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Part 97: Super High-school Level Update #87

Chapter 4 Trial / 6 (Youtube via Polsy)

Hagakure-kun... killed Oogami-san?

Listen, if you please, to the last story I ever tell...
I did as the note I got from the ogre said, and went to the recreation room just before noon...

You just went there without a worry in your head? You really are an idiot.

That's when it happened...

Technical note: I'm going to put flashback dialogue in italics, to avoid confusion with trial dialogue during flashbacks.

I apologise, but can you please wait a while? I invited some other people as well.


...Would you like some candy? It can help soothe you.

Thank you... I will have one...

After that, the ogre didn't say another word. There was just worrying silence...
Then, suddenly, she started whispering something...

It is over...
I will end it today...
I will end... everything...

The moment I heard that, everything suddenly made sense! The ogre was about to kill me!
She wanted to kill me and then leave this school for good!

I... got nervous... And then... then...

I saw an opening, and smashed one of the Monobear bottles from the shelf on the ogre's head!
I came at her from the back, and finished it with one swift blow she never saw coming!

After that, the ogre slumped down, and stopped moving...
I... returned to my senses... and thought if I didn't do something I'd be executed...
So I used blood to write "FUKAWA" in a magazine that was on the table, and then I made my escape... really are a nuisance... You deserve a thousand deaths!

That's the whole truth behind this murder. Go ahead, boil me or roast me alive...

We won't boil or roast you.
You are going to be executed... Someone like you who killed Sakura-chan deserves nothing but swift execution...

Can we vote now!? We know who the culprit is!

No, Hagakure-kun's story is not over yet.

Eh...? Not over...?

Based on his story so far, there's still one unexplained action he took...
As long as we don't hear his explanation for it, this is not yet over.

An action not explained by his story so far?

Not putting blood on Oogami's finger / Choosing Fukawa / Hiding the magazine

Now that you mention it, Hagakure-kun never explained why he hid that magazine, did he?


When we found the body, the magazine with the dying message was back inside the magazine rack...
Why did you put it back there, where it's difficult to find it? It makes faking it meaningless...

No... I mean...
I didn't hide it... It should have been right there on the table...


H...He's lying! He's definitely lying...!

He already confessed. I can't imagine why he'd lie now.

So... he's not lying?

In that case, someone other than Hagakure put that magazine back inside the rack.

In other words, another person visited the recreation room around the time of the murder.

Your conclusion is not wrong, in all likelihood.

W...Who was it?

If that person hid the magazine...
It must have been someone who would have gotten in trouble if that dying message was found.

Someone who would have gotten in trouble if the dying message was found? It must be that person...

Touko Fukawa / Kyouko Kirigiri / Byakuya Togami

It was you, Fukawa-san... wasn't it?


I mean, I can't think of any other person who'd get in trouble because of that dying message except for the one whose name was written in it.

Is he right...? Did you go to the recreation room...?

W...why... would I...?
No... that's not it...

W...why does that even matter...?! We... already know who the culprit is...!
H...Hagakure himself even confessed to doing it...!

That's right. I did it.

...No. That's wrong.

W...why are you answering him!?

Hagakure-kun most likely really did hit Oogami-san with a bottle. But that wasn't the end of the incident...

Wasn't the end... What do you mean...?

In other words, Hagakure-kun isn't the culprit. That's what he means.

W...W...What are you saying?! That's impossible...!

In that case, let's listen to Hagakure-kun's account once more.
When we do, it should become clear that he isn't the culprit.

Um... so what exactly should I do...?

What I just said. Please tell us how you hit Oogami-san on the head one more time.

I...I don't really get it... but if that's what you want...!

The incident wasn't yet over... Hagakure-kun wasn't the culprit...

I will... prove it!

Phase 5 (Youtube via Polsy)


Evidence bullets: Kirigiri's testimony based on investigating the body, Dying message in the magazine, Monobear File 4, The condition of Oogami's body, Yellow powder stuck to shoe

I did it...

I took a Monobear bottle from the shelf...

And finished her with one unexpected blow from the back!

One unexpected blow...

You only delivered a single blow, didn't you?

Yeah, I hit her once.

The bottle even broke down.

And then... the ogre stopped moving...

See...? It's perfectly clear...

The culprit is Hagakure after all...!!

There's no doubt Hagakure-kun hit Oogami-san on the head. But the story wasn't yet over...!

We're lucky Kirigiri isn't afraid of looking closely at bloody head wounds.

Evidence bullet: Kirigiri's testimony based on investigating the body
Yeah, I hit her once.


Chapter 4 Trial / 7 (Youtube via Polsy)

If Oogami-san died from being hit on the head by Hagakure-kun, it doesn't explain why she head two wounds on her head...

Eh...? Two wounds...?

That's right. There were two wounds on her head.

That's coming from the girl whose hobby is touching bodies. I suppose we can take it as fact.

But, I just hit her once... Why does she have two wounds...?

It's because she was actually hit twice. And both strikes were with Monobear bottles.

W...wait just a second...! can you tell that just from the head wounds...?

How can you tell she was hit twice...? And that a Monobear bottle was used both times...?

The hint wasn't just the wounds on her head... There were also the Monobear bottles left on the scene.

There was something suspicious about them.
If two bottles were used in two strikes, that something can be explained.
Remember... after the incident there were four Monobear bottles left on the shelf in the recreation room, weren't there?

In addition, there were shards from a single bottle, as well as a Monobear figure on the floor.
Those were the remains of the bottle Hagakure-kun used, weren't they?

In other words, we found four Monobear bottles and another single broken one on the scene.

But, it is likely there were six Monobear bottles to begin with. One is missing... can you tell there were six bottles originally...?

It's simple...

When you find the hidden pattern, it's easy to tell.

A pattern in the Monobear bottles... I think I'm starting to see it...

That pattern is surely...

Phase 6 (Youtube via Polsy)


_ _ E _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


Chapter 4 Trial / 8 (Youtube via Polsy)

That's it...! It's the chess pieces...!

The Monobear figures inside the bottles were all holding chess pieces.
A king, a rook, a bishop and a pawn... It's true, they're all chess pieces.
In addition, the figure inside the broken bottle was holding...

...It was a knight... wasn't it?

S...So...? What's wrong with that...?

It seems you don't know much about chess. Allow me to explain.

The pieces in a game of chess are king, queen, rook, knight, bishop and pawn. There are six of them in total.

But the pieces left at the scene were a king, a rook, a bishop, a pawn, and then...

There was also a knight dropped on the floor.

Ah! The queen piece isn't there!

That's right. There were only five bottles on the scene. In other words, one is missing.

W...what's up with all that chess nonsense...!

We're Japanese, so it should have been shogi, 'right?!

...That's right! Um, no, what I actually want to say is...

I agree that one bottle is probably missing...
B...but there's no evidence it has anything to do with this murder...
S...someone probably took it away before the murder even happened...!

No, it's clear the missing Monobear bottle is very related to this case.

W...what's so clear here?!!

Let's try to think what state the missing bottle ended up in. That should clear things up.

The state of the missing bottle...?

Broken / A state of excitement / Without a single scratch

The missing Monobear bottle probably ended up broken...

W...what makes you say that...?!

Because... there's evidence for it.


There's evidence there was more than one broken bottle at the scene.

W...what kind of evidence...?

There was more than one broken bottle at the scene... The evidence proving that is...

Monobear bottle experiment

A short while ago, me and Kirigiri-san conducted a little experiment.
We compared the weight of the broken bottle shards left at the scene with that of an unbroken Monobear bottle.

We found that the broken shards were heavier. And the reason for that result is...

By the way, since this came up on the thread, I believe the chess piece in this artwork is, in fact, just an art error.

The shards on the floor at the crime scene came from more than one bottle.


In other words, two bottles were broken at that crime scene.
But then, someone got rid of the remains of one bottle and of one Monobear figure.

But when they did, they ended up leaving too many shards on the floor.

It's difficult to judge exactly how many make one bottle, after all.

But... why was it necessary to get rid of one bottle's remains?

That's because that bottle was tied to the murder.

There's no question the missing bottle is closely connected to the murder.

If it was, it was used for...

The first strike on Oogami's head / The second strike on Oogami's head / Bowling

The second wound on Oogami-san's head... The missing Monobear bottle was used to make it.

There are two wound on Oogami-san's head, and two broken bottles...
When we put it all together, it leads to only one conclusion.

Then, the culprit got rid of one bottle's remains. They wanted to make it look like she was only hit once.

If that's so, it's clear the person who delivered the second blow was someone other than Hagakure-kun.
Isn't that right, Fukawa-san?


When we add the hidden magazine, it's very likely you also visited the recreation room around the time of the murder.

W...w...w...wait... It certainly looks like there were two blows involved, but...

T...there's no evidence anywhere that it was me who did that...!

No, it's certain! You're the culprit, 'right?!! Didn't you just confess to being the culprit...!!

I'm not afraid to admit I made a mistake! That's the kind of guy I am!

Also, I just remembered some supporting evidence!

I guess we can try to listen to it...

It was right after I got the invitation from the ogre...
I was a little anxious about being invited so suddenly, so I headed to the recreation room a little while before the appointed time and loitered around the area.

Then, after a short while, I saw it...

I saw Fukawa-chi entering the recreation room!

Fukawa-san... entered the recreation room...?

Right after that, the ogre herself walked into the room.
I thought Fukawa-chi was already inside, so I relaxed and went in myself, but...

The ogre was the only one inside! Fukawa-chi disappeared!!

And why, exactly, are we hearing this important piece of information just now...?

The shock of thinking I murdered someone made me completely forget it!

Would someone go look for a loose screw inside this guy's head?

Hey, Fukawa-chi! Where did you disappear to that time?!!'re just misremembering... I...I never went to the recreation room...!

She didn't disappear. She was just hiding somewhere inside the room, wasn't she?


T...there's no way I...I could hide in that room...!

W...W...W...What's up with you and your false accusations! Y...Y...Y...You bunch of toxic vermin...!

No, it's not a false accusation...

There was clear evidence Fukawa-san was hiding in the recreation room...!

Tutorial posted:

Up until now, when it was time to silence your opponent, there was no need to do much thinking.
From now on, we will require you to reason the proof yourself.
When it's time to strike the silencing blow, you must now choose an Evidence Bullet.
You may choose one just like you do during Non-Stop Discussion, by using the L button.
Just like during discussion, a lower logic difficulty level means there will be a smaller selection to choose from, but...
...For this first battle, we will make the number the same as in the highest difficulty.
It is already the second half of the game, isn't it? We wish you a good battle.

Phase 7 (Youtube via Polsy)


T...There's no way I c...could have hidden in the recreation room...!

Evidence bullets: Figure on the floor, Glass shards on the floor, Locker hand prints

Locker hand prints

Chapter 4 Trial / 9 (Youtube via Polsy)

Did you know there were handprints left inside the locker in the recreation room?

Someone must have carelessly left them when they were hiding inside the locker.

...Fukawa-san, do these handprints look familiar?

T...they don't...!

Well, then. Let's compare those handprints with your hands. That should clear things up, shouldn't it?



Fukawa, don't waste my time. Tell us the truth.

...Yes those are my handprints.

Whoa... that was one concise confession!!

So... it was you who killed Sakura-chan, wasn't it...!

T...there's no way...!

The truth. Now.

I did it. Probably.

Another concise one!