right now I feel it's clear. You made one grave error.

What... are you talking about?

It was when we returned to the infirmary after hearing about Yamada's body's disappearance...

It’s almost as if... he’s enjoying himself.
Enjoying himself watching us running around in fear...
If this goes on... we’ll all end up dead.
He’s going to kill the rest of us just like he killed the guys...

I also heard her say those words. Is something strange about them?

Listen well. The three people who found Ishimaru dead in the physics lab were me, Oogami and Fukawa.
After that, Naegi arrived on the scene and told us about Yamada's death. We left Fukawa behind and went out of the physics lab.
When we got to the corridor, we met Celes. The four of us went back down to the infirmary.
During that time, none of us spoke one word about Ishimaru's death.

If you take all that into consideration, what Celes said was extremely strange. I would even say it was unnatural.

I have absolutely no clue what you're reaching for here...

Hey, Celes. It seems everyone is confused. Would you be so kind to repeat that thing you said for everyone's sake?

It's not a problem if you aren't the culprit, is it?


There's something strange thing about what Celes said...
What does Togami-kun mean by that...?

Phase 11 (Dailymotion)


Evidence Bullets: Electronic Student ID Cards, Monobear File 3, Celes' testimony

This is what I said...

It's almost as if... he's enjoying himself.

Enjoying himself watching us...

running around in fear...

If this goes on... we'll all end up dead.

He's going to kill the rest of us just like he killed the guys.

...That's all.

Do you get it now?

There's something unnatural in Celes' words...

When she said that... she couldn't possibly know.

In that case, the unnatural thing about her words is...

Several people picked up on this on the thread. To counter, we first need to pick up an Evidence Bullet from Togami.

There's something unnatural in Celes' words...

Evidence Bullet: Something unnatural
He's going to kill the rest of us just like he killed the guys.


That's it... Celes-san shouldn't have been able to say something like "he killed the guys" at that point in time.

I mean, we never told her that Ishimaru-kun was dead when she said that, did we?


Furthermore, we met Celes after we came out into the corridor.
That means she never had a chance to look inside the physics lab and see the body for herself.

So how did Celes-san know?
How did she know more than one person was killed? And that they were both male...?

At that time Kirigiri-san was also no where to be found. She could have also been dead, couldn't she?

Justice Translation Retcon #1: I originally translated that line with "them" instead of "the guys", which retained the gist of the clue. Unfortunately for me, Naegi decided to also pick up on the fact Celes used a masculine plural third person pronoun. Damn English and its genderless pronouns. Look for the larger, deadlier Justice Translation Retcon #2 soon.


Heh heh heh heh...

You have a very good imagination, don't you?


You were just talking about how me witnessing that suspicious person was all a big lie, weren't you?

If that's so, how do you explain the photo?

What's your explanation for this picture, that clearly shows Yamada-kun carried by the suspicious person?

Maybe... you faked that photo...?
You wore that costume yourself... and then... set the camera's self-timer and took that photo...?

Aren't you forgetting something? The only person who could wear this costume is you.

In addition, this camera has no self-timer function.

That means, the fact that the suspicious person carried Yamada-kun is an unavoidable truth.
If you claim everything I said was a lie, please explain what that photo is.

I wonder if this really is a photo of the suspicious person carrying Yamada-kun.

...What do you mean?

There is a possibility the photo isn't of Yamada being carried by the suspicious person...

I can't see... any other possibility.

Another possibility?

If this photo isn't showing the suspicious person carrying Yamada-kun...

What could it be showing...?

Yamda-kun and the suspicious person dancing / Yamada-kun carrying the suspicious person / Yamada-kun and the suspicious person drunk

This is not a photo of the suspicious person carrying Yamada-kun...

It's probably a photo of Yamada-kun carrying the suspicious person!


...Just what I was thinking.

The one being carried in this photo isn't Yamada-kun. It's the suspicious person.
We were probably just made to think that it was the other way around...

That strange costume... was probably also used just to throw us off track.
Anyone seeing that costume is likely to immediately suspect whoever is inside.

A...and just like that they turned me into a suspect while I was sleeping!

Heh... Heh heh heh heh...
Heh heh... That's...

Just your wonderful imagination, isn't it.
Yamada-kun was doing the carrying? That's just foolish...

Is it really? I don't think so, myself.

Well, then, let me tell you the reason I think it's impossible...

A reason why it was impossible for Yamada-kun to carry the suspicious person away...

Does such a reason... really exist?

Phase 12 (Dailymotion)


Evidence Bullets: Justice Robo costume / Electronic Student ID Cards / Wet hammer / Hagakure's message / Justice Robo plans

After I lost my consciousness, they put that costume on me...

...and then Yamada-chi carried me, right?!

That's how they made me look like the prime suspect!

But that's impossible, you see...

The suspicious person in this photo is standing upright.

If you really were unconscious inside...

You couldn't have possibly maintained that pose.

So the culprit is our Idiot Fortuneteller after all!

W...why did it come to this again!?

No, that's not right. There's a big contradiction in what Celes said just now.

Yeah, we can't let her try to confuse us!

Evidence Bullet: Justice Robo costume
You couldn't have possibly maintained that pose.


No. Even if the person inside was unconscious, they were still probably standing up...
...thanks to the special characteristics of that Justice Robo costume.

I can't turn my waist at all! This really is a sloppy design!!

That's right! That costume's design was sloppy and you couldn't bend or turn its waist at all!

Was it really because of a faulty design, I wonder.

Don't you think it was made that way for the exact purpose of faking that photo?


Celes-san... You and Yamada-kun put that unbending costume on the unconscious Hagakure-kun...

...and took that fake photo.

All to make us believe in the existence of that suspicious person!


It sppears we have a checkmate.


Heh... heh heh heh heh...

Heh... heh... heh heh... heh heh heh...



You seem to insist on taking me down as the culprit, but that's just a huge mistake!!
Aren't you forgetting something? Yamada-kun said something fucking important just before he died!!

...Yamada, who did this to you!? Who attacked you?
Who is the culprit?!
I... know... the culprit’s... name... I remember...

When asked about the identity of the culprit, he answered very clearly, didn't he?
He said the culprit is "Yasuhiro"...

And that means the culprit is YASUHIROOOOOOOOOOO!! name is n...not really Yasuhiro! real name is actually, um, Tarosuke... or something...

By making such an obvious lie, you are just making things more complicated.

Nevertheless, when Yamada-kun said "Yasuhiro", did he really mean Hagkure-kun?

Bitch! What are you talking about! You're going down!!

Kirigiri-san... What do you mean?

Try to recall... How did Yamada-kun call other people...?
How did he always say our names?

He added -chi / He used our first name / He used our full name

That's right... He always used our full names! And that means he said our family name first!

It was always something like "Naegi Makoto-dono", wasn't it...

That means if Yamada meant to point out Hagakure-kun, he would have started saying "Hagakure Yasuhiro-dono".

Justice Translation Retcon #2: This conversation hangs on the fact that the game takes place in Japan, where you say the last name first and first name second. The LP is now retocnned so Yamada always called people that way, instead of reversing the order like I originally did. Fortunately, that's not much of a stretch - my translation note when he first speaks now says that since he calls people as if they were samurai (with the -dono honorific), I decided to keep the traditional order in the translation. By the way, I made that retcon to all relevant updates almost three weeks ago and no one noticed. I'm disappointed.

T...that's just a coincidence... he dropped the formalities just this once...

Just this once...?

...Be quiet, you.

A one-time coincidence... That would be fairly convenient for you, wouldn't it?

I don't believe it's possible. Yamada-kun tried saying the culprit's full name, just like he always did.
Unfortunately, he couldn't complete it in time...

So... the person he tried to accuse was someone whose last name is "Yasuhiro"...?

I do not believe there is anyone here called that.

No, wait a second... There's one person here who could have that name...
The one person who never told us her real name... Celes-san...

What... was that...?
I must say... it's amusing how far you're willing to go...

Oy! Don't say such retarded things! Someone like me with a name as lame as "Yasuhiro"...?

Aaa!? Off with your head!!

In that case, please tell us... What is your real name?

Fine! Try to open those dirty ears of yours because I'm going to say it loud and clear!!

My real name is Celestia Ludenberg! Don't make me say it twice!!

Celes-san... She isn't admitting it... In that case...

I'm going to have to make her...!

Phase 13 (Dailymotion)


Evidence Bullets: Justice Robo costume / Electronic Student ID Cards / Wet hammer / Hagakure's message / Justice Robo plans

The person Yamada-kun was accusing...

...was someone whose last name is Yasuhiro.

The only one among us who could have that name...

...Is Celes, whose real name we do not know.

How many times do I have to repeat myself...

My name is...

Celestia Lunderberg!!

How long are you planning to keep it up...?

This is not me keeping it up... It's the truth...

As long as you don't have a way to prove it otherwise...

It remains the truth! Fools!

Is there really no way to make her admit it...?

Luckily, we know just the thing!

Evidence Bullet: Electronic Student ID Cards
As long as you don't have a way to prove it otherwise...


I have no idea why the game penalizes me for time in this round. It seems that just for this phase, it wants me to shoot the offending sentence without letting the conversation loop in order to get a perfect score.

That's it... Our Electronic Student ID Cards!!


They show our real names when they're turned on, don't they?
I remember that's what Monobear said when he gave them to us...

The Electronic Student ID card is necessary for your daily activities. It’s very important, so try not to lose it!!
When you first turn it on please confirm your own real name is displayed on the screen.
It has many uses besides simple identification, though...

In other words, if we check her Electronic Student ID Card, it can be made clear.

Her real name can be made clear!

T...that's an invasion of privacy...! I won't allow it...!


Can't you tell the truth, just this time?

The truth...


My nature is to never admit defeat, even when my king is put in check.

Because because because because because because because because!

You can never tell what the final result is before the game is completely over... Not a second before!

In that case... let's make that final result clear...
Let's turn back once more to the very beginning, show how today's events really went down...

...and end this game once and for all!!