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Part 115: Chapter 5 Daily Life, Part 3

: We're continuing to talk with the others about what they discovered on the 5th floor.

: By the way, did any of you find it? The other strange room on the 5th floor. Well, no..."strange" is a massive understatement.

: The smell of flesh and fat and blood... The white outlines of countless corpses... It was more dreadful than anything I've encountered here so far...

: Wh-What the hell are you talking about!?
: The smell itself was horrific. Far beyond any normal murder scene. Every body's smell, concentrated...
: God, I'm glad I didn't see it... I feel like I'm gonna barf just hearing you describe it...
: But I mean...what the hell happened in that room?

: I can only think of one thing... A large group of people died right there in that room.
: A bunch of people were...killed in there?
: Stop, seriously... I'm gonna throw up...

: Perhaps that's what was meant by the biggest, most awful, most tragic event in human history.
: ...Huh?
: You're thinking the same thing, then. My theory is the mass murder that took place in that room is the incident said to have happened one year ago.

: The awful scene in that room... That was "The Tragedy" that happened a year ago?

: Precisely. The Tragedy is another name for the genocide of the student body of Hope's Peak Academy. If that's true...
: ...that would explain why Hope's Peak was forced to close its doors.
: I mean, I guess that all makes sense,'s all awful.
: Not just awful... Super awfully awful!

They're right--it's beyond awful. It's terrible, tragic...hopeless. But still... How is it not one of us ever heard about something like that happening? Does that mean they really did cover it up...?

: And lastly, we can talk to currently-mute Toko.

: ...
: Hey, seems like Toko wants to say something.
: So? Why are you telling me?
: Well, cuz you told her to zip it or whatever...
: Ah. I'd forgotten about that.
: Jesus, man! I know you like torturing her, but come on!

: Well, Toko. If you want to envelop us all in your putrid breath, I won't stop you.
: Y-You honor me, Master...
: And d-don't worry... I took care of the o-odor problem...
: Hahaha, seriously!? You're just gonna take it?
: Sh-Shut up! And don't interrupt when M-Mater and me are talking!

: ...Okay, so, what did you want to tell us?
: Well, I was in a c-classroom on the 5th floor, and s-somehing caught my attention...

: It
: A knife!?
: Whoa, that thing is huge! It's like, Rambo size!
: It's a survival knife of some type...
: But...what was it doing in a classroom?
: How would I kn-know...?

: What're you gonna use that knife for...? What're you planning to do to us!?
: I'm not g-gonna do anything! I j-just picked it up! I didn't wanna leave a kn-knife just laying around...
: I'd rather have it laying around than in the hands of a serial killer!

: D-Don't compare me to...her! I'm n-nothing like her!
: Listen, more important... Now that we have the knife, what are we gonna do with it?
: We can't let Toko keep it, that's for sure. We dunno what she might do...
: I don't w-want it anyway! It's too dangerous...
: what to do...?

: Why don't you hang on to it, Makoto?
: Huh? Me!?
: Oh yeah, I totally trust Makoto to take care of it!
: Then that's that!
: H-Hold on! Don't I get a say!?
: It just shows how much they trust you. You should do as they ask.

Are you sure it's trust? I feel like they're just using me...

: Okay, s-so here you go, Makoto...

They're acting like I already said yes...

: F-Fine...

I guess there's nothing I can do. I'll just...keep it in my desk drawer for now.

: Anyway, th-that's all I wanted to say...

: Hey, Toko.
: Ah! D-Do I still have bad b-breath!?
: Sorry sorry sorry! I'm sorry it stinks! I'm sorry it stinks! I'm sorry--!
: You made a valuable discovery. Good job.

: Huh...? Huh...? Huh...? Did Master just...p-praise me?
: Hey, good for you!
: Ng...! NgaaAAaAhh! I-I'm dreaming... I must b-be dreaming!
: Ahh...that I would ever e-experience such a dream...

: Aha... Ahahahahaha! I feel...s-strange...! strange...! R-Really strange! Oh no...! Aha...hyah...hyeehahaehea!
: Whenever I look at Toko these days, it makes me feel...sad.
: And that finishes our talks with the others.

: Well, I think that's all the new information we have for now.
: So? Now what do we do?
: Well... Starting today, you're all under my command. But before we proceed, I need to figure something out.
: Jeez, how cocky can you be!? You're gonna bust through the ceiling if your head gets any bigger!
: So...what is it you wanna figure out?

: Kyoko's identity...
: ...Huh?
: ...

: Kyoko's identity? But Kyoko is...Kyoko...right?
: Yes, but who *is* she? The rest of us have a clear, definable reason for having been selected to attend Hope's Peak Academy. Hina's the Ultimate Swimming Pro, Hiro's the Ultimate Clairvoyant... Even Makoto is the Ultimate Lucky Student.

More unlucky than lucky these days, but...

: So what about Kyoko? Can anyone tell me what *she* is?

: Now that you mention it...she's never told us.
: Well, Kyoko doesn't really like talking about herself anyway, right?
: It's not a matter of what she likes or doesn't like. This is a matter of trust. Can you trust someone who's unwilling to reveal their true identity?
: We need to avoid raising any more unnecessary suspicion. So Kyoko, it's time you told us...

: ...I can't.
: What!? Wh-Why won't you tell us!?
: I didn't say I "won't." I said I can't.
: Wh-What do you mean...?

: Because...I don't remember.
: What...?
: I have no memory of what I am.
: You have no memory...? You mean...
: Amnesia...?
: ...

: If I thought you had a sense of humor, I'd say you were joking. But if this is a joke, I'm not laughing.
: Y-You can't be serious right now, c-can you?
: I knew you wouldn't believe me. That's why I didn't say anything.

: But it doesn't matter. Either way, the truth will make itself clear before we're done. So you have no intention of telling us? Then I can no longer stand by and do nothing...
: So you have no intention of telling us? Then I can no longer stand by and do nothing...
: What are you going to do? Torture me?
: Nothing so barbaric as that.
: I will simply...limit your options. I can't allow you to engage in any further suspicious activity.
: Limit my options...?
: Give me the key to your room.
: But...if she gives you her room key...!

: She can't go to sleep in her room! She'll be breaking a school regulation!
: And if she doesn't want that, she'll talk. It's easy, all she has to do is tell us about herself.
: Just hold on...! A threat like that...

: ...Fine. I understand.
: Good, you're finally in the mood for conversation.

Without saying a word, Kyoko walked right up to Byakuya, and...

...held out her room key to him.

: You damn fool... Why do you refuse to talk...!?
: Whether I want to or not, I can't. All I can do is keep telling you that.
: M-Maybe she really did lose her memory...
: If you really think about it, it doesn't sound totally impossible. This is the worst school ever, where only the worst stuff happens, right? Amnesia would fit right in.

: The worst school, where only the worst things happen? Do you really mean that?
: Huh...?
: Can you really be sure that life here has been filled with only the worst things?
: Wh-What do you mean...?
: ...Perhaps I've said too much.

Kyoko then turned her back on us, and without a word began to walk away.

: Where do you think you're going?
: Don't worry. I'm not going to do anything to harm any of you. *leaves*

Those were her last words as she left. Kyoko's last words... The dining hall was silent. The only sound was the door opening and closing as Kyoko left the room.

: Wh-What's her deal...?
: I think you went too far, taking her room key like that...
: F-For her, that wasn't far e-enough...!
: Or m-maybe she gets off on the attention. I can't believe her, e-enjoying getting yelled at...
: You're getting noisy again, Toko.
: ...

: Sorry, I can still hear you. The sound of you breathing, of your heart grates on me.
: Are you telling her to die...? I mean, I know how you feel, but...!

But what's Kyoko gonna do now...? Plus, this situation... It's just like before... It's no different from when everyone started accusing Sakura! And I...I'm no different, either. I still can't stop anyone...

Music cuts out.

: Uwah!
: Wh-What the hell!? Why're you yelling all of a sudden!?
: Cuz...! Cuz! Look!

: ...
: I-It's you... How long have you been standing there!?
: I'm very...very...

: Angry at what...?
: At the thief! Yes, that's right. I'm very sad to have to tell you, there's a thief in your midst!
: What!?

: Myyy PRECIOUUSSS! They stole it!
: ...Your precious?
: Your teacher had such faith in you... And this is how you repay me? With betrayal?
: Reality is filled with so much hardship, isn't it? No wonder people run away into their fantasies...
: But...what the heck is your "precious"?
: Shut up! I hope all of you get stuck in a hiring freeze and die penniless on the street! *leaves*

: And he's gone... What the heck was that all about?
: He said something about his "precious" getting stolen. Does anyone have any idea what that might mean?
: It likely has something to do with Kyoko.
: ...Huh?
: Who else other than her would be willing and able to steal something from Monokuma?

Did Kyoko really steal something from Monokuma? But if that's true, what was it? And why would she do that?

*Ding dong, bing bong*

: Mm, ahem, this is a school announcement. It is now 10 p.m. As such, it is officially nighttime. Soon the doors to the dining hall will be locked, and entry at that point is strictly prohibited. Okay then...sweet dreams, everyone! Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite...

: Uh-oh. We need to get out of here...
: We can talk about this more tomorrow. And about Kyoko...
: However, after what just happened with Monokuma, and Kyoko, I feel like there's...something in the air. I would suggest you take extra precautions tonight. Stay in your rooms, don't go wandering around...
: Not like we need you to tell us that...
: Well then, let's disperse. I'll see you all tomorrow.

Following his lead, each of us went back to our rooms.

: Ah, that's right. I need to put away the knife that I got from Toko...

: I think the safest place for it will be in my desk drawer.

But Kyoko really gonna be okay? She can't get into her room. What's she gonna do...? Isn't there something I can do...? Something I can...

Music fades out.

... ... ...

*Ding dong*

: ...Nng?

As I opened my eyes, I realized I'd fallen asleep without realizing it. But more important...

: Did I hear...the doorbell...?

: ...
: K-Kyoko...?
: I'll be waiting for you in the dressing room... See you there... *leaves*

: H-Hey, wait! Kyoko!

Without acknowledging me, Kyoko disappeared into the depths of the darkened hallway. I know we're not supposed to go out during nighttime but...

: I can't just not go...