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Part 3: Prologue, Part 3

I'll start by talking to those five over there.

: For this update and the next two, I'll be providing a video of the full update if you wish to read/watch it that way instead. I won't be doing this often through the LP, but I figured this way you can get an idea of what each character sounds like as they voice act their names, as well as see how dynamic the conversations can get.
: There are a lot of portrait changes that occur, along with little voice clips that often accompany portrait changes. Additionally, there are other sound effects and flashes that occur to add emphasis to what characters or narration might be saying. Maybe this will help you understand what the player sees when they play the game themselves. I think it adds a lot to the game, especially since there's so much to read.

Click here to watch this update instead of reading it!

: I'm Kiyotaka Ishimaru. I believe in bold simplicity! Let's work together on our educational crusade!

: Voice Actor: Sean Chiplock

So that's Kiyotaka. According to what I saw about him on that thread... He went to a famous private school and won top honors every year. He's basically a flawless honor student... He's also known for the work he's done with his community's Public Morals Committee. They say he respects rules above all else, earning him the title of Ultimate Moral Compass.

: Anyway, you can call me Taka. You said your name was Makoto Naegi, right?

: That's a good name, a strong name! You should thank your parents for giving you such an excellent name.

: And to keep that name from losing its value, you must devote yourself every single day!

: Life is worth putting every ounce of effort into it! Right? Right!

This guy is...kind of annoying.

: N-not that you'll remember my n-name anyway, but...

: I'm T-Toko... Toko Fukawa.

: Voice Actress: Amanda Celine Miller

Yeah, she wrote a novel when she was ten that got everyone talking and launched her literary career. Then two years ago she released "So Lingers the Ocean," a love story said to be her masterpiece. The book was such a hit with women that fishermen quickly shot to the top of every "Hottest Men" poll.

Despite her age, she's won countless literary prizes and all her books are instant best-sellers. Which is why she's come to be known as the Ultimate Writing Prodigy. What else would you call such a young and talented author? But I figured she'd be a lovey-dovey type, what with her masterpiece being a romance and all...

: ...

: Wh-What? I-It's not polite to stare, you know.

: Stop staring at me like I'm some filthy creature!
: F-Filthy creature? No, I just thought--
: I-I know what you "just" thought...! You just thought you've n-never seen such an ugly woman. You just th-thought it was sooo funny...!
: N-No, that's not what I was thinking at all...

: Don't bother trying to l-lie to me! I know it's true. Otherwise, you... I know you can't stand looking at me!

: Wh-Whatever, I don't really care. I'm used to it.

Wow, talk about an inferiority complex. I was waaay off about what a successful author would be like.

: Hi, I'm Sayaka Maizono. I look forward to getting to know you!

: Voice Actress: Dorothy Elias-Fahn

The way she moves is positively mesmerizing. And the pleasant scent I can't quite place... Sayaka Maizono... When I saw her name in that thread online, frankly I was pretty surprised.

She's in a pop group famous across the country. In fact, she's their lead singer... As the Ultimate Pop Sensation, she's in high demand to appear on TV and in magazines everywhere. But actually, that's not the only reason I was so surprised to find out she'd be going to this school. I'm sure she doesn't remember, but... Well, never mind. No matter how you slice it, she's really beautiful. Almost like a doll or something...

: I'm not a doll, you know. I'm alive!
: Huh? Did you hear me!?

: I'm psychic.
: ...Huh?

: Kidding! I just have really good intuition.

She's a sharp one...

: Huh? Hey, by any chance...
: Now what?

: ...Yeah, it must be. I'm sure of it. Hey, Makoto. Did--

: Jeez, you guys! How long do you plan to waste our valuable time with this ridiculous back-and-forth!?

: S-Sorry. Just got carried away, I guess...
: Self-introductions are for introducing yourself, not bumbling through a bunch of idle chit-chat!
: Y-You're right.

: Sorry, Makoto... We can talk about this later.

It sounded like Sayaka really had something she wanted to say. But it's not like we'll never see each other again. Like she said, we can talk later.

: Yo! The name's Leon Kuwata. What's up?

: Voice Actor: Grant George

I recognize that name...

He played for the national high school champs as their cleanup hitter. The Ultimate Baseball Star... And that superb athletic specimen is...

: You? Seriously!?

: Huh? What's wrong?
: N-Nothing, I'm just...surprised. I figured with you being the Ultimate Baseball Star and all...
: What, were you expecting some kid with a shaved head?
: Shaved head...? No, I was just expecting more of a, you know, sporty-looking traditional baseball player type. I mean, when I found that article and picture of you online, that's how you looked then.

: What!? Aw man, you found that picture of me playing baseball? Seriously!? I hate that picture!

: This is not cool. This is SO not cool... Seriously, I'm like, mega embarrassed right now. I didn't have a choice, okay? Shaving you head like that is part of national championship regulations!

: But now I refuse to cut my hair. And I'm not gonna dye it back to normal either!

: Actually, can I be totally honest with you?

: I don't like baseball. Like, at all. I've never gone to a single practice.

He's never practiced, and he was still his team's star player? He's some kind of prodigy...

: And as soon as I got accepted here, I quit baseball for good! I have my own dream for the future!
: A dream...for the future?

: My only path in life is getting into music! You can feel that star-quality aura I have, right?

: I'm gonna be a singer, so all I need is a songwriter and someone on guitar, and we're set!

: This new version of me that's chasing after my dream is, like...super cool to the max!

I can't believe what I'm hearing. I never imagined I'd hear something like that from a baseball all-star...

: Hifumi Yamada. But if you want to call me by my nickname, "The Alpha and the Omega!" I don't mind.

: Voice Actor: Lucien Dodge
: By the way, how much do you know about the world of 2D art?
: World of...2D?

: Well, in that world, I am well known and supremely well regarded as the Ultimate Fanfic Creator.

: I once sold 10,000 copies of one of my fan comics at a school festival. The event has passed into legend...

: Some of them didn't get it, of course, saying I'd "tainted" the event. How stupid can you be!?

That's too bad about them. But selling 10,000 copies like that is definitely pretty remarkable.

: The words of such idiots mean nothing to me. I am like Van Gogh--utterly underappreciated in my time. I am a soldier, serving night and day to destroy all mindless preconceptions about fan fiction. I'm sure if you were to observe my work, Mr. Naegi, you would comprehend its greatness immediately.

: For my work is filled with deepest meaning...
: What...what kind of meaning?

: It's about embracing our basest urges...

I don't think I want to comprehend it...

: Next time, we talk to these five.