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Part 133: Trial 5, Part 6

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> Pursue the lie

: There was a lie hidden within Kyoko's statement just now...
: A lie...?
: Isn't that right, Kyoko?

: ...You said it. The burden of proof is on you.
: So let's hear it. Where's the lie, then?

Kyoko is definitely lying. And it must be because...there's some deeper truth she wants to keep hidden!

: I didn't have the key to my room...
: ...because I'd given it to Byakuya.
: There's no doubt about that, right?
: You are correct.
: So I couldn't possible have gotten into my room.
: Then...when we searched Kyoko's room...
: else could the key have gotten there?
: Someone other than me must have put it there. That's the only explanation.

Kyoko says it wasn't her who left the key to the dojo locker in her room. But is that really true?

: By self-admission, Kyoko told us that Monokuma's key allows her to open any lock in the school!

> Shoot "gotten into my room" with "Kyoko's Account"

: No, Kyoko *could* have gotten into her room. You said so yourself, didn't you Kyoko?

: Actually, to be precise...not quite.
: I used Monokuma's secret tool, which can open any lock in the school.
: What...!?

: Monokuma's secret tool...?

: Kyoko stole it from the headmaster's room. It lets you get into any room in the school. Which means, she could have used it to get into her own room.

: ...

: Then I guess that's it.
: You're giving up just like that? You admit to killing--
: No, I'm simply recognizing that I lost.
: Wh-What are you talking about?
: Like I said, this was a trap. And I wasn't able to escape it. So I lost...

: That's all this means.
: ...Huh? Then...are you saying...? You really didn't...? Kyoko, you really...aren't the killer?

: Okaaay! Time's up!
: ...Huh?
: I'm sorry to say, but your time is up! All done, all finished. The class trial is allll over!

: B-But that's ridiculous! Since when is there any--?
: It's because you were late! So the trial started late, and time ran out!
: So then, it's time for voting time, okay? Everyone, please vote using the lever in front of you! But I guess we already know who the blackened is, don't we!?

: Puhuhu... Puuuhuhuhu!

: ...

: Puhuhu... Good job. You got it right!
: Ahahaha! Brilliantly right!

We got it...right? Does that mean...Kyoko really is the killer? But... Something strange is going on here... There's something wrong with this whole class trial!

: Kyoko--!
: ...

: I've prepared an extra special punishment this time! Is everyone ready? Okay then...!

: Let's give it everything we've got! It's...PUNISHMENT TIIIME!


And that's how the class trial of Mukuro Ikusaba came to an end... I still had to wonder whether Kyoko was actually innocent, or...

Regardless, the truth was lost forever. Even for me... I just stopped thinking about it.

That was the end of Mukuro's class trial. And in the end, it would prove to be our last class trial. Once that case was over, there was never a single murder at Hope's Peak ever again.

We had obtained peace, in exchange for the lives of all the others...

Peace, but only inside the school... Peace, but only for us...

That was the only hope we had.

Hope. Hope...


This is hope?