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Part 98: Super High-school Level Update #88

Chapter 4 Trial / 10 (Youtube via Polsy)

But... why "probably"...?

Fukawa-san, can you tell us the entire story? What exactly happened between you and Oogami-san?



A...After I got Oogami's invitation, I went ahead early to the recreation room...

I...I didn't know what she'd do to me if I didn't go, but I was also too scared to just walk straight in...
I...I thought I'd sneak in ahead of time and hide in the locker...

So, you saw it? You saw when I hit the ogre on the head...?

I...I also saw how you wrote that fake dying message with my name in it after that...!

This is... a little awkward, 'right?

S...So after Hagakure was gone, I quickly got out of the locker...
And I put that magazine... back in the magazine rack.

When you did that, you placed it upside-down, didn't you...?

I...I was in a hurry...!

Dumb simpletons, each and every one of you.

More importantly... why did you hit Sakura-chan?

I...Immediately after I put the magazine back in the rack... I heard a wild-beast growl from behind my back...
A...and then, when I turned back...

There she was... a blood-drenched Sakura Oogami glaring at me...!! a result of seeing all that blood... I lost consciousness right there in front of the magazine rack...
S...So I don't remember what happened next... You'd have to ask her about it...

"Her"...? Does she mean...?


Ha-Haaa! Here I am!!

I knew you'd manage to screw yourself into this somehow!

I screw! Byakuya-sama screws! If we screw together, we can reach new heights!

Don't talk unless you're spoken to. Did you kill Sakura Oogami?

Ehhh, let's get the preliminaries over with first. Me and Gloomy don't share the same memories!
Therefore, I am not so sure what exactly happened, but...

Anyways, I was sleeping peacefully when someone shook me awake!
I thought, "oh, it's my prince!" and opened my eyes...

But I got a horror movie instead!! I was totally shocked!!
Too shocked...!

So I whacked her with a bottle that was nearby! I mean, she was so scary!

Sakura-chan was just worried about you. But instead, you... That's horrible...!

She's the one who was horrible! Thanks to her, I killed someone who wasn't a boy that turned me on for the first time in my life!

After that, you cleaned up the Monobear bottle shards in order to hide the evidence, didn't you?

I didn't wanna die because I killed a girl! If I have to die, it should be after I kill Byakuya-sama!!

Just go die alone somewhere. You don't need a reason. Just die...

This ain't my lucky day... The bad luck just keeps piling on...

I mean, usually ogre-chin wouldn't even flinch from someone like me hitting her with a bottle!

Even someone like her must have been weakened after receiving damage from Hagakure-kun's attack...

No, um, how should I put it...

It's wonderful, 'right? I didn't kill the ogre after all!

"Wonderful"...? Could you say something more lowly right here in front of Asahina-san...?

Anyway, this time we really know! Let's start voting!!

Huh...? Asahina-san... I was sure she was going to yell at Hagakure-kun for what he just said...

Well, what are we waiting for!? It's time to vote, isn't it? Let's get on with it!

No, not yet.


"Not yet"... What is there left to do...?

Don't you think something is strange about Fukawa's story? You should. It's easy to notice.

Huh...? Something strange...?

Hagakure delivered one blow... and then Fukawa delivered a second one. But things were not yet over.

Things... were not yet over...?

Fukawa... Tell us again what happened after you lost consciousness...
When you do, I'm sure even simpletons like them will come to realize what's strange.

Roger, Darling!

The incident is not yet over...?

If that's true, the culprit who killed Oogami-san is...

Phase 8 (Youtube via Polsy)


Evidence bullets: Kirigiri's testimony based on investigating the body, Dying message in the magazine, Monobear File 4, The condition of Oogami's body, Footprints in the powder

I was just sleeping peacefully...

And then I was awakened by Ogre-chin!

I woke up in front of the magazine rack!

You were surprised to see a blood-drenched ogre in front of you...

So you hit her with a Monobear bottle, 'right?

Right! Right on the noggin!

Where were you when you hit Oogami?

Exactly where I was when I woke up!

I killed her in front of the magazine rack!

There's a problem here...

If the second blow Fukawa-san delivered became the killing wound...

It's easy to see the problem.

Evidence bullet: The condition of Oogami's body
I killed her in front of the magazine rack!


Chapter 4 Trial / 11 (Youtube via Polsy)

Oogami-san died sitting on a chair.

If she died by a blow to the head in front of the magazine rack, it doesn't explain how she got to the chair.

You finally noticed...

That's just that serial killer lying as usual!

You actually hit the ogre while she was sitting on the chair, didn't you? Eh? Didn't you?

No, she was hit in front of the magazine rack. Anyone who investigated the scene can easily tell you that.

He's right...

The evidence that shows she was hit in front of the magazine rack is...

Blood in front of the magazine rack

She probably really was hit in front of the magazine rack.

The blood stain in front of the rack plainly proves that.

So, maybe Genocider moved the body after she killed the ogre...?

She did it to put the blame back on me! When I hit her, the ogre was right there sitting on that chair!

No, no, wait just one second! I can barely carry anything heavier than my scissors, y'know!

There's no way I could've dragged such a huge body around!

So... what's the meaning of this...?

How about it? Can you still say we are over and done with this incident?


In addition, we still haven't solved this incident's biggest mystery, the locked-room trick.
As long as we don't solve it, we can't honestly say we have reached a conclusion.

That kind of locked-room trick is easy!
After Fukawa killed Sakura-chan, she went back into the locker to hide!

I see! She was hiding in that locker until we broke into the room, didn't she!?
Then, when the room was broken into, she took advantage of the confusion and escaped the locker!!

No, I think that's wrong...

The reason it's hard to believe Fukawa-san was hiding inside the locker until the room was opened is...

Naegi was inside the locker / The locker was too narrow / What Naegi saw

Before we broke the recreation room's door... you probably saw it too, Asahina-san?

At that time, the locker was already open, wasn't it?
That's why it's impossible for Fukawa-san to have been hidden in there.

Ah... Well... Where was Genocider hiding, then?

Don't ask me. By the way, what's all this about a locked room trick?

You're the culprit, aren't you!? How could you not know?!!

...Which means I'm not the culprit, or something!

T...that's a lie!!

It isn't a lie. As I've said before, this incident is not yet over.

But, if Genocider isn't the culprit, that means the ogre didn't die from being hit on the head...

...And why is that so strange?

B...because what else could she possibly have died from...?

Aren't you all just failing to notice another possibility?

Failing to notice another possibility...?

If there really is another possibility, it means the cause of death is...

Phase 9 (Youtube via Polsy)


Evidence bullets: Kirigiri's testimony based on investigating the body, Dying message in the magazine, Monobear File 4, Asahina's testimony, Footprints in the powder

The ogre's cause of death...

...if it wasn't because she was hit on the head...

...Why did she die, then?

A different cause of death is impossible...

Sakura-chan's cause of death...

Can't be anything but her head wounds!

So you're trying to put it all on me after all!?

Oogami-san's true cause of death...

The Monobear File did mention something else about Oogami...

Evidence bullet: Monobear File 4
Can't be anything but her head wounds!


Chapter 4 Trial / 12 (Youtube via Polsy)

According to the Monobear file, Oogami-san vomited some blood...
Isn't it possible that's related to her death?

In fact, I've even seen traces of it near her mouth...

That's... because she got a cut inside her mouth when she was hit on the head...

If that blood is from a cut inside her mouth, the Monobear File wouldn't call it "vomiting blood".
Besides, I didn't find any sign of a cut inside Oogami-san's mouth.

You looked in there?! You're madly in love with those bodies, aren't you!

It's not the bodies I'm interested in... I'm just after solving the mysteries.

So if that blood isn't from a mouth wound, what caused it...?

It was a reaction to something that happened inside her body. If I had to guess...

Sakura Oogami was killed by poisoning.

Killed by... poisoning...?

That's right! That's the conclusion I myself reached, so it can't possibly be wrong!

Oh, my body's getting numb!!

P...poison...? T...that's impossible...!

You don't believe it? Let me explain how the culprit managed to poison Oogami, then...

C...can you really explain it...?

Of course. Let us begin.

Shut your mouths and listen carefully to Byakuya-sama!!

You're the loudest one here, 'right?

The key to solving this mystery was in the 4th floor chemistry lab...

Eh? It wasn't in the recreation room!? In that case, I could have searched there myself!

You're someone who gives up an investigation just by being barred from the crime scene. I don't think you'd have been much help.

You have a point there...

There's a large cabinet in that chemistry lab, and there are all sorts of chemicals in it.

I found this bottle in there... that... poison...!?

It's not that strong a poison, but if you drink too much of it you'll die.

But it's not the nature of the poison that's important. What's important is where this poison was.

Where was it?

The cabinet in the chemistry lab is divided into three sections, labeled A, B and C.
Cabinet A contains nutritional supplements. Cabinet B contains chemical reagents. Cabinet C contains a number of poisons and dangerous drugs.

That means this poison bottle was inside cabinet C, doesn't it!?

Was it, now...?

The poison bottle Togami-kun holds in his hand... I also know where it was...

Cabinet A / Cabinet C / Cabinet B

You found that bottle of poison inside cabinet A, didn't you?

Eh? But, wasn't cabinet A where the nutritional supplements stored...?

It's strange, isn't it? Why was a bottle of poison mixed along with the nutritional supplements?

I have no idea...?

It's because it's one side of an exchange the culprit made.

W...what do you mean...?

This is what I mean.

I couldn't believe my eyes...

Togami-kun raised the bottle of poison to his mouth...

Eh...? Byakuya-sama...?

My body could do nothing but freeze when I saw that unexpected scene play out.

Nevertheless, Togami-kun remained as calm as always, as if it wasn't such a big deal.


It's terrible! Byakuya-sama's gonna...!!
We must give him water, quickly! His throat's gonna get all clogged up from that powder!

You idiot! We have to get him to throw it up first!

I'd love to throw it up, actually... You call this thing high-grade...?

Huh...? What are you talking about...?

I'm talking about protein, of course.


...Togami-kun, can I borrow this bottle for a second?

Sure. Help yourself.

Kirigiri-san took the bottle away from Togami-kun, scooped some of the powder on her finger...

...And put it into her mouth.

This... is protein.


That's right. This bottle doesn't contain poison. It's just protein powder.

On the other hand...
Where could the poison that was in this bottle possibly ended up...?

The bottle of poison had protein powder in it...

That means the poison was probably put in...

Phase 10 (Youtube via Polsy)


_ _ _ T _ _ N _ _ N


Chapter 4 Trial / 13 (Youtube via Polsy)

The poison... was probably in a protein can...

If the poison bottle had the protein in it, that's the most likely explanation.

That's right. The contents of a poison bottle and a protein can have been exchanged.
The protein went into the poison bottle, and the poison went into the protein can...
If that's what happened, it's easy to see the way Oogami had been poisoned.


The culprit gave Oogami a certain something that was at the crime scene, and caused her to drink the poison.

Something that was at the crime scene?

Protein can / Monobear bottle / A cup of water

The culprit gave Oogami-san... the protein can?

It was a protein can filled with poison.


By giving her the can, the culprit caused Oogami to drink the poison. That's the true cause of her death!

Now that you mention it... The ogre did use to say that protein cures all illnesses...!
If she wanted to drink protein to help with the wounds she just got on her head...

Instead, she was given a can of protein filled with poison.

Now, let me reveal the identity of the person who exchanged the protein for poison!

Really!? Who was it!?

There was definitve evidence left in the chemistry lab that can tell us who made that exchange.

Evidence that can tell us who made the exchange... That must be...

Footprints in the powder

The footprints that were left in front of the cabinet...

Is that the evidence you're talking about? Can they tell us who made the exchange?

When I visited the chemistry lab this morning, there were no footprints there.
In other words, the footprints were left around the time of the murder. They must be connected to it.

Furthermore, the footprints were in front of cabinet A. That's where the protein-filled poison bottle was.
In all likelihood, the culprit left those footprint when they exchanged the contents of the bottles.

With such clear footprints, it's easy to infer who they belong to.

Let's look at everyone's shoes! When we do, we'll quickly...

"...They're mine."

Those footprints... are mine.


You would have found out anyway.
It's better to just confess... isn't it...?

So... The person who killed the ogre...!

Yeah... that's right...

I killed Sakura-chan!!