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Part 88: Super High-school Level Update #78

As expected, Sakura, Asahina and Kirigiri aren't available for free time scenes. They are all hanging around the school, but will either straight out refuse to talk with us or we can spend time with them but get no scene. So instead --

Sakura Oogami... She's dangerous. And so is Aoi Asahina.
Either of them may kill at any moment.

...What should I do? Should I spend time with Togami-kun?

Spend time / Go somewhere else

...Very well. I can spare some of my precious time for you.
You should be thankful for it...

I spent some time with Togami-kun...

I think we became a little closer...
Should I give him a present?

Give / Do not give

Showa Radio: A classic radio that looks like an antique but is built with the latest techniques. Unfortunately, there is no radio reception inside this school.

Where did you get this...?!
This is a rare specimen that even the combined power of the Togami conglomerate couldn't get hold of...!

I will keep it from now on...!

Seeing someone so happy with my gift... makes me a little happy myself.

When all is said and done, calling me a "Super High-school Level Heir" describes but one of my numerous skills.
The word "heir" may give you the wrong idea. I am not just relying on the patronage of the Togami family.

Huh...? Did he just start speaking about himself without being prompted...?

It would be best to call me the Savior of the Togami family.
The Togami conglomerate is already one of the world's largest, but under my leadership it will take a huge leap forward...
I really am such a person of exceptional talent. I'm superior to anyone in the family.

That is, even in a distinguished family such as mine, I am the most distinguished. have amazing self-confidence... don't you...

It's self-confidence that's based on fact. I have real achievements that support it.

My personal assets already exceed 40,000,000,000 yen. I earned it all without relying on the Togami power.

That's about 500 million dollars.

T...that much?! How did you do it!?

In a span of one day, one acquires stocks and sells them. Trading during such a short period of time secures margins from the fluctuation in stock prices...

Even a simpleton such as yourself must have heard of the practice...?

A method of trading stocks within a single day... I've heard about it...

Trading cards / Trademark / Day trade

It's called "day trade", isn't it?
So, you made 400,000,000,000 yen by day trading?

I started doing it just to kill time, but before I knew it I earned that much.
...It's not a big deal.

No, it really is... And also...

Can high school students even participate in the stock market?

My name is Byakuya Togami.

Was that... an answer to the question?

That amount of money doesn't mean much to the Togami conglomerate, but it is helpful as a personal fund.
Do you understand now how much more I am than a simple heir...?
So you want to say...
That you should have been called a "Super High-school Level Day Trader" instead...

I have already quit trading... It was a boring game. Too easy.

He keeps saying such outrageous things...

Whatever I do, it's always the same.
The world itself is too easy for me.
For me, the world is that thing that moves according to my wishes.

So that's what Togami-kun bases his self-confidence on...
Our worlds are so different...

They really are.

This event gives us more SP.

Still dizzy from Togami-kun's speech, I returned to my room.

There's still time...
I can't stay inside all day. I should go somewhere...

On to our second target.

I had a dream yesterday.
Using power from the spirit world, we escaped from the tyranny of this school!

So don't worry! I'm sure it was a premonition!!

...What should I do? Should I spend time with Hagakure-kun?

Spend time / Go somewhere else

In that case, I'll let you see something special. The "stigmata" on my back.

Heh heh heh... it won't cost you anything...

Hagakure-kun showed me some marks I couldn't understand on his back.

I think we got a little closer...

Should I give him a present?

Give / Do not give

Endless dandelion: A toy dandelion. It's fun blow its fuzz away. The fuzz is connected with a thin string, so one can rewind and enjoy it many times over.

This can get me a good price at a pawnshop, 'right?
Ah, I'm looking forward for that!

I think he's a little happy...?

Yo! Naegi-chi -- my brother in more ways than one! Let's do our best raising our children together!
Oh, just quit it already...

Oh? Do you want another reading!?
Not really.
But speaking of, I was wondering - what do you use for your readings?
I mean, last time you didn't take a look at my palm, and I didn't see you using any tools...

Whoa, so you know all about divination tools, do you...
You know more about fortune telling than you let on, don't you, Naegi-chi?
I don't need any special knowledge to know about fortune telling equipment, you know.

Here's a riddle for you, then. If you get it right, I'll give you a discount.
I...I don't really need...

There are 22 cards in the major arcana, and 56 in the minor arcana.
Do you know what the divination method that uses only the major arcana is generally known as?

Cards in the major and minor arcana... A divination that uses just the ones in the major arcana...

Um... I think that was...

Playing cards / Tarot / I Ching

I do. It's tarot divination, isn't it?

Ooh! Bingo! Instead of a prize I'll give you a reading for just 60,000 yen!

About $750.

...Um, I mean, I told you I don't need one!

Is that so? If you change your mind just tell me anytime.
Can we get back to my original question?
If you don't use any tools, how do you get your readings?

Don't get any wrong ideas. I have my own special techniques, 'right?
For example, I know all about numerology!

You can calculate a person's fortune and fate based on their name and birthdate!
But... I don't think you used that kind of thing either...?

I gave you an inspiration-based divination!
I employ some kind of inner power, and inspiration floats into my head!
I think that's what normal people call "a hunch"...

You can't just sum it up with such a cheap-sounding word!
So it's not a hunch? It's some kind of supernatural power?

Hey! I'm not one of those fortune tellers that deal with the occult! I hate the occult! It has nothing to do with me!!

So, he hates the occult, does he...

Oh, that reminds me! I had some good new for you, Naegi-chi. There's a special bonus attached if you get a reading from me.
It's a CD of spiritual messages from the elder gods of the higher realms, that I collected using my own mystical powers.
I guarantee a special spiritual experience just by listening to it!
Didn't you just say you hated the occult...?

Sure, but marketing is a different matter!!

It's useless... The more I talk to him the less I understand him...

More SP out of this event.

After shaking off Hagakure-kun's persuasions, I returned to my room.


Eh... this is a school announcement. It is now 10pm.
“Night Time” begins now.
The cafeteria’s doors will be locked shortly. You are forbidden to enter it.

It's already night time...
This is going to be a restless night...

We still haven't settled Oogami-san's case...

Everyone is in their worst mood...

I hope... nothing worse happens...


Even after I turned down the shrimp offer, the lady from the support center continued assaulting me by phone.
Her next suggestion was a crab.
She really loves her crustaceans!
I refused, of course. When I did, this is what she told me.
"How about, as a special service, we make you a crab that can walk backwards in addition to left and right?"
Even so it's just three directions! I can't have that! I want to move forward too!
When I said that, the lady sighed over the phone and replied.
"You don't get how amazing crabs are... Don't you know the Monkey-Crab Battle story?"
I do know it! I positively know it! But what does it have to do with anything?
The crab only won against the monkey because it's an old folktale! Modern society and its whirlpool of ambition is different!
A movie about a monkey may become popular, but that doesn't hold for crabs, does it?
Monkey-themed clothing may take the fashion world by storm, but that doesn't hold for crabs, does it?
In other words, crabs are not in demand! Try doing some marketing first!
That's why I had no qualms about choosing a bear.
...That was a secret tale about Monobear's birth.

You can read about the Japanese folktale about the monkey and the crab on Wikipedia, among other places.