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Part 134: Trial 5, Part 7

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: No! This isn't right!


: Makoto, why are you staring off into space? Don't you have a rebuttal for Kyoko's claim?

Her claim...? Oh, that's right. I have to... Do I expose Kyoko's lie or not...?

: If you spend all your time trying to avoid danger, you'll never move forward. We know the danger. But if that risk means solving the mystery, we have no choice.

: Am I wrong?

She's not wrong. I have to think about this very carefully. What do I do...?

I have to decide right here and now whether or not to expose Kyoko's lie...!

> Let it go

...I've made my decision. I have to believe in Kyoko. There's no way she would kill someone! There has to be some secret here, something that has to do with the mastermind's trap that Kyoko mentioned.

: Well? Does no one have a rebuttal? Have you decided to accept her asertion as fact?
: ...
: I see. So you still refuse to accept it. I suppose we have to admit that Kyoko didn't put the locker key in her room, that it was someone else.

: But...who else could it have been?
: I mean, Byakuya had her room key, right?
: Y-You! What are you t-trying to imply!?
: But of course I have an alibi. From nighttime on, I was with you guys the entire time... I couldn't possibly have killed anyone, or put the key in Kyoko's room.
: Well *someone* had to put the key in there...

: There's only one other possibility I can think of... Someone could have had the key on them, then once they arrived at the scene, pretended to "find" it there.
: What...?
: I-It had to be Makoto...right?
: ...I don't see any other option.

: W-Wait a second! You've got it all wrong! Let's think about it one more time! There's got to be a hidden side to this case!
: Huh? A hidden side...?
: First of all, there's something off about this entire trial! You all see it, don't you?
: ...
: Mukuro, who we didn't even know existed, suddenly shows up dead, and then we're thrown into a trial...! And Kyoko even said, it's a trap the mastermind set for us! So that's why...this has to be--!

: Okaaay! Time's up!
: ...Huh?
: Time's up! Class trial's all over! Everyone can stop talking now!

: What? Time's up?
: What do you mean time's up? There's no "time's up." Since when have we--?
: It's because you were late! So we had to push back the start time!

: So then, it's time for voting time, okay? Everyone, please vote using the lever in front of you!
: Voting time...?

: Now, who will be chosen as the blackened? Will you make the right choice, or the dreadfully wrong one?
: Hey, hold on!

: What's it gonna be? What's it gonna beeee!?

: What...? You think *I'm* the killer...?

: Sorry, man...
: Yeah, s-sorry...
: It's all your f-fault...!
: ...
:'re wrong...! You've got it all wrong! I didn't do it!

: Good job, everyone!
: G-Good job...?
: Yeah. They got it right!
: N-No, I know that's not true... None of this makes any sense... This whole trial doesn't make any sense!

: It makes perfect seeeeEEEENNNSSSSSEEE!!!
: It's the same as always! It's just like all the other class trials! And I'm gonna end it the same way!
: It's time for your heartpounding, positively thrilling punishment!
: W-Wait! Why do I--!?

: ...
: Kyoko--!
: I don't expect you to forgive me. I know this is all my fault...
: Kyoko...?

: Let's give it everything we've got! It's...PUNISHMENT TIIIME!


: Huh? Huuuuh!?
: What's this? What's going on!?

: Hey, was that...!?
: Ah! Yeah, it had to be!
: Alter Ego...!
: ...Alter Ego!? is this some stupid virus from that stupid guy!?

: He must have planted it when he invaded my network...! Damn it all to hell! I don't believe this!
: It seems you finally made a miscalculation.
: miscalculated from the very beginning.
: ...What was that?

: What I'm saying is, you shouldn't have underestimated us.
: Hmph! Why are you talking like you've already won!? I barely felt a thing! It was a pinch, an itch! The stupid virus is gone now, got it!? And so is Makoto... Maybe I didn't get to smash him flat, but you're never gonna see him again!

: To waste away in a garbage-strewn pit... In a way, that's an even BETTER special punishment!
: ...
: Puhu... Puhuhu...!
: But it's still not enough... I'm still not satisfied! I'm still gonna bring despair to the rest of you--bring despair to the entire world...!
: Puhuhu... Puhuhu... Puhuhu... Puhuhu... Puhuhu... Puhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu...! *leaves*
: ...

: Is he...gone?
: Hey, Kyoko. What's the meaning of all this? Just what the hell is going on?
: It's okay. We're not the ones being trapped this time.
: Huh...?
: Now it's the mastermind that's ensnared...
: What are you talking about...?

: You'll understand soon enough. Very soon indeed...