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Part 129: Trial 5, Part 2

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: We've established a timeframe for the murder. It took place somewhere between 10 o'clock at night...and 9 o'clock in the morning.
: Yup. And Makoto doesn't have an alibi for most of that time.
: Yeah, from 10 o' 7:30.
: That's more than enough time to commit murder, I should think. So Makoto, if you have any objections, now would be the time...

The incident took place in the garden, right? If I remember, there's something that happens there every morning at a certain time...

: The sprinkler system turns on at 7:30 in the morning. But the body wasn't wet, right?

> Shoot "10 o'clock at night" with "Sprinklers"

: Actually, the murder couldn't have happened anywhere near 10 o'clock. It had to have taken place way later!
: And what makes you say that?

: Because of the sprinklers in the garden. The sprinklers are set to go off right at 7:30 every morning, right? So if the body had been in the garden before 7:30..
: ...then it should have been completely soaked!
: H-Hold on! I remember this part p-perfectly!

: The body *w-was* wet! Dripping wet, in fact...

: Sorry Toko, but you're wrong.
: I'm wrong? H-How?
: Are you saying o-only the mouth down south was wet!? How dare you spew s-such indecent words!?

: No... I'm saying that the body was wet, but not because of the sprinklers.
: What do you m-mean...?
: By d-denying the sprinkler...are you trying to deny my e-entire existence!?
: Man! You're totally wacko!

: If you r-really think it wasn't the sprinkler...
: ...y-you'd better tell us why!

I need to prove that it wasn't the sprinklers that got the body wet. All I have to do is hit Toko with certain evidence, and that should do it...

: Apparently I'm getting better at doing these while deaf because I had pretty much no trouble with BTB this Trial. Is this a good thing?

: H-How can you say it wasn't the s-sprinkler!?
: We know that the body was only half wet after the explosion due to Makoto putting out the fire.

> Fire "Exploded Body Analysis"

: Just remember what the body was like after the explosion and you'll see why it wasn't the sprinklers.

: The top half of the body was wet, yes, but the bottom half was completely dry.

: If the sprinklers got the body wet, shouldn't the *whole* body have been wet?
: S-So they only got the top wet? The bottom was c-completely dry!? What a brutal m-maniac!
: I'm so sick of her...
: Let's just...move on...
: The reason only the top half was wet was because...

: ...while the body was still on fire, I doused it with water. But only the part on fire--the top half.

: O-Oh...then I guess the sprinklers r-really didn't do it...
: So if the sprinklers didn't get the body wet, then the murder must have taken place...
: ...sometime *after* the sprinklers turned on at 7:30 in the morning!
: Which means she must have been killed sometime between then and when the body was discovered at 9.

: But Makoto's alibi was only missing from 10 o'clock last night to 7:30 this morning, right?
: So there's no way Makoto could have done it! I guess you had an alibi, after all. Good for you!

: In which case, the only one left without an Kyoko.
: ...

Kyoko's the only one without an alibi... Which would mean that Mukuro's killer is... No, I refuse to believe it...! Kyoko murdered someone? That's...

: ...I'd just like to say one thing. If you vote for me, and I die here, the mystery of this school will stay hidden forever.
: Which is why...I can't let that happen!


: So are you're not the culprit?
: Of course I'm not. I have no reason to kill anyone.

: This is a trap the mastermind has laid for us.
: A trap...?
: Ahahahaha! We're this far into the game, and *now* you decide to blame me?
: Stop wasting time! Stop wasting energy! You really think your little trick is gonna work!?

: Shut up, you!
: You got it, boss! Shutting up now!
: Anyway... Kyoko, you actually did have a reason to kill her.
: Huh? She did?

: She thought Mukuro was the Ultimate Despair. In other words, the mastermind behind everything... So she killed her to try and put a stop to all this. Isn't that right, Kyoko? But you made one catastrophic mistake--Mukuro wasn't the mastermind at all.
: And as a result, we were forced into another trial, something I'm sure you weren't at all expecting.
: So th-that was her motive...?
: If she had a motive, and no alibi, well then...I think it's pretty clear Kyoko's gotta be the culprit...
: ...

: I'm not the only one without an alibi. Makoto's explanation is still insufficient.
: Huh...?
: The sprinklers didn't get the body wet, but that doesn't mean the murder happened when he said it did.
: Wh-What are you--!?

: Because you see, there is a way the body could have avoided getting wet.
: ...Interesting. I'm listening.
: All it would take is covering the body with a certain something to keep it from getting wet.

A "certain something" at the scene was used to cover the body? Could it have been...?

> Present "Tarp"

: You're talking about the tarp, aren't you?
: You catch on quick.
: You're right. All you'd have to do is cover the body with the tarp, and that'd take care of the water. In fact, that's exactly what the killer did. The dirt pattern on the tarp can attest to that.

: Only one side of the tarp got dirty, because that's the side that got covered in water.

: The side that faced down over the body, meanwhile, kept perfectly clean.
: This proves that the killer used the tarp to keep the body from getting soaked.

: But why would they go to all that effort just to keep the body from getting wet?
: Most likely so they could cloud the issue of when the murder actually took place.
: In other words, to create an excuse exactly like the one Makoto just gave us...
: ...

Why would Kyoko say that...? Why would she want to make me look like the killer?

...No, I can't think about that right now. That tarp... If it was used the way Kyoko said... The tarp must have touched the body, right?

But the body...

: Wait...something's not right.
: And what might that be?

I can't worry about Kyoko's motivations. If I don't do something, everyone's gonna think I'm the killer! I have to refute what Kyoko said...!