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Part 105: Trial 4, Part 4

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: I was just sleeping peacefully...
: And all of a sudden, Sakura was right there in front of me! I remember waking up right in front of the magazine shelf!
: And you were taken by surprise when you saw Ogre covered in blood...
: So you smashed her head in with the Monokuma Bottle?
: You got it! I smashed her good!
: And where did the attack take place?
: Right where I woke up! I killed her there in front of the shelf!

The main problem here is... If the second attack from Toko really was the killing blow...

: But Sakura wasn't dead on the ground by the shelf, she was dead in the chair.

> Shoot "in front of the shelf" with "Status of Sakura's Body"

: We found Sakura sitting upright in a chair... If the blow by the shelf was the cause of death, there's no explanation why she was in that chair...
: So, you finally noticed.
: That's just another lie from a bloodthirsty serial killer!
: Are you sure you didn't attack her while she was sitting in the chair?
: No, I'm sure she's telling the truth. Anyone who saw the murder scene should think the same way.

That has to be it... The evidence that proves there was an attack in front of the magazine shelf...

> Present Magazine Shelf Bloodstain

: Sakura was definitely attacked in front of the shelf. The bloodstain by the magazines is proof of that.
: Then she must have moved the body after she killed her, right?
: All to make it look like I did it! Cuz when I hit her, she *was* sitting in the chair!

: Hey, come on now. Look at me. I can't carry anything heavier than my own scissors!
: There's no way I could move a muscle-bound heavyweight like that!
: Then...then what's the deal?

: Well? Are you still convinced the case has come to an end?
: B-But...!
: Plus, the biggest mystery of all--the locked room--still has yet to be explained. Until we take care of that, we can't say this case has been properly settled.

: Oh, that part's easy! After she killed Sakura, Toko just hid in the locker again!
: Huh! So she just hid in there till everyone showed up and opened the door? And while everything was all confused and hectic, she just snuck out of the locker into the group!
: No, I don't think that's possible.

The reason there's no way Toko was hiding in the locker is because...

> I saw it for myself

: Even before we opened the door to the rec room, Hina and I both got a look inside. And at that point, the locker was already open. So obviously Toko couldn't have been hiding in there.

: Hrmm... Okay then, where *was* she hiding?
: I dunno! What's this whole "locked room" thing about, anyway?
: How do you not know!? You killed her!
: I think the fact that I don't know proves I DIDN'T kill her, thank you very much!

: Y-You're lying!
: No, she's not. I've been saying all along, there's still more to this case.
: But if Genocide Jill didn't do it, that means Ogre didn't die from the shot to the head...
: And?
: W-Well, I can't imagine what else could have killed her...
: That's because you're overlooking vital information.

Could we really be missing something so important...? If there's another possible explanation, maybe it's...

: What was it that killed Ogre? If it wasn't from Genocide Jill's attack...
: ...then what was it?
: There's no other possible cause. What killed Sakura...
: I can't think of anything other than the shot to her head!
: So you're dead set on blaming me, huh!?

Sakura's true cause of death...

: Didn't the Monokuma File mention something about vomiting blood?

> Shoot "the shot to her head" with "Monokuma File #4"

: According to the Monokuma File, Sakura had vomited blood. I think we can assume this was related to her cause of death. In fact, there was even a trace of blood left around her mouth.
: Well, I mean...maybe when she got hit with the bottles, she cut the inside of her mouth...
: If that's all it was, the file wouldn't have specified "vomited blood." Not to mention, I didn't find any cuts inside her mouth.
: You even checked in there!? God, you really ARE into dead bodies!

: No, I'm not "into" dead bodies. What I'm "into" is solving mysteries.
: But if there wasn't a cut of anything, then what made her vomit blood?
: Some sort of reaction within her body. Most likely...

: Sakura was poisoned.
: Poisoned...?
: That's right! This is the conclusion I've arrived at, and so there can be no mistake.
: Ahh! You're making me go all weak in the knees!

: She was poisoned...? It isn't possible!
: Is it really so hard to believe? Then let me explain exactly how the culprit was able to poison her.
: You can...explain it?
: Of course. If you don't mind...

: Everyone, quiet! Shut up and listen to Master!
: But you're the only one talking...

: The key to unlocked this mystery was hiding in the chem lab, up on the 4th floor.
: Huh? Not in the rec room!? Then I could've found it all along!
: You never would have, since you gave up on the search the moment you were barred from the crime scene.
: Well...yeah, good point...
: There's a big shelving unit in the chem lab that houses a variety of mixtures and chemicals. And that's where I found...this.

: I-Is that...the poison!?
: It's not an especially powerful poison, but it'll still kill you if you drink an entire bottle.
: But the specific properties don't matter. What does matter, is where I found it.
: Where'd you find it?

: The shelf is divided up into three sections--A, B, and C. In section A, dietary supplements; in B, reagents; and in C...a variety of lethal chemicals.
: And that's where the poison came from!? Section C!?
: Well...that's the question, isn't it?

The bottle of poison Byakuya just showed us... I'm sure I know where he got it...!

> Section A

: The poison was actually in Section A, wasn't it?
: Huh? But you just said that section A was for supplements or whatever...
: Strange, isn't it? Why would there be a bottle of poison mixed in with all those nutritional additives?
: Yeah, so...why?

Music fades out.

: Because the culprit switched it out, that's why.
: Wh-What do you mean?
: I mean...this.

I couldn't believe my eyes... Byakuya put the bottle of poison to his lips and...

: Huh? Master...!

We were so shocked at what we were seeing, all we could do was stand there and watch. But as if it were the most natural thing in the world, Byakuya was as calm as ever...

: Ugh, that tastes awful.

: Oh no! Master's in real trouble! You have to drink some water! You can't just swallow powder, it'll stick to your throat!
: Idiot! He just swallowed poison! We need to make him spit it out!
: The flavor certainly makes me want to spit it out. What's so "high-quality" about this stuff...?
: Huh? What are you talking about?

: I'm talking about the protein, of course.
: Protein...?
: Can I see that bottle for a second?
: Ah, sure. Do whatever you like.

Kyoko took the bottle from Byakuya and scraped out a bit of the contents with one finger. She touched her finger to her tongue...

: This is... It's protein powder.
: Huh?
: Correct. That wasn't poison in the bottle, but harmless protein powder.
: Which makes one wonder... The poison that should have been in that bottle...where did it go?

The bottle of "poison" was actually filled with protein powder. Which would mean that conversely, the poison must have been in... Could it be...!?