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Part 122: Chapter 5 Daily Life, Part 8

: The others are out in the hall as you approach the headmaster's office.

: Naturally Master's the o-one to show such bravery...
: Just make sure you don't get in his way.

: Sakura's gonna be watching over us... So we're definitely gonna find something to help us bring this to an end!

: We've finally reached the climax!
: So let's hurry up and finish it, before the mastermind catches us all!

: This is where we expose every last detail of the mastermind. Is everyone ready?

*Rattle rattle*

: It's locked. As expected.
: So...what are you gonna do?
: Isn't it obvious? We're going to tear this door off its hinges.
: Wait, but...the rules say--
: We've seen that the mastermind isn't watching us. Those don't matter anymore.
: But like Makoto said... If the mastermind did show up while we were in there...

: Then we'll just have to finish our business before that can happen.
: Okay, sure...but...
: We've come this far, we can't back down now. We agreed this is what we have to do. So we have to do it.
: S-So beautiful...!
: For serious...?

: We don't have any choice... We're desperate!
: Let's do it! Let's rip this door down!
: Okay, are we gonna do that? This thing looks pretty sturdy...
: Then we'll need something sturdy of our own.
: Oh...what about that one thing?

: The thing in the toolshed...
: Oh yeah! The pickaxe!
: Interesting. That could very well be exactly what we need.

: Now then... Toko, what time is it?
: W-Well, when we left the gym, it was j-just before 9 o'clock. So it's probably 9 on the d-dot now...
: Okay. Go get the pickaxe and be back here by 9:01.
: That's straight-up unreasonable!

: I-I-I...! By m-myself...?
: Surely you like to have your me-time once in a while, right?
: W-Well...if it's me-and-you-time, Master, then y-yeah...
: You know how much time it took you to say that? Then seconds. Take too long, and I'll erase your existence from my consciousness.
: UnacceptabbbbbbllllLLLLLLEEEEEEE!!! *runs off*

With that, Toko ran off, loud as a herd of rabid elephants.

: For serious, though...are we just gonna knock this door down?
: No problem is solved by running away. Find your stones and be a man.

He's right... You can't move forward by always avoiding danger...

: If you spend all your time trying to avoid danger, you'll never move forward. We know the danger. But if that risk means solving the mystery, we have no choice.
: Am I wrong?

Even if it's dangerous, we have to overcome the challenges in front of us...!

: Maybe, b-but I'm still super stressed... I'm so tense, I can hardly talk... I'm all flubbust--no... I'm totally flabbag--flapstaf--

: Fapsauce!?
: Gross! Where'd that come from! Wait, Genocide Jill? Where'd YOU come from!?
: Hello hello! It's the wondiferous, murdiferous fiend, here to greet you with a razor-sharp smile!
: Kyeeehahahaha!

: What about the pickaxe? Where is it?
: I was supposed to pick an axe...?
: No, you seeping imbecile. The *pickaxe*...
: S-Seeping imbecile!? Oh, Master! You wound me with your executive-level barbs!
: Bushwah! Here comes the bloody nose!

: Seriously, though...did you really forget the pickaxe?
: Omega-3 fatty acids, that's what you need! Great for the ol' memory factory!
: But I think we already established that their memory doesn't carry over when they switch...
: This is a level of uselessness I find difficult to tolerate...

: Ah! The light bulb just went on!
: That's why I went to the garden, right!? I was supposed to get the pickaxe!
: Alright, we've solved one mystery! That means there's just one more mystery left!
: One more mystery...?

: Yup! Now we just need to figure out the identity of Object X!
: Now what are you talking about...?
: Did you already forget what we were talking about? You're like, missing out on life...
: I'm not missing out on life! In fact, I found one in the garden!
: What...? What did you find?

Music cuts out.

: Kuh...oar...puss...

: Didja hear me!? I said corpse!
: A corpse...!?
: That's right! I found a corpse in the garden!

You found a the garden...?

: Well then. Before we enter the headmaster's room, it appears we have something else to look into.
: We're going to the garden.
: O-Okay...!

As soon as we entered the garden...I saw it. I didn't want to, but...


...I saw someone laying on the ground, with a mask covering their face... And there was a knife...buried in their stomach, up to the hilt.

: Wh-What the...!?
: A-Are they really dead!?
: For sure. But...
: it?