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Part 130: Trial 5, Part 3

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: By covering the body with the tarp, the killer prevented it from getting wet.
: So the reason the tarp was only dirty on one side...
: because the sprinkler got that side wet!
: But the underside of the tarp...
: It was totally spotless, right?
: It's cuz that side was protected from the water! Since it was facing down toward the body...
: ...of course it didn't get dirty!

There has to be a clue hidden in the tarp somewhere...

: The body had very wet blood on it before the explosion...

> Shoot "didn't get dirty" with "Body Before the Explosion"[/b]

: Actually, one side being clean is pretty strange, if you think about it...

: Because...the blood wasn't dry before the body got blown up, right? Byakuya said it himself--not to touch it or you might get some on you. If you put a tarp on a body in that state, it absolutely would have gotten blood on it.

: Well...maybe the culprit washed it, so nobody would know they'd used it.
: If they had, they would've washed both sides. Just washing the one side wouldn't hide anything.
: Oh...yeah, true.

: More than that, what if the very blood we saw on the body was meant as a kind of camouflage?

Huh...? The blood was...camouflage?

: What if, after the killer used the tarp to avoid the sprinklers they then covered the body in blood that didn't belong to the victim?

: Y-You mean...someone else's b-blood? Where would they get something l-like that?
: I know! They coulda grabbed some of the blood packs from the nurse's office! That's what Hifumi did, right?
: No, that's not what happened this time. The killer got the blood from right there in the garden.

They got blood from right there in the garden, right? Which must mean...

> Present "Chicken Coop Chickens"

: Could it have been...chicken blood?
: What!? Chicken blood!?

: When I checked the chicken coop before the murder, there were five chickens.

: But after the murder, there were only four...

: S-So you're saying...someone killed a chicken and then covered the body with its blood!?
: Man, that's messed up!
: Killing a living thing just to do something like that is awful! They should have at least eaten it!
: I wonder if the killer had to get the blood from the scene so they wouldn't be spotted walking around...

: Anyway, there's no denying that a chicken went missing, which provides a basis for my theory.
: Perhaps, but even so...there's one thing that still doesn't make sense. You said the culprit used the tarp to avoid the water, and then covered the body in blood, right? But if that's the case, then the blood should have soaked into the ground around the body.

: But that's not what we saw. Only the victim's clothing had blood on it. The ground was completely clean.

: I have to agree, that certainly is strange...
: Maybe they didn't apply the blood at the scene. Maybe they covered the coat in blood beforehand.
: They covered it...beforehand?
: When you discovered the body, was it wearing the coat like you normally would?
: Um...I think so...

: Wait, no... The head was through the neck hole, but the arms weren't in the sleeves.

: Then that settles it.
: ...Sorry, I'm having a tough time keeping up. What settles what...?
: Here's what happened--the murder took place before the sprinklers went off. But the body didn't get wet, because the killer covered it with the tarp. Then, later, at the same time the killer was gathering up the tarp, they pulled the coat over the body. The coat they'd already covered in blood. This series of cover-ups was meant to disguise the actual time the murder occurred.
: They wanted us to think the murder happened sometime after the sprinklers had gone off, at 7:30.
: ...

: If that's actually what took place, it certainly becomes possible that the murder happened earlier...
: pull all that off...wouldn't they have had to go back to the garden after the sprinklers turned off?
: That actually wouldn't have been all that difficult.
: Huh...?

: They already had the coat ready. So they just had to grab the tarp and pull the coat over the body. They'd be done in no time.
: Maybe, but still...
: Hina. After you met up with Makoto in the dining hall, did you two stay together from that point on?

: Oh, no. I headed off to the gym, and Makoto didn't show up till later.
: Then he had plenty of time to spare, wouldn't you say?
: Th-That's not--!
: Don't bother saying it's not possible.
: Ng...!

: I must admit, Kyoko's reasoning is sound. Makoto's alibi is...inadequate.
: ...

And the suspicion falls back on me again... But why...? Why is Kyoko trying to entrap me? I don't understand...

: ...

: ...white jacket on the body. This jacket had previously been treated with blood to make it look like the corpse had been wearing it.

: Well then, it looks like we're back to square one. Makoto's alibi is no good, so once again our suspects are him and Kyoko.
: For serious, man...which one of 'em did it?
: Hey, why don't we let luck decide? Let's flip a coin! Fifty-fifty odds!

: Oh--!
: See? Pretty good idea, right?
: No, not that! I just remembered something super serious!
: Well, don't just stand there. Out with it.

: You know that knife we found all black and burnt?
: The one we found stuck in the body before it exploded, right?

: According to the Monokuma File, the knife went all the way through, from front to back.

: So? What about it?
: I'm pretty sure I'd seen that knife somewhere before... That's what I thought when I first saw it. I just remembered!

: Listen, more important... Now that we have the knife, what are we gonna do with it?
: We can't let Toko keep it, that's for sure. We dunno what she might do...
: I don't w-want it anyway! It's too dangerous...
: what to do...?
: Why don't you hang on to it, Makoto?
: Huh? Me!?

: I-It's...the knife we g-gave to Makoto!?
: ...
: You don't seem surprised. You must have noticed earlier...
: Y-Yeah...
: Then why did you hide that fact?
: It's not that I hid it. It's just...

I couldn't be sure of what actually happened last night. I thought maybe...I really did kill her...

: Suspicious... Very suspicious indeed! The knife we found stuck in the body came from Makoto!
: Now I'm totally convinced he did it! Twelve thousand percent convinced!

Considering everything up till now, I should be able to make it clear...

I have to prove that I didn't murder anyone! I'm NOT the killer!