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Part 96: Super High-school Level Update #86

A few notes before we begin.
I decided it's too much of a waste not being able to hear the voice acting (especially in this current trial), so you're getting full videos from now on. I expect PhysicsFrenzy will subtitle them in the sometime soon, but for now you can use the regular screenshot translation as a guide.
Since full videos are available, I'm skipping music links in the post.
One technical note - the method I use to record PSP footage causes some crackling noise when voices are playing (but not in the background music). I did my best trying to fix it, but I can't find a way. It's slightly annoying, but doesn't make the movies anywhere near unwatchable, in my opinion.
Let's go!

Scroller: Multiple suspects, a perfect locked room murder... Solve the murder of Sakura Oogami, the most difficult person to kill!

Chapter 4 Trial / 1 (Youtube via Polsy)


Let’s start with a simple explanation of our school trial! The result of the trial is determined by your own votes.
If the correct culprit is chosen, they alone will be punished. However... if the wrong person is voted for...
Everyone but the culprit will be punished. The culprit alone, having managed to fool everyone, will publicly graduate this school!

Well, then, where should we start?

We already know who the culprit is...!

Ah! I think I feel a deja-vu!!

The culprit who killed Sakura-chan... one of the three people who hated her! Togami, Fukawa, Hagakure - it must be one of you!!

Heh. How foolish...

I...I have nothing to do with it...

S...S...She's right...! T...T...There's no way I'd kill someone...!

I won't listen to any excuses...!

Asahina-san seems very confident one of those three is the culprit...

If she's that confident... she must be basing it on some evidence...

Phase 1 (Youtube via Polsy)


Evidence Bullets: Fukawa's testimony, Asahina's testimony, Togami's testimony

It was one of you three...

...who killed Sakura-chan!

Why do you think one of us is the culprit?

You had motive...!

You hated Sakura-chan!

That... doesn't amount to anything.

Don't accuse people for just one measly reason...

You're the worst... Even as a human being, you're the worst...!

There must a reason she suspects them that much.

It was Asahina who told us before why she suspects those three.

Evidence bullet: Asahina' testimony
Don't accuse people for just one measly reason...


Chapter 4 Trial / 2 (Youtube via Polsy)

The reason Asahina-san suspects you is that all of you have been invited by Oogami-san, isn't it?

That's right... right before the murder took place...!

That's why I have no doubt! One of them killed Sakura-chan!

All three of them are suspicious, just like Asahina-san says...

Does that mean... the culprit really is one of them...?

Phase 2 (Youtube via Polsy)


Evidence bullets: Footprints in the powder, The condition of Oogami's body, Garbage in Hagakure's pocket

You were all called out by Sakura-chan...

That's suspicious, no matter how you look at it!

The culprit must be one of you three!

I admit that I was invited by her...

But I didn't go to meet her.

I...I also didn't go.

M...Me too... I didn't go to meet her, 'right?

There's no way all three of you didn't go!

One of you is lying!!

They all admit they were invited by Oogami-san, but all three say they never went...

But... that can't be true. One of them must be lying...

There is something that connects one of them directly to the crime scene... By the way, I kinda screwed it up when playing, hence the less than perfect score.

Evidence bullet: Garbage in Hagakure's pocket
M...Me too... I didn't go to meet her, 'right?


Chapter 4 Trial / 3 (Youtube via Polsy)

Hagakure-kun. When I was talking to you earlier, you dropped a small piece of paper, didn't you?

It had a red polka-dot pattern printed on it...

W...why are we suddenly talking about that!?

Red polka-dot pattern...

That's the same as the paper the candy I gave Sakura-chan was wrapped in!, that's just... you see...

Right after the storage room opened, I took the entire box of that candy for myself...

I'm pretty sure there weren't any left there!

In that case, where exactly did you get that candy, Hagakure-kun?

He got it from Sakura-chan! There's no other way!
Y...You see... I...It's true that the ogre gave it to me, but...

But she gave it to me a long time ago! It has nothing to do with this murder!!

When... did she give it to you...?

You said the last time you saw Oogami-san was when she left the infirmary with Asahina-san, didn't you?

W...well, she gave it to me before that happened...

No... that can't be right...
He got that candy from Oogami-san after the incident at the infirmary.

The proof for that is...

The time Oogami got the candy / Hagakure also got it from Asahina / Oogami really liked candy

Hagakure-kun... What you say is strange.
Asahina-san gave Oogami-san those candies after they left the infirmary.

If the last time you saw her was at that time, it isn't possible you already got that candy from her!


T...that's... see... I...

Yes, I met her! I met the ogre at the recreation room! Is there something wrong with that?!!

A...a counterattack?

But I just met her! I didn't do anything! Please, believe me!!

C...could you be more suspicious...?

It's you who's suspicious!!

...Another counterattack?

This is not just a regular counterattack! The culprit is Fukawa-chi! I have proof!

Huh...? W...what kind of proof...?

A "shining message"!!

Was... there something bright at the crime scene?

There was a message in blood saying "FUKAWA" at the crime scene, right?

That's right! It's a "dying message"! There was something just like that back during Maizono-chi's murder, wasn't there!

Ah! I saw that too!

Yeah, that's right! The culprit is Fukawa-chi!!

W...w...what are you saying?! T...there's no way...!

Don't be such a bad loser!

Hagakure-kun, wait a second.

When did you find that dying message, exactly?


Um... I think that was... right when we found the ogre's body, 'right?

That's right. You were banned from the crime scene by Asahina-san, weren't you.
In other words, there was no other time when you could have found that dying message.

Huh? Wait...

When Kirigiri-san found the magazine with the dying message in it, it was...

Under the magazine rack / On top of the magazine rack / Inside the magazine rack

That magazine was in the magazine-rack when you found it, wasn't it, Kirigiri-san?

It was. I pulled the magazine out of the magazine rack and found the dying message in it.
It was after we started our investigation...

In that case, what Hagakure-kun just said is kind of weird, isn't it.


What's so weird?! There's nothing weird here!!

No, there's a huge contradiction in what Hagakure-kun just said...!

Phase 3 (Youtube via Polsy)


Evidence bullets: Dying message in the magazine / The condition of Oogami's body / Garbage in Hagakure's pocket

I found that dying message...

When we discovered the ogre's body!

I found that dying message...

After we started the investigation.

The magazine was in the magazine rack, so I pulled it out...

And that's when I noticed the dying message in it.

What's so weird about that...?

Nothing is weird here, I'm telling you!!

No, it's weird... There's a clear contradiction in Hagakure-kun's words.

This time none of our evidence bullets match, so we have to pull one out:

The magazine was in the magazine rack, so I pulled it out...

Evidence bullet: In the magazine rack
When we discovered the ogre's body!


Chapter 4 Trial / 4 (Youtube via Polsy)

When we found Oogami-san's body, that magazine was still in the rack.
Kirigiri-san pulled it out after we already started the investigation.

In other words, Hagakure-kun shouldn't have been able to see that dying message because he wasn't there during the investigation!!


Hagakure-kun, tell us the truth... When did you see that dying message?

W...Wait... That shouldn't be the question...! The problem isn't when I saw that message...!

According to the "viking sausage" the ogre left, there's no doubt the culprit is Fukawa-chi!

I...I'm not sure which part of that sentence I should respond to first...!'s all his doing...!

I wonder if Oogami-san even wrote that dying message in the first place.


T...that's obvious, 'right...? It's clear it was the ogre who wrote it...

It's 100% guaranteed that the ogre wrote it! This is me speaking, so it can't be any other way!!

It can't be any other way?

...No, that's wrong. There's no way Oogami-san wrote that!

Phase 4 (Youtube via Polsy)


See how it goes in the video!

It's 100% guaranteed that the ogre wrote it! This is me speaking, so it can't be any other way!!
Evidence bullet: Kirigiri's testimony based on investigating the body

Chapter 4 Trial / 5 (Youtube via Polsy)

It isn't possible that it was Oogami-san who wrote that dying message.

I mean, that dying message was written with someone's finger...

But both her hands were completely clean. There wasn't any trace of blood on her fingers!


So... who wrote that dying message?

It's conceivable... that it was a fake written by Hagakure-kun...

And that's exactly why he knew of its existence.


Yeah... that's right...

Ah... he confessed...!

Just as I thought...

But... why did you fake that message...?

T...that's because...

It's because I killed the ogre!!