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Part 109: Trial 4, Part 8

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: Yeah, that's right. The one who killed Sakura was Sakura herself.
: ...Okay, we're done here.
: So that's the whole truth, huh? I see... But there's still one thing I don't understand.
: Hina...why did you try to cover up what happened? If the truth hadn't come to light, you would have died along with the rest of us. And yet you...! Why did you do that!?
: Yeah! We almost died there!
: Because...

: That's exactly what I wanted!
: What...?
: I mean, the reason Sakura died is cuz all of you pushed her into a corner. all killed her... So that's why...
: ...I couldn't let her be the only one that died!

: You d-don't mean... You were gonna t-take us all with you!?
: We have to atone for our sins. Because everyone...even me...we all killed her. We all have to pay for our crimes...
: F-For serious!? That's--!
: You still don't understand? Then let me explain... Do you realize just how much despair Sakura was carrying with her when she died!? Look at this...

Such brutality has made me desperate. So instead of just waiting to be killed, I'll do it by my own hand.

: Th-That's...!
: I found it on the ground, in front of the rec room. It's...Sakura's suicide note.
: Suicide note...?
: Thinking back, I should have seen it coming...

: It was right after Genocide Jack had attacked me. Sakura got mad and stormed out of the nurse's office... I ran out after her, and...

: Sakura, calm down! You don't have to worry about me, I'm fine!
: I...can't calm down... I don't care if I suffer for this. It's my fault, after all. But now *you're* suffering because of me...
: You tried to protect me, but because of me...
: closest friend got hurt!
: S-Sakura...

: Because of friends are all going to kill each other. This is responsibility.

: Sakura...thought she was responsible. She thought everything was her fault. Which is why...she wanted to find some way to get everyone to forgive her. So she asked to meet with...them.

: You asked to meet with those three? You can't! Don't you see how dangerous that is!?
: Don't worry. I just want to talk to them.
: Talk about...what?
: ...
: Listen, don't do it. If they all gang up on you at once, even you...
: Hina... Please, don't think of things like that. They're not my enemy.

: They're...friends.
: S-Sakura...

: She clearly believed... She...completely all of us. If you'd just talked to her, you would've understood. She was a friend to all of us... And yet... And yet...!

: You trampled all over her feelings. And then you did the unthinkable...
: N-No, that was just a...a misunderstanding!
: Don't stand there and call it a misunderstanding!
: She believed in you...and you wouldn't even listen to what she had to say. Without a single question, you tried to kill her...
: Do you have any idea how desperate she was, seeing you act like that!?
: That's what her suicide note means... "So instead of just waiting to be killed, I'll do it by my own hand." That's how far you'd pushed her...

: Sakura! What happened to you!?

: came...
: Wait right here! I'll help you out!
: H-Hina...
: Huh...?
: I...I'm so glad I got to meet you...
: Wh-What's wrong, Sakura? Why are you talking like that...?
: I...have a favor to ask.
: A favor...?
: I'd like...some protein. Could I ask you to...?
: Y-Yeah, you got it! Just hang on, I'll be right back!

: That was...the last conversation I had with her.

: I went to the chem lab to get the protein she'd asked for. When I got there, I saw the powder. And that's when I realized... I saw that someone had taken something from the poison shelf. Sakura... So I ran back to the rec room as fast as I could. But by the time I got there, it was already too late...

: Sakura! Let me in! Please, open the door!
: ...Why...?
: Why!? Why did she have to die!

: She had weaknesses, just like any other person. If she got cut, she bled. If someone hurt her, she felt it. That's weakness... That's normal...! And yet...
: You all blamed her... I tried to protect her, and I suffered for it. And that just added to the weight she had to carry...! And I didn't even realize it...
: Hina...
: We killed her... All of us. We pushed her into a corner...and we murdered her.
: People like us shouldn't be allowed to live!

: And that's why you tried to lead us astray. You did your best to make us arrive at the wrong conclusion during the class trial.
: Sakura died hating all of us. I wanted to free her of her regrets. But even that got found out. In the end, I wasn't able to do anything for her... I could never face her after this...

Music cuts out.

: I'm sorry to interrupt right when you're about to deliver the final tearjerker, but...

:'s just taking so long, long, long, LONG! I'm about to fall asleep over here!
: I mean, do you really think you have any idea what Sakura was actually thinking when she died?
: What did you say...?

: Everything you just said is nothing but your interpretation, right? Your own opinion on what her suicide note meant?
: O-Of course I know what she was thinking! Cuz her and me--!
: Well, what I'm really trying to say is...

Music cuts out.

: ...don't you think the entire foundation is shaky?

: What if it was this?
: that?
: Isn't it obvious?
: A suicide note. *Sakura's* suicide note.
: Wh-What? But Hina already...

: Oh, I wrote that one. It was all me, baby.
: This is the one Sakura addressed to Hina and put in her room!
: What? Then...
: You...lied to me?
: Oh, don't say "lie"! That makes it sound so dirty! I just thought I'd liven things up a bit!

: I can't help it if you totally took my little scribbles at face value. It didn't even have Sakura's signature on it!
: You filthy little...!
: I'm not filthy! I didn't do anything.
: Did I falsify evidence? Did I affect the outcome of the class trial? The case played out between you and you alone. You were the ones jerking each other around.
: Heck, even if the will *had* factored in, it still woulda been between you guys.
: So what's the problem!? This is all part of the production process! Okay, and...scene! Cut!

: So then, what did she write in her *real* suicide note?
: I'm glad you asked! For your benefit, I shall read it using my melodic, angelic, harmonic narrator voice!
: But you know...haven't you ever been curious about the whole "suicide note" thing? Who came up with the idea of leaving a note when you kill yourself in the first place?
: And isn't it just so unfortunate? Killing yourself is just so final, ya know?

: You can never hear the rest of their story. The truth is lost in darkness. Gives me the willies...!
: Could you get on with it, please?
: Okay, okay, jeez! Talk about a buzzkill... Alright, here we go.
: Ahem!

: My good friend Hina. There's something I have to tell you. I hate to do it like this, but you need to know. This final wish.
: As you know, I've been giving information to the one who's imprisoned you here. It was our first night in this strange school that the mastermind came to see me... You see, the mastermind took control of my family's dojo, and demanded I become their tool. You might not see the importance of a dojo, but my family has watched over it for over 300 years. I couldn't let it be destroyed under my watch. So even if it meant my own life, I had to protect it. That's how I saw things...
: However, that was my greatest weakness. And because of that, I made the mistake of giving in to the mastermind. And what the mastermind wanted from me was nothing less...than murder. They were probably worried that until the first murder had happened, nothing would move forward. But what neither the mastermind nor I expected...was the incident involving Sayaka. At that point, the plan changed. The mastermind told me to hold off--to wait until we reached another stalemate.
: However, as I lived here with all of you... As I lived here with resolve began to weaken. Watching everyone fight with such despair, trying so desperately to stay alive...I saw the weakness in my own heart, the mistake of succumbing to the mastermind. And more than anything...I cannot betray those who would call me their friend. That's how I came to feel.

: So that's why Sakura...

: I've made a decision... I will no longer retreat, no longer compromise, no longer regret... I've made my decision! I'm going... to resist you!

: Of course, because of that I decided to reveal her secret, which made everyone else hate her. Her decision to stay true to all of you led directly to all of you hating her for it...
: Ironic, isn't it!? Or maybe oxymoronic? Or just moronic...?

: Of course, I understand if you all hate me. All of this is because of my own weakness... I'm perfectly willing to accept whatever attack you may want to make on me. So this is my atonement for betraying you. That's what I had in mind... But unfortunately, that's not enough. This won't end with just me accepting your hatred.

: My own situation has started having an effect on more people than just me... Which is exactly what the mastermind wanted when they revealed my betrayal.

: My betrayal brought suspicion, disharmony... The mastermind knew that eventually it would escalate into someone murdering someone else.

: Of course, I'm still responsible for that, as well. I have an obligation to get this situation under control. And to fulfill that obligation, I've decided to do as the mastermind has commanded. I will do as I was told, and commit murder. But I've decided... The one I'm going to kill is...myself.
: If the mastermind demands that I kill someone, then that someone will be me. Then my dojo will be safe, and above all else, none of you will have to kill anyone. When I die, the source of conflict among you all died with me. For that, I'm willing to give up my life.
: If it can save you, then sacrificing my own life could have no greater meaning. Whatever you think of me, please know that you all are my most treasured friends... I've never had people like you in my life...

: Then...Sakura...didn't feel cornered. She didn't die hating us. She wanted to...stop us from fighting? To protect us?
: She didn't end her own life because she was weak. Quite the opposite, in fact...
: She was strong. *Too* strong. That's why she killed herself. She chose death for herself in order to protect the rest of us. To sacrifice so much... No normal person could do that.
: It was only her limitless strength that made it possible.
: ...

: Finally...Hina, I want to apologize to you especially. The reason I didn't tell you any of this is because I knew you would try to stop me. I'm really, truly sorry. But please don't be sad. If I can thwart the mastermind's plans, if I can keep you from killing each other...that's enough for me.
: This is the path that I have chosen. This is the only way I have left to distinguish myself. And you can use this note to bring the class trial to a quick end. I'm sorry to ask you to do something to unpleasant, but I have to leave the rest to you. Please talk to Byakuya, Toko, and Hiro on my behalf. I can't tell anyone about my plan while I'm alive, but I wanted you to understand why I'm doing this. In the end, though, I hope to show myself through actions and not words. Hopefully then they'll see...
: I never saw you as my enemy. You were only ever my friend, who I wanted to help as much as possible... Hina...whatever it takes, survive. Survive along with everyone else. No matter what...just survive.

: Th-This is...! I...I didn't understand how she felt... Not at all... I thought we were close, and still...!
: But in the end, all her meddling was like, totally pointless!
: She died so you guys wouldn't try to kill each other, but you almost ended up doing it anyway!

: Thanks to you, her death had no purpose at all!
: In fact, it was BECAUSE of her stupid meddling that the rest of you nearly bit the big one!
: She deserves all the blame! Everyone blame her! Go ahead, she deserves it!

Music fades out.

: Puhuhu... Now then, the next victim has been decided!
: What do you mean, next victim!? Nobody here blames anyone!
: Hrmm?
: First of all, you're in the wrong for tricking Hina with that fake suicide note! And plus... Sakura's death wasn't a waste!

: Hurrrmmm?
: Because she made us remember... We're not enemies that hate each other. We're friends, who need to work together!
: Damn straight. This is all because of our misplaced hatred.

: I don't blame her! I CAN'T blame her! And nobody can blame Hina, either!
: Buhwah!?
: Whether or not there was a spy never really mattered. Because the one we need to you! Nobody else!

: What the heck!? That's not how this is supposed to go!
: But anyway, are you sure about that? This killing game is a competition between all of *you*, remember?
: Your each other.

: He's absolutely right about that.
: Ahh, lovely Byakuya! You understand, don't you!?
: This is a life-or-death elimination match. The only way to to win. There can be no doubt that those are the rules of the game.

: Which is why...I am bowing out of the game.
: Huh...?
: Sakura and Hina were both willing to sacrifice their own lives to deny the reality of the game. Thanks to them, it would apper the others have cast aside their dear for this game.
: There's no point in participating in a game which has lost that excitement. Which is why I will no longer be participating in it.

: Wh-What's going on here!?
: Now I have only one thing to look forward to.
: And that is to heap the harshest possible punishment onto the one who thinks they can control me!
: B-Byakuya! Does this mean...?

: Don't misunderstand. I haven't been moved by some thoughtless sentimentalism, if that's what you're thinking.
: Wherever Master goes, I go! And if the mastermind turns out to be a guy, maybe I can catch on fire!
: E-Everyone...!

: Well? Now can you say that Sakura's death had no meaning?

Music fades out.

: Hmph. How boring. But nothing good can come of this.
: I'm still gonna be the one having the fun time!
: The fun...time?

: Anyway, let's forget about that good-for-nothing backstabber and get back on track!
: It's the moment you've all been waiting for! Punishment time!
: Wait, but...Sakura was technically the killer, right? And she's dead!
: Y-You're not gonna...!
: I-Is it me...?

: Oh heavens, no! Just cuz the blackened is dead doesn't mean I can sub in whatever ol' student I want!
: Didn't I tell you!? I'm very particular about the "Bear-Times-One" rule!
: But I spent so much time preparing my special punishment, it'd be a shame to let it go to waste!
: So, for my special punishment...I've prepared a special guest!
: A special guest...?

: Let's give it everything we've got! It's...PUNISHMENT TIIIME!