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Part 118: Chapter 5 Daily Life, Part 5

*Ding dong, bing bong*

: Good morning, everyone! It is now 7 a.m. and nighttime is officially over! Time to rise and shine! Get ready to greet another beee-yutiful day!

: ...

My body feels so heavy this morning... It must be because I was up so late last night.

: Anyway, I need to get to the dining hall...

: You're one minute late, Makoto. How do you explain this?
: S-Sorry. I'm not feeling so great today.
: You r-really think a tired excuse like that i-is gonna work?
: Huh? Are you allowed to talk again?
: I don't recall giving you permission...
: Huh...? I-I just thought... I mean, since a d-day had passed, it had maybe r-reset...

: S-S-S-S-Sorry! Please don't hate me! Whatever my p-punishment is, I'll accept it! I'll hang a s-sign from my neck that says "Bad Girl"! I'll clean your bathroom w-with my toothbrush...!
: If you stop making disgusting comments like that, *maybe* I can forgive you.
: Th-Thank you! I won't make any more d-disgusting comments, I promise...! If I do, you can stuff m-my mouth full of trash...
: As long as i-it's you and no one else, I d-don't mind...!
: It's no use. She's disgusting to the bone...

: Anyway, where's Kyoko? I haven't seen her this morning...
: Not cool! This is worse than being late for lunch, for a date, for your wedding, for anything!
: Maybe she's mad about what happened yesterday, and she's not gonna show up anymore...
: ...

I can't tell the others why Kyoko might not be here... The best thing to do right now is just keep quiet.

: Whatever her reason, I'm curious to know what she *is* doing. I know she's not in her room, so...
: Oh yeah, you still have her key, right?

: Ah, are you looking for Miss Kirigiri?
: Wgah! What do you want now!?
: I'm right, right? You're wondering where Miss Kirigiri is, right?
: D-Do you know where she is...?
: Hmm... Well, it's hard to say...

: Huh? You don't know, either!?
: It's because he doesn't know. That's why he's here--to try and prod us for information.
: Hey, don'tcha hate it when you ask someone what their favorite movie is, and they name some indie bullcrap?
: I feel like I'm g-getting whiplash, the way he changed s-subjects like that...

Thank goodness. It looks like Monokuma really didn't notice... So I guess our plan went off just fine last night. Which could mean...

: Maybe the mastermind can't monitor us and control Monokuma at the same time.

Could she have been right about that?

: So? Was I right? You're looking for Miss Kirigiri! Any idea where she might have gone...?
: ...We have no idea.
: And even if we did know, we wouldn't tell *you*!
: For serious!
: Hmm... I see...
: Well, fine. Whatever! I don't even care anymore! Sayonara, suckers! *leaves*

As soon as he was gone, we all glanced around at each other.

: So...what was that just now? Does that mean Monokuma doesn't know where she is, either?
: It would seem that way...
: Where the heck could she have gone...?
: Don't you think we should all go look for her?

: And how would you suggest we approach that task? Even Monokuma can't seem to locate her...
: can he not know where she is?
: So strange...
: ...

Kyoko must have used that key to sneak into some unknown part of the school... But somewhere even Monokuma wouldn't notice? Where could it be...?

We spent the rest of breakfast talking about where Kyoko could have gone. Afterwards, we returned to out rooms.

: Whew...

Breakfast didn't help me feel any more upbeat, that's for sure. I feel like this is more than just me staying up late last night...

: It's time for more Free Time. We're going to continue with Hiro because he's the only person alive right now whose FTE chain we've begun. He's also usually good for a laugh, something that's in short supply with how few people are still alive.

: Monokuma seems, like...super advanced, right? I think maybe we've been caught in the middle of something terrible...
: A global revolution by the ancient civilization that we've ruined! Their alien technology will destroy us! Or maybe not, I dunno.

Hmm... Should I talk to Hiro while he's acting like this...?

> Spend some time with Hiro

: Huh? You wanna hang out with me?
: Well then, have I got a story for you! My research revealed a surprising connection between Tokyo Tower and the lost Lemurian civilization!

Hiro spent a lot of time talking about stuff that didn't make any sense to me... Hiro and I grew a little closer today.

> Yes, definitely

Sacred Tree Sprig: The branch from a sakaki tree, commonly used in Shinto rituals. It serves as a connection between humans and the gods.

: Guwaaah! Such mysterious power... This is a true-blue OOPart!
: Makoto! The dawn of a new era draws near!

Seeing Hiro so pleased with something I gave him makes me happy!

: Hey, Makoto! Are you familiar with Kamata? It's a tiny little suburb in Tokyo, right!?
: Yeah, I've heard of it. What about it?
: Well, don't tell anyone I told you this, but...they appear there.
: Huh? What does...?
: UMAs!

UMAs are...I think...

: Well crap, I legit had no idea when I recorded this. Time for guessing!

> Spaceships

: You mean spaceships?

: Ugh, no! Those are UFOs, ya dingus! A UMA is basically an animal version of that. I shouldn't have to tell you any more than that, right!?
: Strike one. I know what it is now, but I couldn't resist:


: ...Thurman?

: ...
: ...
: Dumb jokes don't work for you, man! I'M supposed to be the stupid one around here!

What!? Why would you say that about yourself!?

: Third time's the charm. Maybe I should've failed other multiple choice questions on purpose; that was thoroughly entertaining.

> Cryptids

: You're talking about cryptids, right? "Unidentified mysterious animals"...

: You got it! And it just so happens they've been appearing in little ol' Kamata!
: ...What...kind of cryptids?
: The terrifying skyfish! In the West, they're usually just called rods. They can fly, and they have a thin body and a big wide fin! They can move their fins in a wave pattern, which lets 'em move faster than the naked eye can see!
: ...
: You ever heard of the anomalocaris? Some people think that's what the skyfish evolved from! And some OTHERS think they're an artificial life form, a genetically engineered military superweapon!

: Isn't that scary as hell!?
: But...what would they be doing in Tokyo? And in Kamata, no less?
: Nobody knows. But I think they're dangerous. You know how close Kamata is to Haneda Airport, right? I don't wanna wait till it's too late. I've been thinking I should call all the airlines!
: They need to know there's a way to get rid of those damn skyfish. And I know what it is! As long as they can pay my fee, I can keep things safe for them. That's what I'm gonna tell 'em!
: I wouldn't do that if I were you. I see a lot of jail time in your future if you do...

Plus, isn't that like, super occult? I just don't understand...

: We receive SP+1 for this event.

Once we were all done, I headed back to my room for a little while...

: Nnn... I feel even worse than I did this morning... My body feels like lead, I'm getting chills.

This is bad. I think I might be getting sick...

: Next time, we do another Free Time Event.