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Part 104: Trial 4, Part 3

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: Hangman's Gambit remains fundamentally pretty easy. The difficulty at this stage comes from the minigame just getting faster and throwing more fakeout letters at you.

: That's it! The chess pieces!

: Inside each bottle there was a Monokuma figure holding a different chess piece.
: King, rook, bishop, pawn... I definitely remember seeing each of those.

: And the piece that was inside the broken bottle we found was the knight, if I remember.
: So? What's that m-matter?
: I guess you don't know too much about chess, do you? Then let me explain...

: In chess, there are six different pieces--the king, the queen, the rook, knight, bishop, and pawn.
: What was left intact at the crime scene were the king, rook, bishop, and pawn...just those four. And on the ground was the knight.
: ...Oh! So the queen is missing!
: So we only have evidence for five bottles at the scene, while one apparently went missing.

: What does ch-chess have to do with anything!?
: Yeah! Shogi is way better!
: Yeah! ...Wait, n-no! That's not what I mean!
: So, let's say a b-bottle did go missing... Th-There's still no evidence that h-has anything to do w-with this case! That bottle c-could have disappeared anytime b-before the murder!

: No, it's clear that the missing bottle *is* connected to this case.
: H-How is it clear!?
: Think about what state the missing bottle must have been in. Maybe then you'll understand...

Wait...then the bottle that was missing...

> It was broken

: The bottle must have been broken.
: What m-makes you so sure!?
: Because there was evidence at the scene that supports it.
: Huh?
: That's right. We found evidence that shows there was more than just one broken bottle at the scene.
: And what is this e-evidence!?

It wasn't just a single broken bottle. And the evidence that proves that is...

> Present "Monokuma Bottle Experiment"

: Earlier, Kyoko and I did a little experiment. We compared the weight of the broken bottle pieces at the scene to one of the unbroken bottles.

: And what we found was that the collection of pieces was heavier. And the reason for that is...
: ...there was actually more than one bottle's worth of shattered glass.

: Wh--!?
: So from this, we can surmise that two bottles were actually broken at the scene of the crime. But someone did their best to clean up the pieces of one of the bottles, along with the figure inside.
: But when they did, they must have left behind a few too many pieces.
: Which is only natural. They certainly had no way to measure the exact right number of pieces to remove.

: But...why would they have to try and get rid of it like that, anyway?
: Because of what it would reveal about the case...

There can be no doubt that the second missing Monokuma Bottle is involved in this case. It must have been used by...

> Sakura's second attacker

: The bottle that was removed from the scene was used the second time Sakura was attacked.
: The second wound on Sakura's head came from that second bottle. Given all the evidence, this is the only possible conclusion.
: The killer wanted to make it look like there was only one attack, so they had to get rid of their evidence.
: From there, we can conclude that it wasn't Hiro who delivered that second blow. Wouldn't you agree, Toko?
: Wh--!?
: And there's the matter of the magazine. You must have been in the rec room when the incident took place.

: W-W-W-Wait! I admit, maybe there was a s-second attack, but...
: But there's n-no evidence I had anything t-to do with it!
: No way! You killed her, I'm sure of it!
: Sh-Shut up! Until two seconds ago, y-you were claiming *you* k-killed her!
: I'm not afraid to admit when I'm wrong! That's just the kinda guy I am!

: Plus, I just remembered something that proves it!
: Okay, fine, let's hear it...
: It was right after I got Ogre's note... I was kinda nervous about it, so I went to the rec room early. Y'know, to stake it out or whatever...
: So I was waitin' there, and that's when I saw her...

: I saw Toko go into the rec room!

You did...?

: Pretty soon, Ogre showed up and *she* went in the rec room! I assumed Toko was still in there, so I figured everything would be okay. That's why I headed in...
: But when I got inside, Ogre was all alone! Toko had disappeared!

: And you just now decided to share that with us...?
: After the shock of thinking I'd killed someone, I forgot all about it!
: Could someone tighten the screws on his brain? I think they've come loose...
: So, Toko! Where the heck did you disappear to!?

: You d-don't know what you're talking about. I never went in the r-rec room!
: I'm sure she didn't disappear, but maybe she found somewhere to hide...
: What!?
: Hiding i-in the rec room? Don't be r-r-ridiculous!
: Wh-Wh-Wh-Why are you all ganging up on me! You're all nothing but v-v-v-vermin!

No, it's not ridiculous at all. There's definitely proof that shows Toko was hiding in the rec room...!

> Absolutely

: So far, you've probably been pressing the Triangle Button during your Final Strike without a second thought. But from now on, you're gonna have to pay a little extra attention to your finishing blow. Now you'll have to choose the proper Truth Bullet to use during your coup de grace. You'll select it the same way as during the Nonstop Debate--simply press the L Button! Oh, by the way! You're about halfway through the game now! Go you! Well then...good luck, and have fun!
: We are definitely over halfway at this point. We're much closer to 2/3.

: So the only thing that changes now is when you get to the Final Strike, you have to quickly choose and fire a bullet that refutes the person.

: In this case, the Locker Handprint is the proof that puts Toko at the scene of the crime.

: Did you know someone left a handprint behind on the inside of the locker? They must have been hiding in there and put their hand on the wall without thinking.
: Does this handprint look familiar, Toko?
: N-No, it doesn't!
: Okay then, let's just compare it to your hand, shall we? That'll clear everything up, right?
: ...

: Stop wasting my time. Just tell us the truth.

Music cuts out.

: ...Okay. It's my handprint.
: Dang, she just straight-up admitted it!
: Then *you* killed Sakura!

: N-No! I swear, there's now w-way!
: Out with it.
: I...I p-probably did kill her.
: Straight-up again!

: Wait...what do you mean, "probably"?
: Give us the details, Toko. What happened between you and Sakura?
: ...
: Talk. Now.

: After I read S-Sakura's note...I decided to go there early. So I w-went into the rec room...
: I didn't know wh-what she might do if I didn't g-go, but I was too scared to f-face her head-on... So I f-figured I'd just sneak in first, and h-hide in the locker...
: Then...did you see what happened? Did you see me hit her?

: Yes. And I s-saw you write my name. I saw you f-forge her dying message!
: Well...that's awkward.
: So after he left, I j-jumped out of the locker and p-put the magazine back on the sh-shelf.

: But when you did, you put it back upside down.
: I didn't m-mean to... I was in a h-hurry!
: Imbeciles, all of you.
: Forget all that. Why did you attack Sakura...?
: A-After I put the magazine back, I heard a s-sound behind me, like a--like a monster g-growling... And when I t-turned around...

: ...there was S-Sakura, covered in b-blood...and staring r-right at me!

: When I saw all that b-blood, I fainted...right there in f-front of the magazines. I don't remember what h-happened after that. If you want to know m-more, you'll have to ask...her.

Her? You mean...

: ...Achoo!

: Ha-ha! Guess who's back!
: It WAS your fault, after all!
: My fault, Master's fault! When our faults combine, they soar to even greater heights!

: Just answer the question. Did you kill Sakura?
: Well, to be honest, Miss Morose and me don't actually share our memories! So I can't really say what was going on.
: But I was just minding my own business, sleeping peacefully, when someone shook me awake! Was it a prince paying me a visit, I wondered. So I opened my eyes to see...

: ...splatter everywhere! I was NOT prepared for that! And, well...I guess it took me by surprise!

: I got so startled, I smacked her with the first thing I could find. Which I guess was a bottle!
: Sakura was just worried about you, and you...! You're terrible!
: No, SHE'S terrible! Thanks to her, I murdered someone who wasn't an adorable boy for the first time ever!
: And when it was all over, you collected the pieces of the bottle to get rid of the evidence, didn't you?
: I wasn't about to die for some woman! If I'm gonna go down, I want it to be for killing Master!

: Just go away and die your meaningless death alone. Don't drag me into it.
: But I just can't catch a break, ya know? Fate's got it out for me!
: Cuz normally, Sakura should've been able to dodge my attack no problem!

: Even as strong as she is, she must have still been reeling from Hiro's attack.
: Hey, come on. That's, y'know...
: But anyway, I'm not the one that killed Ogre! So that's good!

"So that's good"? Keep talking like that and Hina's gonna--

: Well then, that's that! Let's start the vote!

Huh? I thought for sure you'd have some words for Hiro on that one...

: What's wrong? Come on, everyone! We're ready to vote, right? Let's do this!

Music cuts out.

: No, not quite yet...
: Huh?

: Not yet? Why not yet?
: Don't you think there was something odd about Toko's story? I mean, you had to have noticed...
: Odd? Huh?

: Hiro's attack, and then Toko's... But that still wasn't the end of it.

It wasn't...?

: Tell us your story one more time. Tell us what happened after you fainted. Then even this gaggle of idiots should understand what I'm talking about.
: Your wish is my command, darling!

It's not over yet, is it...? The one who killed Sakura is...