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Part 101: Chapter 4 Deadly Life, Part 4

: Back to the crime scene.

: So Makoto, how's your investigation going?

I told Kyoko what Toko and Hiro had told me...

: I see... So along with Byakuya, they're both claiming they didn't go see her. But it's all too convenient. Someone must be lying.


: Well, I've made some progress of my own. Sakura's body, the shelf of magazines, and the Monokuma Bottles. These three things have revealed new clues. You'd do well to look them over one more time.

Kyoko said the magazine shelf was hiding a clue of some kind...

: Hmm...clue...clue...

...Huh? This magazine is upside down. Did someone put it back that way on accident?

: If something catches your eye, it's important for you to explore that in detail, don't you think?
: Yeah, you're right...

I picked up the inverted magazine and flipped through it.

: Th-This is...!

On one of the pages, near the center of the magazine, a word had been written in bold, bloody letters... And it said...Toko. Could this be...

: ...a dying message!?
: Then it would appear you've found it.
: this...?

: It is indeed a dying message. Someone used their finger to write it.

A dying message...

: But just to be clear, I'm not the one who put it back upside down. It was already like that when I found it a little while ago. I made sure to put it back exactly as I found it, for the benefit of others who might come looking.

: H-Hey... Is that...? That says...Toko, right?
: Y-Yeah, it looks like it.
: Then...she's the killer! Right!?
: W-Well, it hasn't been confirmed yet...
: It's settled! She's the killer for sure! That's conclusive evidence, right!? We can use it to corner the killer!

I can see why you would think that, but... It just seems too easy. If anything, it makes me that much more suspicious...

I think Kyoko said she'd found a new clue involving the Monokuma Bottles...

Something new...something new... Hmm...

: So? Did you figure it out? There's a hidden correlation between all the bottles. Pay careful attention and you're sure to find it.

A correlation... Umm...

: Hey, Kyoko...can't you just tell me what it is?

: I don't mind guiding you toward clues, but giving you my conclusion isn't a good idea. Each person needs to come to their own conclusions, so that everyone can have confidence in the outcome.
: And it's not just because you don't trust me...right?
: ...
: No answer!?
: I do trust you, to a degree. Otherwise, I wouldn't have told you anything to begin with.

Only to a degree...?

: Actually, there's one other thing about the Monokuma Bottles that's bothering me... I'd like to do an experiment to confirm it. You don't mind helping me, right?
: An experiment...?
: Can you gather up all the pieces of the broken Monokuma Bottle? Try to get the smaller pieces, too.
: Huh? Are you sure it's okay to mess with the crime scene like that...?

: I've already done a thorough investigation, so it's fine. And that obnoxious Byakuya's not here, so...
: Anyway, I need to get something from the chem lab. While I'm gone, try to gather up all the glass. *leaves*

With that, Kyoko left the room.

: I really don't know what this is about, but...what choice do I have? I'd better just do it.

I took the broom and dustpan and got to work collecting all the broken bottle pieces.

... ...

And just as I finished up...

: Sorry to keep you waiting. Is everything ready? Then let's get to work.
: So...what kind of experiment are we doing?
: I got a scale from the chem lab. We're going to use it to compare weights.
: Compare the weights...of what?
: The pieces of glass you collected, and one of the Monokuma Bottles that's still intact.
: Why do you want to do what...?
: That's the point of the experiment. It'll make sense when we're done.

: First, let's compare the weight of two of the normal Monokuma Bottles.

: It's...balanced.
: Which means, each Monokuma Bottle weighs about the same.
: Which makes sense... The Monokuma figures inside are basically the same, and nothing else could really affect the weight.
: Now, here comes the important part... Put all the pieces you picked up on one side of the scale. Now, what might we expect to see?
: Well, a normal assumption would be either they'll balance out, or the pieces I collected will be lighter. I did my best to get them all, but there's a chance I could have missed some here and there.
: Okay, then let's give it a try.

: Huh...? The broken pieces are...heavier!? H-How is that possible...?

: Just as I thought...
: What?
: The results of our experiment, and the correlation between each of the bottles--put it all together...
: ...and I believe you will arrive at one very persuasive conclusion. So? What do you think? It's all on you.

According to Kyoko, there's still something to be discovered from Sakura's body...

: Just staring off into space isn't going to help you figure anything out.
: W-Well, yeah, I know. But...
: Don't you think you might need to actually examine the body?
: ...

: There's no getting around it.

Unlike me, Kyoko didn't recoil at the thoughts of touching a dead body. She was completely unemotional. It's the kind of thing I've grown perversely used to... Although, there are still some times...

: I can't believe how calm you are. No matter how many times I see a dead body, I can't get used to it...
: That's totally normal.
: can you...?

: I imagine it's because I've had plenty of opportunities to touch dead bodies in the past.
: What...?
: Sorry, never mind.

: More importantly, look here...
: You see that yellow powder on her instep?
: Yeah, it really stands out...
: That powder is clue number one.

: Next is the wound to her head. Look carefully...
: Actually, even telling you that, it's incredibly difficult to spot. So let me just explain...
: It would appear that she didn't suffer a single blow...but instead, received two blows to the head.
: Two blows...?
: Interesting, wouldn't you say? And there's one more interesting thing...

: Both of her hands were spotless. There's absolutely no trace of blood on either one.
: So, that's what I learned from examining her body in detail.

I can't believe she was able to learn all that just by looking at her body... I don't think anyone but Kyoko could have pulled that off.

*Ding dong, bing bong*

: ......Oops! Ya caught me sleeping. Your investigation was just so boring, I couldn't stay awake! Should I do it? Is it okay? Can I? Can I can I can I? Okay, then let's begin the class trial! You know where to meet, right? Please go through the red door on the first floor of the school! Puhuhu. See you soon!

It's already time...!? But the mystery of the locked room is still only half solved... At this point, whatever happens will have to happen at the class trial...!

: No...not whatever happens. I have to MAKE something happen!

Monokuma made his announcement, and everyone began to meet up, one after another. And then...

: The ultimate martial artist! A locked room murder mystery!
: What the...?
: Oh, I've just recently discovered the power...of emoticons! Like, no matter how awful something is, if you toss in a smiley face, it turns positive!

: For example...
: You're at a picnic and you find a dead body!
: This is just plain creepy...
: And how about the reverse?
: No matter how great something is, if you put in a sad face, it makes it look super negative! For example...

: Do you have a hundred friends?
: He's right! That *does* make it seem sad!
: Now then, please get on the elevator! I'll see you all down there!

: Wh-What the hell was that...?
: I don't get it...
: I don't get *you* guys! How can you act so casual after murdering someone!?
: I-I...don't think I'm acting casual.

: Er, I mean...! I didn't murder anyone!
: Yeah, I'm c-completely innocent... How d-dare you call me a murderer!?
: Whatever...
: Either way, the truth will be revealed soon enough. Because there can be no doubt, one of us is the culprit.

The killer... The one that murdered Sakura...

Music cuts out.

She was stronger than anyone I know... And yet, someone killed her.

And that person is here...? That one of us...?

: Come on, it's time to put an end to this...

I made my way toward the elevator. But with each step I took, I felt like I was moving further and further away from my goal. I could feel a chilling fear running through me, trying to make me rot from the inside out... No matter how many times I go through this, it never gets any easier... We climbed into our steel prison in total silence.

We watched the doors close and felt it begin its sinister descent.

The elevator lowered, uttering its all too familiar clunking sounds. It fell lower, and lower... And as suddenly as always...the ride was over. The doors opened once again.

: Hmm... Just the six of you, huh? Really...
: That's so few! You must be so lonely!
: You say that like it's not YOUR fault we're all that's left!

: I wonder, will the class trial end with one less classmate again? Or...
: ...will your school life come to an end completely?
: Now then, are we ready to begin? You know the drill! Find your assigned seats!

And so, the curtain opened for the fourth time...

A deadly judgment... A deadly deception... A deadly betrayal...

A deadly riddle, a deadly defense, a deadly faith...

A deadly...class trial...!

: Welcome to the 4th Class Trial. It's been a little while, and Sakura certainly didn't seem like the type that could be killed off. We've got one twisting trial ahead of us. The ticker on the bottom reads the following:

"Multiple suspects. Murder in a locked room. If anyone was likely to survive, it was Sakura. And yet..."

: We gained a couple of new skills this Chapter so time for some explanations.

Lost in Thought: Increases the time limit for each phase. Effective during the Class Trial. Costs 3 SP.

-This skill came from Hiro. It gives you extra time whenever a timer pops up in the trial. I'm not positive of how much exactly since it seems to vary. I'm assuming it's percentage-based. This skill is pretty useful overall, especially on a first playthrough. It also helps that it's obtainable as soon as you start Hiro's FTEs. It's not essential by any means but it can help you out if you've been finding yourself having a hard time with the Nonstop Debates.

Breathing Technique: The Focus Gauge recovers more quickly. Effective juring the Nonstop Debate, the Hangman's Gambit, and the Bullet Time Battle. Costs 4 SP.

-This skill came from Sakura. When you use the Focus Gauge, its stars will recover faster. It's actually a very useful skill if you find yourself using the Focus Gauge a lot. It also pairs pretty well with another skill we can't get at this point that heals you while Focusing.

: More importantly, we got 3 more Skill Points during this chapter. I'm going to use them to re-equip Cool and Composed. I don't really need the time extension from Lost in Thought, and while I'd potentially like to use Breathing Technique, I just don't have the open SP for it right now. Maybe in time for Trial 5. This means I've equipped Algorithm, Upshift, Cool and Composed, Robot Jock, Melodious Voice and Handiwork for this trial with 15/16 SP used.
: Next, our Truth Bullets. There were a lot of them this time.

: ...blow to the victim's head. No other injuries were noted; however, it seems that at some point, the victim suffered from violent vomiting of blood.

: ...would have vomited blood.

: far away from where the victim was found.

: ..."monopolized" this candy as soon as it had become available, so obtaining a piece would have been difficult to impossible.

: ...bottles.

: ...around and underneath the container.

: ...they arrived.

: ...finger to do so.

: ...section A of the shelf.

: ...spilled after the incident took place.

: in this area.

: And with that, join me again next time for Trial 4.