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Part 10: Chapter 1 Daily Life, Part 4

: Good morning, everyone! It is now 7 a.m. and nighttime is officially over! Time to rise and shine! Get ready to greet another beee-yutiful day!

Apparently, it's morning... But thanks to the total lack of windows, there's no way to know for sure. Anyway...what should I do now? ... Maybe I should go find Sayaka, and we can figure out where to go to from here together. She did say she's my assistant now.

: Okay, it's decided! I'm gonna head to her room!

With a newfound determination, I left my room.

: Sayaka's room is just to the left of our room, but a few other students are already out and about this morning. We can go talk to them before meeting Sayaka. As you can see, Taka is out and about in the hall.

: Good morning, Makoto!
: G-Good morning...

: Yes, morning greetings are quite a delight! Such an energizing way to start the day!
: Now then, let's make sure we both do our very best throughout the day!
: S-Sure...

I wonder if he's always like this...

: Hiro is in the laundry room, so let's pop in and see what he's up to.

: Hey, man...
: Good morning. What are you up to?
: I'm...doing my laundry. This *is* the laundry room, right?
: Are you feeling okay, Hiro? You look totally beat...
: Nah, I'm fine. Just tired... I spent all last night trying to contact the spirit world to find out why this is all happening to me...
: It took all the mental juice I had, too. But turns out, I failed.

Sounds like something the Ultimate Clairvoyant would get into. ...Actually, is that really fortune-telling?

: Over in the dining hall, some others are having breakfast.

: Good morning, Kyoko.
: ...Morning.
: ...
: ...

This doesn't seem to be going anywhere.

: Umm...

: Did you need something?
: Oh,, nothing in particular.
: Well then... *leaves*

She left. Kyoko seems kind should I put it? Taciturn? Or maybe she just plays things cool.

: Oh, good morning Makoto...
: Good morning, Chihiro.

: You know... we're standing here exchanging morning greetings, but... We can't even look out the window to see if it really is morning...
: Y-Yeah, true...

: S-Sorry if that was kinda weird...!
: You don't have to apologize...
: Sorry...

She looks really sad. I feel like I did something wrong...

: Good morning, Byakuya. ...

Huh? Did he not hear me?

: Hey Byakuya! Good morning!

: Once is enough...
: Huh...?
: I'm only here to get breakfast. I have neither need nor desire to talk to you. Now withdraw.

So he *did* hear me. He just didn't respond.

: That's everyone we can see before talking to Sayaka, so let's go talk to her.

There's a doorbell next to the door. I guess I should use that.

*Ding dong*

: Hello...?
: Good morning, Sayaka.

: Oh, Makoto! Perfect timing!
: Huh...?

: Listen, I have a [favor] to ask...


: A favor...?
: I was just getting ready to head out. If it's okay, would you like to come with me? Maybe we could talk...
: Yeah, sure. Where are you headed?
: Oh...umm... I've been thinking that...there might be something around here I could use for self-defense.
: Self-defense...?

: Well, I mean...whoever's keeping us here could show up and attack us at any time. You never know...

Whoever trapped us here... Whoever presented us with rules for murdering each other... Whoever put us in this insane position... She's right--we never know when they might attack.

: So I just...want to be able to protect myself no matter what happens.

A weapon to protect herself... Well now that I think about it, that display case in the gym entryway had a bunch of stuff. Maybe...

: Oh, the gym? Okay, let's go!
: A-Again...?
: Like I said, I'm psychic.
: Come on, I'm just kidding! Seriously, I just have amazing intuition.

Am I really so easy to predict? Anyway, we should head to the gym.

: For anyone who just haaates walking around the school, we've got some good news! You can now teleport using the "Map" section of the Handbook Menu. It's as simple as opening the Map Menu and choosing where you want to go! However, you can only teleport to hallways and marked waypoints. Plus, you can't teleport to places you haven't been, or places that are blocked off. And depending on certain story moments, there will be times when you won't be able to teleport at all. Finally, try not to teleport inside any walls. There's a chance you could get lost. Forever. Well then...good luck, and have fun!
: So, teleporting is super-useful. There's basically no downside to using teleports when playing unless you really feel like walking it or there's someone along the way you want to talk to. Speaking of teleports though, our Map is finally available to look at.

: The map just shows a general layout of the area you're in. Its most important feature is telling you where people are at most times.

: Character portraits will appear when someone is in an area, letting you know exactly where the person you're looking for is. You can view other areas and teleport through here as explained previously. So right now, we could teleport directly to the gym but if we do so we would miss out on a bunch of conversations with the other students. For example, Hifumi and Celeste are in the Dormitory halls.

: Hrrrm...!

: Mr. Naegi, Miss Maizono...! Wh-Where are the two of you off to!? A man and woman...growing closer...
: H-Hey! What are you trying to say!?
: Like when two people are stuck in a hostage situation and over the course of the story they fall in love...! There's really no other way to express it but to say...

: How very poetic!
: ...
: Makoto... Do you have any idea what he's talking about?
: Nope. I don't have a clue...

: Well. Hello. I hope the two of you are having a nice day.
: Good morning, Celeste.
: Exchanging such common greetings is somehow...strange.

: Given the circumstances and everything...

You know, scare me a little.

: Hmhmhm. Well, I'm off. *leaves*

: ...
: Should we get going?
: Yeah...

: In the 1st floor hallways, we can find the odd combination of Sakura, Hina and Toko waiting around together.

: Well look who is it! 'Sup guys?
: What are you up to?
: We're picking up where we left off yesterday. I'm really hopin' we find something today! If we do, I'll be sure to let everyone know ASAP!

: We have to find some way out of here, no matter what.
: And that's why you went with Hina and Toko?
: Well, Hina's the one that invited Toko. I have trouble talking to people directly...

Ah, understandable.

Toko together with those other two... Quite a combination.

: ...
: What do you w-want? You l-look like you have s-something to say...
: Oh, no. I was just thinking that you three make a pretty unique team.
: L-Let me make this perfectly c-clear! Me hanging out w-with two people who have muscles where th-their brains should be is not by ch-choice!
: Wow, that was super mean!

: Yesterday you were complaining how nobody invited you! That's the only reason I asked you to come with us!
: I never a-asked you to d-do that! S-Stop trying to drag me farther into y-your meat dimension! *leaves*

: Jeez, I can't believe she just ran off! You think we should go after her?
: We shouldn't pressure her any further.
: Oh yeah, good point...

They're like water and oil anyway. It'd be weird if they *did* get along.

: We can also go into the entrance hall to find Leon and Mondo hanging around.

: Man, what the hell is with this metal hatch thing? It's really on there, that's for damn sure. Anyways, there's nothing to do around here. Gonna friggin' die of boredom...
: And being stuck in here is keeping me from racing toward my dream, too.
: Your dream...?

: Yeah! To become a musician! You can sense my aura, right? The strongest vocals of the century right here!
: God, I feel so cool getting to say that in front of a national celebrity...

: ...Dreams...
: Did you say something?
: Oh, sorry. It's nothing. Come on, let's go.

: Mondo...? What are you doing?
: Trying to find a way out. I figured I'd give it another shot.
: There's gotta be a way to bust this thing open!

: But I suck at thinkin' stuff up, so I guess I'll let you guys figure it out.
: Once it's time to act, though, you just lemme know. I'll show you what a real man can do!
: Wow, sounds like we can really count on you.

: According to the map, Junko is in the School Store, so let's visit there. We haven't been in here before.

Yup, this is definitely the school store. But it has a kind of a Japanese/Western blend. It seems more like a cluttered antique store...

: Hey there, Ma~ko~to~! Ohh, is it just the two of you right now? Are you on a da~~te?
: Wh-What!?
: Damn, Makoto! I never woulda guessed, but you're a total player, huh?

: No, no, it's nothing like that. I'm his assistant!

To be dismissed just like that is somehow...

: Huh? His assistant? What is that, like some new kinda roleplay thing?
: Well, whatever. What you're into is your business. I don't judge! Anyway, if you don't mind! *leaves*
: ...L-Let's just head to the gym already!

: Yeah, let's go.

: Next time, the gym.