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Part 102: Trial 4, Part 1

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: Let's begin with a basic explanation of the class trial! So, your votes will determine the results. If you can figure out "whodunnit" then only they will receive punishment. But if you pick the wrong one... Then I'll punish everyone *besides* the blackened, and the one that deceived everyone else will graduate!
: Now then...where to begin...?

Music cuts out.

: We already know who did it...!
: Whoa! Deja vu!
: The one who killed Sakura...

: one of the people that hated her! Byakuya, Toko or Hiro! It was one of you!
: Hmph. Idiot.
: I-I had nothing to d-do with it...
: Y-Yeah! I'd never kill someone, no way!
: I don't wanna hear your stupid excuses!

Hina seems really sure that one of those three is the killer... But she must have some reason for believing that...

: It was one of you...
: One of you killed Sakura!
: And what reason do you have for saying so?
: Because you all had a motive!
: You hated her!
: Is that it? That doesn't make any sense...
: That's the only reason you have for accusing us?
: That's l-low... That's about as low a-as you can g-get!

There's got to be some reason why Hina feels so strongly...

: If you remember, Hina told us in her account that Sakura left notes for all three of them.

> Shoot "the only reason you have" with "Aoi's Account"

: Another reason you suspect them is because Sakura wanted to meet with them, right?
: Yeah! And that was right before she died!
: So there's no doubt about it! One of those three killed her!

I can't disagree with Hina. There's good reason to suspect all three of them... Then does that of them did it?

: The fact that Sakura wanted to meet with all three of them... There's no way that's not suspicious!
: One of you is absolutely guilty!
: I don't deny that she wanted to meet with us, but... I never went to see her.
: I-I didn't either...
: Yeah, same here! I never saw her...!
: Come on! There's no way *none* of you went!
: At least one of you is lying!

Those three were definitely contacted, but they claim they never went to see Sakura... But I don't think that's true. One of them is definitely lying.

: Didn't Hiro appear to have something of Sakura's that he shouldn't have had?

> Shoot "I never saw her" with "Pocket Trash"

: Hiro...when we were talking before, you dropped a small piece of paper, remember? It was white with red polka dots...
: Wh-What's that got to do with anything!?
: Red polka dots...?
: That's gotta be the wrapper from the candy I gave Sakura!
: N-No, it''s, um...

: Ever since we got into the warehouse, I totally monopolized that entire box of candy.
: So there's no way a single one of them was left in the warehouse!
: In that case, Hiro...where *did* you get that piece of candy?
: From Sakura! It's the only explanation!

: U-Umm... W-Well, I mean...yeah, sure I got it from her, but...
: But she gave it to me forever ago! It doesn't have anything to do with what happened to her!
: When? When did she give it to you?
: The last time you saw Sakura was...when Hina had to go to the nurse's office, right?
: Y-Yeah, so I musta got it...some time before then.

But...what Hiro said can't be right. Because Sakura could only have gotten the candy *after* the incident in the nurse's office. And the reason I know that is...

> When Sakura got that candy

: I'm not sure about that, Hiro... Hina didn't actually give Sakura the candy till after she left the nurse's office.
: So if that was the last time you saw her, there's no reason you should've had that candy!
: Dammit!

Music fades out.

: Er, I mean...what I meant was, uh... ...

: Oh, that's right! I DID meet up with her in the rec room! You got a problem with that!?
: Why the s-sudden hostility...?
: But we just talked, that's all! I didn't do anything! You gotta believe me!

: Y-You're acting incredibly s-suspicious...
: YOU'RE acting incredibly suspicious!
: More h-hostility...

: It's not just normal hostility! You're the real culprit! I even have proof!
: Huh? P-Proof! What are you t-talking about?
: I'm talking about her shining message!

What would a shining message even be...?

: At the scene of the crime, she had written out "Toko" in her own blood, right?
: It was her "dying message"! Just like what you guys were talking about with Sayaka!
: That's true! I saw it for myself!
: See? See!? Toko did it!
: Wh-Wh-What are you saying!? No w-way! I didn't d-do it!
: You just don't know when you're beat, do ya!?

: Hiro, hold on...
: When did you see that dying message of hers?
: Huh...?

: W-Well, when we found Ogre's body. Duh...
: But if you recall, Hina was very adamant about keeping you away from the scene of the crime. So it's hard to believe that's when you actually saw the message for yourself.

Huh? Hold on... But when Kyoko found the magazine with the dying message in it, it was...

> On the magazine shelf

: Kyoko, you found the magazine on the magazine shelf, right?
: That's right. Looking through the shelf, I found the magazine with the dying message on it. I found it right there at the scene of the crime, after we'd started the investigation.
: If that's true, then what Hiro just said doesn't really make sense, does it?
: D-Doesn't make sense...?
: What doesn't make sense!? Everything I said makes perfect sense!

No, there's an obvious problem with what Hiro said before...!

: I can tell you exactly when I found the dying message: When Ogre's body was discovered!
: And I can tell you when *I* found the dying message...
: It was only after the investigation had begun. I found the magazine tucked away on the magazine shelf...
: When I pulled it out, I saw her final words...
: What's your problem?
: What I said makes total sense!

No, there's definitely something wrong with what Hiro said just now.

: None of our Truth Bullets really help with refuting Hiro's claims...

: The correct answer is to absorb Kyoko's remark and turn them around on him. The magazine was definitely not on the table at the time we discovered Sakura's body.

> Shoot "Ogre's body was discovered" with "magazine shelf"

: When Sakura's body was found, that magazine was sitting on the shelf nearby. That's where Kyoko found it, after we'd begun the investigation.
: And you weren't at the murder scene, so there's no way you could have seen it then!
: Gah-hah!

Music fades out.

: Tell us the truth, Hiro. When did you see the message?

: H-Hold on, you're focusing on the wrong part! Why does it matter when I saw it!?
: All you gotta do is read the vienna sausage Ogre left us and we know who the killer is--Toko!
: I don't even know where to begin with that one!
: Me neither! What the heck is this referencing in the original script?

: He's just t-trying to confuse us...!
: Actually, can we even be sure Sakura wrote that message in the first place?
: Um, yeah...?
: I think we can all agree Ogre wrote that message!

: One hundred percent without a doubt she wrote it! And this is me talking, so you know it's true!

Without a doubt...?

No, I absolutely do doubt it. There's no way Sakura wrote that message!