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Part 112: Free Time Roundup #6

School Mode Free Time Roundup #6: Sakura Ogami

: It's been a while since the last Free Time Roundup. We're going to finish Sakura's events today because hers were already begun in the LP proper. I know I still have yet to do the ones from Chapter 3's deaths but Hifumi, Taka and Celeste basically have unstarted FTEs. That's a lot of extra material to cover and all three of them have at least four events in their FTE chain. I'll try to get through at least one of them during Chapter 5.
: Sakura's FTE chain is 5 events long. The previous two events can be found in Chapter 3, Part 7 and Chapter 3, Part 8.

> Spend time together

: Would you like to put your body into motion? But my lessons are more than superficial. Are you sure you can keep up?

Sakura put me through a rigorous training session... Sakura and I grew a little closer today.

> Yes, definitely

Fresh Bindings: Strips of cotton cloth. They were once used for underwear and bandages. They say when you wrap it around yourself, both body and soul become taut.

: I-I've been looking everywhere for this! How did you know!?
: You're quite the mysterious man, Makoto...

Seeing Sakura so pleased with something I gave her makes me happy!

: You know, Makoto... There's something that's been concerning me.
: What...?
: This school has all kinds of exercise equipment, which is great...but it still doesn't offer everything I need to complete my training. I feel like I'm getting weaker by the day...

: Am I supposed to just accept that? Accept my atrophy? I...I can't do it... If something doesn't change, I'll...I'll...!
: I-It's okay, Sakura! Just hang in there! I know how impatient you must feel, but you can't rush these things...!
: ...
: But when you say it doesn't have everything you need to complete your training...what do you mean?

: Well, I can't say I'm a huge fan of modern training techniques, which rely mainly on machinery. That's good for building muscle mass, but that doesn't necessarily translate to actual strength. More muscle is better, of course, but you also need to know how to use it. And if you're not used to it, pushing your muscles too hard can lead to injury. There are even some world-class wrestlers who only build muscle by climbing ropes and things like that.
: In mixed martial arts, speed, agility, and endurance are all necessary parts of total body coordination. If that's your goal, you can't just focus on one aspect of your training. For example, kipping pull-ups can train one area, while power training equipment works multiple areas.
: ...Are you listening?
: Huh? Oh, yeah! Yes, absolutely! Got it!

: Weight-free training is an option, sure, but power training is a much greater challenge. I've had my own training method ever since I was a little child.
: For example, I'd take an old tire and hit it with everything I had. ...Are you still listening?
: Y-Yeah, totally!
: So, what did I say? What did I use to hit that tire I mentioned?
: What!? Are you sure you said it!?
: ...

This silence is deafening. I don't wanna think about what Sakura might do if I don't answer... What did she use to hit her tire when she was training...? I have to answer!

> A hammer

: I think I heard stories about people using giant hammers for training like that...
: Exactly so. I've been doing that since childhood. It's extremely good for your core. But that kind of thing is impossible here...

: And I can feel myself growing weaker...
: You have to endure it! Enduring this kind of thing is part of being strong, isn't it!?
: ...Hm?
: ...I think?
: ...For now, I should focus on training my mind...
: Hmm... You've taught me something today, Makoto. The important of endurance...
: W-Well, I mean...I wouldn't call that teaching per se.
: Sorry for making you listen to me complain... But I feel better now. I can handle this... I'm glad I talked to you. I'll find a way to repay the favor... *leaves*

Sakura left, moving quickly for her size.

: So...I guess I helped her? That's good...

I'm glad to see she's starting to trust me a little more.

: This Free Time gives us SP+1.
: The 4th event takes place in the dressing room this time.

: I just got done exercising. Now would be a good time for a break. Would you like to get something to drink and talk for a bit?

Sakura and I sat down for tea and a calm, relaxing conversation... Sakura and I grew a little closer today.

> Yes, definitely

Cherry Blossom Bouquet: A collection of branches from a sakura tree. In the language of flowers, cherry blossoms represent "a woman of superior beauty."

: I'll accept it with gratitude...
: I'll never forget this, Makoto.

I get the impression that she liked it. That's good...

: Hmm... I suppose I can share this with you.
: Huh? Share what?
: The story of the man who is stronger than even me.
: What...?
: I've never told anyone about this before...but I think I can tell you.
: there's someone out there even stronger than you?

: The truth is...I have a lifelong rival. He only fights in underground tournaments, which is why nobody knows about him. But he is truly the strongest man on the planet. I've faced him in battle after battle...and lost every time.
: H-He's that strong...?
: These days, fighting has become its own science, in a way. People studied it, it evolved, and eventually it was established as a formal sport. The idea of being invincible disappeared. Whoever develops the next great technique becomes the best.

: But even in this modern era, he never used that kind of scientific approach... His only real combat. He laughs in the face of combat sports. No one can come close to him... Martial arts relies on a certain amount of luck. A lucky punch, a missed step, can decide who wins. But none of that matters to him. He never loses. There's no strategy that can beat him. Many have studied him. All have lost.
: Is this guy really human...?
: His Kenshiro. As he described it to me, he inherited what he called the ancient assassination art...

Assassination art... He sounds super dangerous...

: And the story doesn't end there... Will you hear what I have to say, and not laugh?
: L-Laugh...? Why would I laugh...?
: Just looking at your face...I can tell you'll laugh!
: ...Huh?
: Please, give me some more time. I need to gather my thoughts...
: B-But...!

: Please, try to understand. Even I... I too have the heart of a woman... *leaves*

She refused to say any more, and left me standing there.

: The heart of a woman...?

Feeling generally confused, I went back to my room.

: This event unlocks the skill Tranquility. It takes 3 SP. Tranquility eliminates the crosshair drift entirely during some of the trial minigames. Currently, we're using Cool and Composed to reduce the drift but there is still a little bit of it. I would have liked to use this in the LP proper but there's just no way to do any Free Times with Sakura during Chapter 4. You cannot equip both Tranquility and Cool and Composed at the same time.
: Sakura's final Free Time Event starts off in the Art Room. It also features the same intro, so we're skipping to the present giving.

> Yes, definitely

Secrets of the Omoplata: A little-known book about Brazilian jiu-jitsu that teaches high-level shoulder techniques. "Omoplata" is another word for the scapula, or shoulder blade.

: A-Are you sure I can have something so valuable...? Makoto, I...!
: ...
: S-Since we've already talked so much, it's okay to talk a little more, right...?

Seeing Sakura so pleased with something I gave her makes me happy!

: So, have you decided?
: Decided what...?
: Decided not to laugh at my story.
: Oh, you're talking about Kenshiro? I mean...I honestly don't know what there is to laugh at...
: Then join me in my room, and I will continue my story. Just the two of us...

Huh? Just the two of us, in her room?

Sakura practically dragged me to her room...

Sakura's room is...pretty much exactly how I would've imagined it. But hanging out in a girl's room, just us... Gettin' kinda nervous! And it being Sakura makes me nervous for a whole other reason...

: Is there a reason you're glancing around?
: Oh, s-sorry!

: Anyway, I shall continue my story...
: Oh yeah. The one and only Kenshiro...
: That's right. My lifelong rival. And...
: My...

: My first love.
: First love...?
: ...Did you just laugh?
: N-No! I definitely didn't!

I mean, it's pretty surprising and all, but...

: You made the choice to tell me this story... So of course I'm not going to laugh. I would never...!

: ...I'm ashamed of myself. I underestimated you.
: I beg your forgiveness, Makoto.
: N-No, that's totally not necessary...
: I just...didn't want to be laughed at. Can you imagine? A girl like me, using the word love?
: And being shy about saying it is even more girly, right? I creep myself out, to be honest...
: But you *are* a girl. You're allowed to have a feminine side.

: But my goal is to become the strongest warrior on the planet.
: Maybe, but you don't have to be "manly" to find that kind of strength.
: Gh...!
: Huh? Are you okay?
: Y-Yes, I just... You made me remember something. Kenshiro once said something very similar... I'd forgotten about that...

: But there's no point to recalling his words now. I really am a girl... Still dragging his words with me like a chain around my neck...

Huh? What do you mean...? He might already be gone.

: Right now, Kenshiro is...
: He's fighting.
: O-Oh! Jeez, I thought you were gonna say--

: He's fighting an illness.
: ...Huh?
: When they found out, they said he only had six months to live. But six months has come and gone, and he's still fighting... That's just how he is. He would never let a disease beat him. He has to get better... He's the strongest human alive. I admit that--no, I *believe* that.
: S-Sakura...
: I visited him once. He'd lost so much weight. He looked like an entirely different person. But do you know what he said? He told me that now I was the strongest human alive. That I had taken the title. He said he'd return someday to get the title back. He said I'd better not let anyone else take it.

: He didn't need to say that last part. I'll never give up that title, not until he gets better. And when that day comes...I will defeat Kenshiro and earn that title for real. And that's why I have to get stronger...
: I had no idea...
: That's my biggest reason for becoming the strongest human alive. I'm sorry for wasting your time with such a longwinded story...
: I'm...not even sure why I told you. I think that remind me of him.
: Huh? Me?
: Well, in certain ways. Your build is obviously different, but you both have a strong core.
: Strong core...? N-No, I...

: You don't have to be modest. I know strength when I see it. Okay?
: O-Okay...

I feel like I've come to understand Sakura so much better... I think maybe we've finally become friends in the truest sense of the word.

: This final event gives you SP+1. Additionally, it unlocks a bronze Playstation trophy titled "Lovesport".

Sakura Ogami's Character Art

Kenshiro's Character Art. Note, Kenshiro never appears in the game, but he has a character art anyway.