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Part 128: Trial 5, Part 1

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: Let's begin with a basic explanation of the class trial! So, your votes will determine the results. If you can figure out "whodunnit" then only they will receive punishment. But if you pick the wrong one... Then I'll punish everyone *besides* the blackened, and the one that deceived everyone else will graduate!
: ...Okay, well! I'll leave the rest up to you!

: Well then, let's discuss the specifics of the victim. First, we need to clarify who exactly the unidentified victim is.
: It's Kyoko! There's no other explanation!
: But Kyoko's standing right there...!

: No! That's a ghost!
: ...
: But...she has legs and stuff.
: Well that's just because...
: ...she's like the latest evolution in ghost technology!
: There's a limit to how much ridiculousness I can tolerate...

: Um, I just have to prove that the corpse isn't Kyoko, right?
: Then let's compare Kyoko's traits to the traits of the dead body.
: Her traits...?

One important trait Kyoko has that proves the body doesn't belong to her...

> Kyoko's gloves

: I'm talking about her gloves. They'll give us some insight into the mystery, I'm sure of it.

: In that case, I think it would be helpful is someone explained why she actually wears those gloves.
: And would you happen to know the answer?
: In fact, Monokuma told me. Apparently you have scars on your hands you don't want anyone to see.
: ...

: Oh! You know, now that I think about it...the corpse wasn't wearing any gloves, right!?
: They probably just got burnt up in the explosion! I'm not convinced! The ghost is just trying to fool us all!

There's no way that corpse was Kyoko... But if I can't prove why, we're gonna be stuck here and the case won't move forward... So I don't have any choice but to...

: That "Kyoko" there is just a ghost!
: I-Impossible...
: Okay, then prove it! Prove she's not a ghost!
: The dead body wasn't wearing gloves!
: They got burnt up in the explosion!
: Then...she was wearing gloves before the explosion...?
: Well, yeah! She must've been wearing gloves!
: Cuz that corpse is absolutely Kyoko!
: This entire discussion is idiotic...

I know that body isn't Kyoko's, and I know I can prove it...

: Why would you wear both gloves AND fake nails?

> Shoot "must've been wearing gloves" with "Fake Nails"

: No, there's no way the corpse was wearing gloves. Whoever it was, they were wearing fake nails, remember? I imagine trying to wear gloves over nails like that would have been a pretty big pain.
: Besides, Kyoko wears gloves to hide her hands, right? It'd be pretty weird for someone who's self-conscious about their hands to wear fake nails, don't you think?
: Jeez man, you don't know women, huh? They're complicated like that!
: If anyone doesn't know women, it's you!

: Well, Kyoko? Any thoughts?
: These gloves were custom-made to the size of my hands to make sure they don't interfere with my daily life. If I wore fake nails, the gloves wouldn't fit properly.
: Then that's that. The dead body doesn't belong to Kyoko.
: Which should have been obvious, since she's standing right here...

: Okay, so then...who's the real victim? First we need to figure that out!
: That's the first thing I said. You're the one who's been dragging us around in circles...

Before anything, we have to identify the victim...! Everything starts from there...

: If Kyoko really is still alive...then who died!?
: There's gotta be some way to figure it out.
: I don't th-think so... The face was scorched beyond recognition... And there wasn't any description in the Monokuma File.
: Well if we can't identify the body...
: ...then there's nothing else we can do, right!?

We need to find out who the victim was before we can do anything else...

: There was a pretty identifying mark on the victim's hand.

> Shoot "we can't identify the body" with "Tattoo on the Right Hand"

: There was one clue left behind that we can use to identify the body.
: What? For real!?
: If you're l-lying, you'll die a cruel and unusual d-death...!
: A cruel and unusual death!? This I gotta see!
: She's just being stupid! Ignore them, Makoto. Tell us what you're talking about!
: The key to figuring out who it the tattoo on the back of her hand.

: Oh, yeah. The design's pretty strange, huh? Is this...a dog?
: Her master m-must have made her get be like, "You're my b-bitch."
: Seriously!? They really did something that humiliating!?
: No, that's not it. The identity of the victim is hidden within that tattoo.
: Whoa, really!?

If you compare the tattoo to other information we have, the victim's identify should become clear...

Mukuro Ikusaba's Profile: Mukuro Ikusaba--female. Known as the Ultimate Soldier. She became obsessed with the military from a young age. She disappeared while on vacation in Europe, and reappeared in Japan three years later. Apparently every member of Fenrir gets a tattoo somewhere on their body to represent their membership in the group.

: The Fenrir Mercenary Corps. That's the name of the military group Mukuro Ikusaba belonged to...
: Okay, so...?

: To show that they're a member of the team, each soldier that joins the squad would get a tattoo representing Fenrir somewhere on their body.
: Fenrir...?

The image that represents Fenrir is...

: This is a pretty worthless Hangman's Gambit. Is it any more challenging or longer in Japanese?


: The representation of Fenrir is...a wolf.
: Fenrir, the Wolf of Ragnarok. It's from Norse mythology. A huge, world-ending wolf beast... He's the ch-child of the trickster god, Loki, and a female giant.
: Man! After all this time, we finally got a glimpse of the literary all-star!
: A wolf tattoo... Then that means--!
: Exactly. The body we found had a tattoo of a wolf.
: Which means that person must have once belonged to Fenrir.

: So it must have been Mukuro.
: What!?
: H-Hold on... Isn't she the one that was behind this whole thing?

: Ah-ha-ha-ha! You sound surprised! But you're absolutely right! Yes, indeed! The trial this time is to solve the murder of Mukuro Ikusaba!
: Wh-What? Are you saying the m-mastermind is dead...and now we have to have a c-class trial?

: No. It means we were wrong in thinking that Mukuro was the mastermind at all.
: But, I mean...being the Ultimate Despair seems like a pretty mastermind-y title to me...
: Maybe we shouldn't have been thinking of her as the Ultimate Despair in the first place.

: After all, looking at her profile, I didn't see anything that would fit such a description... All it said was that she was the Ultimate Soldier.

: If I remember correctly, that other information came from...
: Kyoko, that's what you told Makoto, right?
: ...

: So that means...Kyoko got it wrong?
: Then...who was she? Who was Mukuro Ikusaba? She's been gone this whole time, and when she finally turns up, she gets killed!
: Usually, when there's a s-scene where an important character dies, it has a lot m-more detail...

: So you're saying she wasn't an important character? Which would mean she was the same as us--just another participant.
: Then who's the real mastermind?
: It must have been th-the Hope's Peak Academy headmaster, a-after all...!

: No, the headmaster has nothing to do with it.
: But how can we trust that? We already know your information about Mukuro was wrong.
: My information was not wrong...

: Okay, okay! We're in the middle of a trial right now! Figuring out who killed Mukuro is first and foremost! Please limit all future prattle, chatter, and chit-chat as much as possible!
: ...Fine. Uncovering the identify of the mastermind will have to wait. But remember this...
: No matter what happens, we *will* find out who you really are. I stake my family name on it!

: I have officially decided to completely ignore all such attempts at provocation!
: Now then, just so nobody's confused, let me state this one more time for the record... The reason we're having a class trial is because a murder among the stuents has taken place!
: Hammer that point straight into your big ol' brains!

: What you're saying is that both the victim and the culprit are part of the student body?
: of us killed Mukuro?
: Wait, no! There's a chance that there's some mystery 17th person who's been hiding all along!
: Nope! There are only 16 students in total that have been taking part in these events!
: Seriously!? of us killed Mukuro!?

: Who d-did it!? Who's the killer th-this time!?
: Get a hold of yourself. We've already narrowed down the list of possible suspects.
: Huh...?
: I'm sure you realize who I'm talking about, right Makoto? Who the evidence points to?

Based on what we know, there can only be two suspects...

> Makoto and Kyoko

: You've narrowed it down to...Kyoko, and me. Right?
: ...Why do you say that?

: Allow me to explain... Just after nighttime last night, I went to the garden. So I can confirm that at that point, there was no dead body there.
: So, the murder must have taken place after I left the garden.
: However...Hiro, Toko, Hina and I were in the gym the entire time.
: The gym...?
: That's right. The four of us were there trying to dismantle Monokuma. The whole time we were very careful not to go anywhere alone. We even went to the bathroom in pairs. All of which is to say...the four of us all have alibis. The only ones without alibis...

: ...are me and Makoto. That's why you're able to narrow down the list of suspects.
: Exactly so.

So the only suspects now are me and Kyoko. Dammit...! I can't let this said. Somehow I have to clear my name...

: Um, I have something I'd like to say regarding the whole alibi thing...
: ...Are you thinking of raising an objection?
: Well, before that, I just want to try and get a better idea of what time the murder took place. Doing that might reveal some kind of clue...
: Whatever you want. Somebody go ahead and help him out.

: Me and Byakuya can both confirm that the body wasn't in the garden at... Well, it was after nighttime for sure. I'd say it must have been around 10 o'clock.
: So the murder musta happened after 10 p.m.
: Then I guess we can say the timeframe for the murder was between then and when we found the body...?
: Oh, but...what time did we find the body?
: The one who saw the body first was Toko, right? When she went to go get the pickaxe...

So what time was the body discovered...?

> At 9 o'clock

: The body must have been discovered at 9 a.m., since that's when Toko went to get the pickaxe...

: Now then... Toko, what time is it?
: W-Well, when we left the gym, it was j-just before 9 o'clock. So it's probably 9 on the d-dot now...
: Okay. Go get the pickaxe and be back here by 9:01.

: H-He's right, it had to be around th-then.
: So we can be totally sure the murder happened sometime between 10 at night and 9 in the morning.
: For me, I was already asleep before nighttime hit. So I don't have an alibi after 10 o'clock... But I'm sure I met up with everyone else before 9 this morning.

: We ran into each other in the dining hall, right? That was around...
: Oh yeah! Right around 7:30! I remember checking right before I went in, so I'm totally sure about it.
: Which means from 10 p.m. to 7:30 a.m., you don't have an alibi.

The murder happened between 10 p.m. and 9 a.m. And I don't have an alibi from 10 p.m. till 7:30 a.m. Okay then, it looks like the game has begun... If I can't provide an alibi for that period...then I just have to prove the murder didn't happen during the time I don't have an alibi!